Places To Visit In Anthargange

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Here are the top 2 tourist attractions to see in Anthargange:

1. Cave Exploration

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places to visit in Anthargange

The small and big rocks of the mountain have caved in to form many small caves in the mountain. Cave exploring enthusiasts can find themselves occupied for an entire day.

2. Trekking in Anthargange

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places to visit in Anthargange

The Anthargange mountain is a structure of small and big rocks coupled with natural springs and dense forest at the foot of the hill. This provides to be an excellent place for trekkers.

FAQs on Anthargange

Can you suggest an itinerary for Anthargange?

Arrive in Anthargange. Reach the base of the beguiling hill range. Explore the caves tucked beautifully circumscribed through the dense vegetation. Take a small trek. Take a small break and refreshen up. You can later opt to go back to your hotel or opt for a night trek in the fringed hill range of Anthargange. It is usually advisable to take a night trek umbrella'd under the moonlight since the rock hills get piping hot during the day time. Once you have reached over an altitude of 4000 ft, you can sit back. Lit a bonfire and relax for the night and watch the star-studded sky from here. Wait there till the sunrise and bask yourself in the glory this splendid view. Head back to the hotel. Rest for a while. Head to the famed Anthargange temple. Post this you can pay a visit to the gorgeous seven villages that are tucked in this little district of Kolar and discern the visionary destination.

How can I commute within Anthargange?

If travelling from Bangalore, you can avail all public transport facilities. There are regular local buses that go to Kolar from there you can take a rickshaw. You can also hire a private vehicle or a cab for an entire day. If travelling from Kolar district, there are plenty of intra-city buses and rickshaws to take you to Anthargange.
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