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Banten Tourism

Situated on the westernmost tip of Java, Banten is a highly diverse province characterised by many ethnic groups and languages and is a melting pot of Indonesian culture. A hotspot for Sundanese culture and Bantanese cuisine, and a smorgasbord of other traditions, Banten is easily accessible from the capital, Jakarta. Banten's culture and tradition is still visibly distinct from the rest of the Javanese cities and as they underwent rapid development, Banten retained its individuality as a province.

Located in West Java, Banten’s capital city is Serang and the province is dotted with beautiful secluded beaches and scenic coastline. A proliferation of beaches has also seen Banten become a hotbed for watersport and adventure sports. Used as an important trading port between Jakarta and Sumatra, Banten has seen rapid development and is quickly becoming one of Indonesia's most important regions.

Things to do in Banten

1. Tanjung Pasir

Tanjung Pasir
Tanjung pasir is a beautiful village located in Sumbawa, Indonesia which falls under the district Tanggerang in Banten province. The place is not only known for its beautiful climate but also holds a (Read More)beautiful beach which is called Tanjung Pasir beach that means a land which is protruding towards the sea. The greeneries surrounding the island, its beautiful white sands and the calm pristine clear water is what makes the tourist attracted towards its beauty.

2. Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach
Anyer Beach is located in Banten, facing Mount Rakata, making it possible to view the amazing sunset. Its location in the west of Java and about 120km from Jakarta makes this the perfect diving spot f (Read More)or the divers in Jakarta, especially during the weekends, where the beach tends to get really crowded, with the tourists and the locals.

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Places to Visit in Banten

Banten offers a range of sites for tourists to explore - pristine beaches across the coastal province, archaic architectural infrastructure from museums to mosques, beach resorts along with water adventure, the wilderness of national parks and island leisure.

Banten ensures that nobody is left out - if you are not an adrenaline junkie explore the ruins of age-old monuments, for relaxation and leisure stay at the islands away from the hustle. Some of these places that one needs to add to their itinerary are:

  • Beaches: Sawarna Beach (surfing), Anyer Beach (aquatic sports), Carita Beach (beach resorts), Karang Bolong Beach, Tanjung Lesung
  • Parks: Ujon Kulong National Park, Scientia Square Park, Koja Cliff Park, Halimun Salak Mountain Park
  • Amusement Parks: Ocean Park BSD Serpong, Citra Raya World of Wonders Theme Park, Situ Gintung Tourism Park, CAS Water Park Cikole, Amsterdam Water Park
  • Islands: Peucang Island, Umang Island, Cangkir Island, Dua Island
  • Monuments: Great Mosque of Banten, Al-A’zhom Tangerang Grand Mosque, Vihara Avalokitesvara, Boen Hay Bio Temple
  • Museums: Benteng Heritage Museum, Museum Banten Lama, Juang Taruna Museum
  • Lakes: Telaga Biru Cisoka, Cipondoh Lake, Cigaru Lake
  • Hiking Spots: Pulosari, Gunung Karang, Batur Mountain
  • Ruin Sites: Keraton Surosowan, Keraton Kaibon, Cibedug Site
  • Conservation Spots: Baduy Cultural Conservation, Karang Gundul Coral Conservation, Cipanon Village

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Banten Photos

Banten - Westernmost Port Town in Java
Brendeng Bridge Across Cisadane River
Masjid Agung Banten - Ancient Mosque in Old Banten

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FAQs on Banten

What is famous about Banten?

  • History
  • Sightseeing
  • Water activities
  • Nightlife
  • Beaches
  • Rice fields
  • Fish

Who should visit Banten?

  • People who are interested in history 
  • People interested in water sports 
  • People who want to experience a laid-back holiday. 
  • Heritage or cultural tourists

What is the best time to visit Banten?

The best time to visit Banten is from April to October which is the dry season. During this time, visitors can easily travel throughout this province and best experience Banten and all that it has to offer. The dry season ensures that tourists and visitors do not face any difficulty with transport options and getting around Banten will be a breeze.

As opposed to that, the rest of the months are extremely hot and humid in Banten, and frequent rainfall during the wet season will severely limit the ability of visitors to freely move around in this area.
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What is the local food in Banten?

Indonesia itself is known for the variety of food it offers to people. A few special delicacies that visitors should try are:
  • Ayam Bekakak that is grilled chicken with a sweet-spicy blend. 
  • Apem Putih that is a traditional Indonesian cake. 
  • Cuwer green cake that is eaten with steamed coconut. 
  • Emping are chips that are made of raw seeds, which are dried, crushed and then served with different sauces. 
  • Lemeng: a vegetable dish filled with beans, bamboo shoots, cabbage and shrimp. 
  • Nasi Bakar Sumsum which is roasted marrow rice. 
A few places in Banten that are known for good food are:
  • Bandar Djakarta Alam Sutera
  • Soto Betawi H.Mamat
  • Warung Bu Kris
  • Cerenti Restaurant
  • Kedai Kopi Nusantara 
  • Bakmi Ponti Achoi

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What are the places near Banten?

The top places near to Banten are Bali which is 1921 km from Banten, Jakarta which is located 1401 km from Banten, Lombok which is located 2024 km from Banten, Bandung which is located 1491 km from Banten, Surabaya which is located 1691 km from Banten

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