6 Types of Travel That Are Not Only Fun But Also Safe

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a travel anxiety like never before. Travellers, in the coming days, would be more concerned over their health and hygiene. A New Normal has emerged under these circumstances where we believe that travel won’t be just about having fun but with safety. 

Here are the types of travel that one can embark on that are not only fun but also safe:

1. Road Trips

Road Trips
Public transportation is unavoidable for many circumstances but as travellers, we have the option to select safer options such as our private vehicles or doorstep vehicles that can serve us well. Safety is easier to maintain when interaction with other people  is limited. For the first few trips before our public transport strengthens, opting for safe and secure trips on your own vehicle or hired is the best option for a stress-less experience. Keep in mind to avoid stopping a lot for pit stops during road trips. Pack a bag full of non-perishable snacks that you can munch on as and when hungry.

2. Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways
The easiest way to rejuvenate from being locked inside for the past three months is heading to nearby destinations over the weekend. Weekends ensure that you are not travelling too far from your homes and risking longer exposure to any hygiene issues. It is difficult to track your interactions on long-haul trips but popping over in the next town for the weekend? That’s easily in your control and you don’t have to worry about your health with right and timely precautions. Carry a light bag and pack yourself with masks and hand sanitizers and you will be good to go.

3. Resort Staycations

Most of us are becoming a little tired of working from home and would love to have a change in our scenarios. Fret not, because resort staycations are your easiest bet. Most resorts are currently offering huge offers along with new guidelines of how they plan to ensure safety guidelines as instructed by WHO and Indian Home Ministry. It isn’t possible to be in much safer hands than in resorts right now. Book yourself a stay over the weekend or the entire week; take your partner or go solo, resort staycations are ready to welcome you.

4. Remote Travel

Remote Travel
Overtourism is an issue that members of the travel industry have been familiar with for a while now. If for no other reason but the pandemic, we believe that it is time travellers take to discovering hidden and remote destinations around them, sustainably. You can head to the nearest waterfall that you haven’t been to ever or take yourself on a nature tour around you while maintaining a safe 2 m distance from anyone you encounter. Discovering new trails will be the motto starting now on.

5. Camping Trips

A little niche but camping trips to secluded locations are one of the safest types of travel one can start on. For better hygiene standards, you can purchase your own camping gear and head north, east, south or west - wherever you can find large enough ground to set camp. The idea is to encourage living harmoniously with the nature that surrounds you. Take 1-2 of your solid friends and head to camping grounds near your town that can give you a change for a while.

6. RV Vans

RV Vans
A new trend catching up on many full-time travellers is the dream of the RV Vans. Get a van of your own or a second-hand and redecorate it to make it your home for a long duration. Head out for the week or the rest of your summer, the RV Vans is your own personal house on the wheels. It can rarely get safer than this in the world outside. It’s a good idea for anyone who was planning to make big on their travel plans in 2020, get your RV Van and get going.

What do you think are some fun and safe types of travel that we missed out on? Comment below and let us know!

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