Sri Lanka in September: Weather, Things to Do, Places To Visit

The land of spices, Sri Lanka captivates its visitors with its unique style.The country is home to some of the most picturesque and world-renowned monuments, it should definitely be visited once in a lifetime. Below mentioned is some information that would come in handy for tourists planning to visit Sri Lanka in September.

Weather in Sri Lanka in September

Sri Lanka in September, Sri Lanka in monsoons
Sri Lanka in September (Source)

As Sri Lanka is an island and is surrounded by water on all four sides, the country experiences a tropical temperature throughout the year. The highest temperature recorded during the month of September is 30 degrees Celsius and the lowest that the temperature goes down is 25 degrees Celsius. Sri Lanka in september experiences rainfall frequently leading to limited tourism in the country.

Average temperature and humidity in Sri Lanka In September

The Month of September in Sri Lanka is known to receive frequent and on some day heavy rainfalls.During this month, rainfall increases up to 236mm. Out of 30 days, it is sure to rain for at least 15-17 days in the month of September. Humidity, luckily, remains stable throughout the month. The sea temperature also ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature for water sports activities at the beaches.  On an average the sun shines for 13 hours a day such that tourists can freely roam around and explore the country and its wonders.

Is it a good time to travel to Sri Lanka in September?

Trincomalee Beach
Trincomalee Beach (Source)

September is a good month during which one can plan their visits to the country. This is because there are not many tourists visiting Sri Lanka in September due to the onset of monsoons, and thus tourists can get easy access in various popular tourist spots. Tourists tend to visit the east coast which recieves lesser rain than the rest of the country this month. One can visit some of the most treasured monuments of the country which are usually missed out such as the Jaffna library.

During this month there are not only numerous festivals that take place but also various shows and events which provide visitors with branded products at reasonable prices, including jewellery. Also because not many tourists visit in the month of September the prices of flights and hotels are also cheaper.

What to do and where to go?

During September, because of the rains, tourists might not be able to enjoy all the tourist spots, but there are some of them that they would be quite enjoyable even in rain. The Jaffna library is one such place. The library is part of the country’s most prized possessions. With over 97,000 books and manuscripts the Jaffan library is one of the biggest libraries in all over Asia.

Apart from the library, tourists can also visit Buddhist and Hindu temples during the rainy days. Some of the temples such as the cave temple and the Budhha temple are such that the tourists can not only pray in the temples, but also admire the intricate hand-made designs and learn more about the culture and the tradition. On the non-rainy days, tourists can visit beaches as the water temperature is ideal for a perfect beach day.

Not only that, they can go explore the mangroves on little boats and learn more about the beautiful life that exists within those dense mangroves. The tourists can also go to spice gardens and get unadulterated spices. They can even get to taste the special spices i.e. tea which is a very famous local delicacy in Sri Lanka.

The visitors can also explore museums and other historical destinations to learn more about the culture, tradition and the history of the country which was ruled by various different rulers and kingdoms.

Events and festivals held in Sri Lanka In September

Colombo_International_Book_Fair_-_2016_September_(16-25)_20190827120734.png" alt="Colombo International Book Fair " width="700" height="431" data-mce-src="">
Colombo International Book Fair (Source)

1. The Binara Poya festival

The Binara Poya festival consists of food, dance, lights, and story-telling. The festival marks the journey of Gautam Buddha. People dress up and participate in traditional dances and prepare skits and play different roles and enact the life story of Gautam Buddha and how he showed the path of peace and enlightenment. Locals also make varied types of special dishes and desserts that are usually consumed after the dances and the plays are over.

2. Colombo International Book Fair

Organised by the Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association, Colombo international book fair is conducted every year in the mid of September. Various accomplished authors and poets come together and talk about their bestsellers during the fest each year. The event also encourages young authors and poets and gives them a chance to publish their books. The book fair also celebrates some of the evergreen books from all around the world whose stories and poems are written in such a manner that they never run out of ways to amaze the readers.

3. Visit FACETS

FACETS is an international gem and jewellery show held every year in Colombo since 1991. The show consists of various local and foreign exhibitors showcasing their dazzling gems and jewellery. The festival is also frequented by hundreds of buyers. The show is unique and made for all, whether a buyer, a designer, or an exhibitioner. People can come in and admire the unique gems and jewellery that travel hundreds of miles to be the stars of such an international event.

Sri Lanka, even though it is a small country, has so much to offer and so much to explore and admire that tourists always leave for wanting more. The country must be visited at least once as it makes not only for an insightful first-hand experience but also because it is just not worth a miss.

This post was published by Pranati Bhatt

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