Kawah Putih

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Timings : 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : IDR 75,000

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Kawah Putih, Bandung Overview

Kawah Putih is a large volcanic lake situated in the remnants of a crater of Mount Patuha. The acidic nature of the lake gives Kawah Putih its characteristic striking colour. Plumes of white clouds, the result of volcanic activity that goes on underneath the surface of the crater, regularly are blown from the lake.

Kawah Putih is an ancient volcanic lake, whose acidic water gives off a whitish glow, something that is breathtaking. To visit Kawah Putih, visitors have to get to a drop-off point five kilometres below the crater site, where tickets can beæpurchased.The road to the site is precarious and full of sharp turns. It is advisable to bring along a face mask, for the crater belches out billowing clouds of sulphur gas.

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Things to Do

The scene is located in a picturesque location surrounded by forested land, with a small pathway which will lead one to the lake. The air has a strong stench of sulfur and one can see bubbles of steam rising in parts of the lake.

One the other side of the lake on can take a calm and peaceful walk while enjoying the beautiful view of the biodiversity which includes many exotic species of plants and animals. Either this or step onto the white sandy beach and take a small walk around the lake. The content of the water is quite acidic so it is advisable to not put your hand or leg directly into the water or playing in the water.

The lake is also equipped with certain facilities like parking and public toilets which make the visit more accessible and comfortable. There are also small street vendors who are selling different kinds of trinkets, strawberries and even sulfur in small packets as it is believed to have healing properties.

Best Time to Visit

Kawah Putih lake is located at a high altitude of almost 2200 to 2500 feet above mean sea level, which makes the possibility of temperatures dropping to as low as 10 Degree Celsius making it quite chilly. It is better to visit the lake during the dry season and it is better to avoid the rainy season as the fog may contain poisonous gases which makes it unsafe for tourists.

Therefore, the best time to visit Kawah Putih is between May and November. However, try to avoid the month of June and July since the place can be quite crowded due to the vacations at schools. Preferably visit the lake on a weekday to avoid crowds and traffic and make the most of your experience.


The crater lake of Kawah Putih was created in the 10th Century with the eruption of Mount Patuha, on the other hand, the second crater was created somewhere in the 12th Century and from then on it came to be known as ‘White Crater.' The place gets the name from the word ‘Patuha' which means old or elder and it is believed that this was the oldest mountain.

There are many stories woven around the lake which believe that it was the meeting place of the spirits and ancestors so no one dared to go to the lake. However, over a while, a doctor by the name Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn visited the place in 1837and found out that the place has an abundance of sulfur which was utilized by the Dutch by constructing a factory there.

How To Reach Kawah Putih

  • Kawah Putih is located approximately 44-47 km south of the Bandung district.
  • One can hire a private vehicle and take a drive down Purbaleunyi toll road, follow the road down to southern Bandung district while one passes the areas of Soreang and Ciwidey.
  • Although the distance is not too much, yet the journey takes approximately 2 hours to reach, so plan out the trip accordingly.
  • If one plans to use public transport, then the best option would be to take the bus from Leuwipanjang Bus Station going in the direction of Ciwidey and from there onboard the minibus to the main entrance.

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