12 Best Resorts with Water Facing View for A Perfect Break

You’re just going through the dates, and your eyes glisten with excitement as you see the holiday seasons approaching. Doesn’t this just happen to all of us out there? And what better way to celebrate the well-needed break from the hectic lifestyle other than pampering oneself in one of the posh and lavish resorts of the country! We believe in bringing to our readers, the best places to visit and enjoy all the amenities. This time, our targets are the splendid water face view resorts all across the nation. Scroll down and pick your favorite to spend your time during the coming holidays. You can thank us later folks!

1. Leela Kovalam Beach Resort, Kovalam

The Leela Kovalam boasts of being the only cliff-top resort in the country. It serves luxury and world class treatment along with some delicious and authentic Kovalam cuisine. Overlooking the beautiful beach of Kovalam from the height, it presents a spectacular view of palm decorated waterlines, a mind blowing sunset and sunrise views. The Leela has about 125 magnificent suites, all with beautiful beach views. It is not just a resort but an experience one must have to relish the time of their lives. From the widespread buffets to relaxing ayurvedic massages and exclusive spas, everything in Leela speaks of a palatial lifestyle. There can be no better way to free your mind from the burdens of day-to-day life.

2. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Floating amidst the famous Udaipur lake, Taj Lake Palace is splendid to even just look at. The mesmerizing view of Aravalli Hills from each palatial suite is one of the many reasons you must stay in Taj Lake Palace once. It gives a new definition to the word grand. The night lights reflect upon the white marble-like exterior and Taj Palace just looks like a sun-kissed glowing beauty standing tall in the middle of the glistening water. Needless to say, the place offers top-notch amenities, all with a touch of its own grandeur. For its spectacular beauty, Taj Palace has hosted a lot of movie scenes and B-town celebrity marriages.

3. Sharoy Resort, Wayanad

Wayanad is a popular weekend getaway for people residing in the southern part of the country. You can easily find families and college groups wandering the beautiful streets of Wayanad during weekends. For a stress-free, relaxing weekend, Sharoy Resort is a perfect place to stay in. The majestic view of Sharoy Resort tucked in the beautiful Kerala valleys. The spacious rooms give a magnificent view of the western ghats and Banasura Dam waters. The resort has a decorated huge garden with colorful flowers, tall coconut trees and bushes of nuts. Living here feels like sleeping in nature’s lap with the calm and serene surrounding and a beautifully green picturesque view outside the window. The resort provides fabulous authentic Kerala cuisine and organizes special bonfires at night.

4. Taj Exotica, Goa

Established on a vast land of about fifty-six acres, Taj Exotica is one of the most lavish resorts in Goa. Goa being the prime holiday destination for people all across the nation sees a wide crowd in the resort throughout the year. So, if you’re planning to visit goa, book your resort suite now! The label Taj is itself self-explanatory of the standard and luxuries the resort has to offer. The mesmerizing view from each suite, the variety of dishes in buffets and the world class facilities provided by Taj Exotica wins heart any day. You can also book your own private villa with a personal beach!

5. Marbela Beach Resort, Goa

I never thought camps put up on beaches can be so grand and pleasing until I set my foot in Marbela Beach Resort. The resort suites are equally beautiful well equipped and serve their customer with full enthusiasm. The most attractive part of Marbela is their beach beds, that are covered with rusty leaves and shimmering white cloth to give a romantic feel. You can sit here idly and watch the waves rushing to meet the shores. During nights, when high tides arrive, there is another level of excitement to wash the waves come closer and closer to your feet. An altogether exhilarating experience is what you get at the Marbela Beach Resort.

6. Swaswara, Gokarna

I don’t believe there are any words to describe the splendour of this place. Swaswara is beautifully concealed by trees on its three sides and is surrounded by dazzling waterscapes that pull tourists to this resort when they visit Gokarna. The magnificent villas radiate a calm and peaceful aura where you can drown yourself away from the stresses of the city. Gokarna, believed to mini Goa by people of its state, encourages purity of mind through meditation. You can visit the high olive hills and spend some time there watching the sunrise to in glow the entire surrounding.

