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As a tourist, especially from India, you’d have to arrange for a visa to travel to most countries. There are a few countries which offer on-arrival visa for Indians and there are a few countries which allow Indians without a visa. Nepal visa for Indians luckily allows Indians without a visa and requires a few documents and has a few clauses to be satisfied to enter the nation. The peace treaty between India and Nepal states that people from both countries shall cross each other’s borders with valid documents without the need of a visa with freedom of movement.
Border gate of India and Nepal
  • Indian Nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal.
  • Indian citizens can reside in Nepal without any restrictions as a permanent citizen as per Article 7 of the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship allows free movement of people between both nations on a reciprocal basis.

Documents Required for Indian Citizens

Nepal Airport
Indians entering Nepal should have one of the following documents. 
  • People travelling by air to Nepal must possess either a valid passport or an Election Commission card.
  • Photo ID issued by the Government of India/State Govt./UT Administration in India to their employees or Election ID card issued by the Election Commission of India.
  • Emergency or Identity certificate issued by Embassy of India, Kathmandu
  • Individuals below the age of 15 and above 65 do not require the above documents and can provide an official ID such as PAN card, Driving License, Ration card, etc.
  • Individuals between the age group of 15 and 18 can travel between India and Nepal on the strength of Identity certificate provided by their school, attested by the corresponding principal, in the prescribed format.
  • In the case of a family travelling together, if one person contains the documents mentioned in SL. No. 1, 2 and 3, other members are exempted from showing those documents. However, they will have to provide a valid ID with a photograph like a CGHS card, PAN card, ID card issued by school or college, etc.

General Documents Not Accepted as ID Proof

  • Aadhaar Card is not accepted as an identity proof to enter Nepal for people aged above 15 and below 65.
  • Certificate of Registration issued by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu, Nepal to Indian nationals is not an acceptable travel document.
Now that you have the necessary information about Nepal visa for Indians, get on that trek to Everest base camp, explore the streets of Kathmandu and seek peace at the countless monasteries across the country.

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