7. Camp Chattra Sagar, Pali-Marwar

Camp Chattra Sagar displays nature with its allure at the best. The place gives a majestic view of calm reservoir water and thick forest of the surrounding. You can lie in one of their tents overlooking the beautiful landscape with snow-like white swans coming in to keep you company. You can head to the hilltop to get a panoramic view of the mesmerizing surrounding. The camps are quite famous among the people of Rajasthan to come and stay in for a while and experience the beauty in serenity. Proper amenities and facilities are provided by the courteous staff to make your visit fulfilling.

8. Hotel Sea Face, Kovalam

Kovalam is a place that feels like touched by God himself. Even the sun rises with different hues, turning the sky pink, then red, orange and yellow. The blue waters, the tall green palm trees, the rusty sands, and pitch black rocks waiting for the sun rays to turn them golden, you cannot find a better place to spend your holidays in peace. Hotel Sea Face is an ideal resort located on the beach of Kovalam. The rooms are luxurious and outside sitting areas are a lover’s paradise, with a beautiful view from all around. Visit the restaurant situated on the terrace to look at the beautiful waves from the top while having your sumptuous and delicious meal.

9. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Odisha

Situated on the shores of the mighty Bay of Bengal, Mayfair Palm Beach Resort brings heaven on earth. The resort has a mix of old rusty-looking rooms build years ago and  modernized rooms for an altogether different experience. It’s completely your pick. We suggest taking the room with balconies overlooking the beautiful sea shore. They showcase the real beauty of the Gopalpur sea and sprawling green gardens with vibrant flowers and trees. The resort even has a special sunrise and sunset point where tourists swarm in to watch the beautiful orange ball emerging and then getting engulfed by the mighty sea. A nice place, serving top class facilities and a serene environment. Can we really ask for more?

10. Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Udupi

Udupi, the land that speaks history. Udupi, the land with ruins so magnificent that makes you wonder about the grandeur of our ancestors. Amidst all this, lies a resort that takes you away from history and brings you right into the lavish and alluring beauty of today’s world. Built on the Maple Beach, the Paradise Isle Beach Resort stands tall with praises of its services flying all around the place. The rooms give the view of the sun-kissed beaches and white diamond-like shimmering water. The night makes the surrounding its canvas and paints it in hues of blue. The restaurant serves all kinds of cuisine to spoil your taste buds. The resort lives up to its name and is nothing less than a paradise.

11. The Radisson Blu Temple Bay Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

The Radisson has gained its fame over the course of time with its luxurious hotels, top-notch services and world class amenities. The Radisson Blu Temple Bay Beach Resort is no different. The beautiful views offered by the resort will make your trip worth of everything. The magnificent landscape with lines of palm trees, the clear blue waters and shades of colors in the sky makes this place a perfect point to relax and enjoy holidays. The resort also displays the shore temple right from your balcony. Needless to say, the services are quick and the staffs are polite. The rooms are huge and wonderfully built keeping in mind the needs of the visitors. The restaurant provides delicious cuisine to indulge into after a long day of sightseeing.

12. Ozran Heights Beach Resort, Goa

The Vagator beach is getting its popularity in recent days for its uncluttered small and beautiful view. And there is no better way to enjoy that than sitting peacefully in your resort room. Ozran Heights Beach Resort provides that luxury right to your footsteps. Hidden among the hills and beautiful landscape, the resort gives an elevated view of the sparkling blue sea waters. The green lawns look welcoming with palm trees lining at each side. To cherish the authentic taste of Goan food, visit the restaurant, Jaffran which serves delicious dishes.

There is something about the peaceful turquoise water that makes us feel calm and positive. There is something about the sound of the rushing waves that charms our ears and heart. Experience all this while staying away from the hustles and bustles of the city. This holiday spends on yourself and pick from this expansive list of places to make your vacation worthwhile.

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