10 Best Adventure Activities In Nepal Beyond Mount Everest!

A beautiful tapestry of Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries, the snow-clad mighty Himalayas, green forests and white rivers is what comes to one's mind when they think of Nepal. Cradled between two large countries of India and China, Nepal might be small in size but should not be underestimated. Astounding views are not the only things that the state has to offer, for if you are an adventure seeker Nepal is unbeatable. The chivalrous beauty of this place is doubled with the package of unlimited fun and excitement of the adventurous sports available here.

Let your hearts beat with a thrill as you undertake some of the most enticing outdoor activities here in Nepal. A steep adrenaline rush is guaranteed if you indulge in any of these sports. So, get out of your comfy beds in the hotels and do something worth remembering a lifetime. You would have done some of these activities in other countries, but the main fact lies in doing these in Nepal, a country boasting of the ravishing Himalayas. Here is a detailed list of such amazing thrillers.


Ah! this is the first thing which comes to your mind when you think of adventure in Nepal. Quite reasonable, for here you have the golden opportunity to discover the Himalayas. Eight of the ten highest peaks in the world lies in Nepal - which is why it is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts all over the world. About 2,00,000 trekkers flock to Nepal every year in search of excitement and adventure. The Himalayan terrain provides for some of the most stunning trekking routes. No wonder why trekkers all over the world place Nepal on top of their checklist. As you begin on your marvellous journey, you will be in complete awe of the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges. Also, the antiquated lifestyle of these mountain dwellers will leave you in amazement.

Where in Nepal? 

The most difficult question is which place to choose for trekking in Nepal for there are lovely routes galore for every type of trekker. Are you in search of a remote trekking destination or satisfied with a touristy one? Or are you looking for the so-called 'adventure treks'? Whatever it be, Nepal has got you covered. The most popular trekking site in Nepal is the Everest Base Camp followed by the Annapurna Circuit. What an awesome feeling to stand face-to-face with the mighty Mount Everest! Other amazing treks include the Poonhill trek, the Annapurna base camp, Manaslu Trek, Gokyo trek (east of the Everest Base Camp), Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Makalu base camp and Kanchenjunga.


There are many trekking packages available depending on how much you want to lay out. One option is to book your tour online with an international trekking agency. These provide luxurious treks at a cost ranging between NPR 65,000 and NPR 5,46,000 (for eight to ten days). This is inclusive of permits, a guide, some transport to the trailhead (start of the trek), accommodation and meals (including your guides). If you have a tight budget, you can hire a tour guide from the local trekking agencies on a daily basis. This usually costs NPR 6000 to NPR 7000 a day.

Trekking in Annapurna Circuit, Adventure Activities in Nepal
Annapurna Base Camp Trek (Source)

2. White Water Rafting

Nepal has one of the world's best whitewater rafting sites. Splash with the cool waters here as you go through one of the most exciting river rafting and kayaking experiences. The adrenaline rush reaches its acme as you row through serpentine ways, flanked by rocks and boulders. The water of most of the rivers here cascades from the snow-capped Himalayas into the river valley underneath. Emerald forests and blue skies make your river rafting journey even more beautiful. Watersports lovers, you definitely cannot miss this- the thrill here is way beyond your imagination.

Where in Nepal? 

Nepal is the abode of beautiful and adventurous rivers with a striking background of dark green forests. The rafting trip here depends on the type you want. There are one-day trips offered by the rafting agencies, in case you are running short of time or consider a day to be sufficient to satiate your excitement. For more avid adventurers, there are packages offering several days of rafting while camping overnight next to the river. One day trips are usually organised on River Seti and River Trishuli. The long expeditions are organised on River Sun Koshi and River Karnali.


In case you are on a budget and still want to row down the rivers in Nepal, you are in for a lot of options. White river rafting in Nepal is cheaper as compared to other countries. A ten-day trip along with food, tent hire, equipment and ground transportation comes for about NPR 80,000. Day trips including transport and lunch usually cost around NPR 7000.

River rafting in Nepal, Adventure activities in Nepal
River rafting in Trishuli River (Source)

3. Paragliding and Parahawking

Do you want your heartbeat to race as you soar high in the blue Nepalese skies? Paragliding is an adventure you must not miss in Nepal. The panoramic views of the villages, monasteries, lakes, emerald jungles and temples are exhilarating. Fly with other birds like the Himalayan griffins, eagles, and kites. Another highlight is a recent sport called Parahawking. You can feed the birds as you fly by keeping a piece of meat on your gloved hands.

Where in Nepal? 

Enjoy your flight over the majestic Himalayas and the Annapurna range. It is a glorious feeling to descend flying past the Mount Everest. Pokhara is the best place to do paragliding since the city has phenomenal sights. The lakes here look like blue dots as you glide in the sky. The take-off point is Sarangkot and Lakeside, Khahare, and Khapaudi is the landing point.


A number of packages are offered by the travel agencies here in Nepal. The flight is usually for a time of 25 to 30 minutes. A 30-minute short flight costs around NPR 10,000 whereas a long flight of 50 minutes comes at a price of approximately NPR 15,000.

Paragliding in Pokhara, Adventure activities in Nepal
Paragliding in Pokhara (Source)

4. Jungle Safari

The rich biodiversity of Nepal has opened avenues for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Ride on an elephant's back or roam the dense jungles in a jeep- it is completely your choice. The southern lowlands of the country, widely known as Terai, are home to some of the most exotic species in the world. About 16% of the country's area is under natural reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries - you have plenty of lands to explore the natural wilderness of the country. The endangered species to spot here are the crocodiles, one-horned rhinos and elephants. And, in case, you come across the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger, you really are quite fortunate!

Where in Nepal? 

There are numerous National Parks in Nepal, the most famous of them being the Chitwan National Park. It is located in south-central Nepal and boasts of animals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned rhino, sloth bears, langur monkeys, wild boar, leopards, jungle cats, various types of deer and over 400 species of colourful birds. The other popular national park that you must visit is the Bardia National Park. Sprawling over an area of about 968 square kilometres, it is located in the far west lowland Terai region of Nepal. The unspoilt nature here is home to the endangered rhinoceros, wild elephants, the Royal Bengal Tiger, swamp deer, black buck, Gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphins.


Entry fee into the Chitwan National Park is NPR 1000 for a national of the SAARC countries, whereas NPR 1500 for foreigners (the ticket is valid for one day). A private elephant safari generally costs around NPR 2000 whereas a government elephant safari costs NPR 1000 for nationals of SAARC countries and NPR 2500 for foreigners. On the other hand, a half day jungle trek in Bardia National Park costs around NPR 2000 whereas a full day trip costs about NPR 3500 (per person). Jeep tours cost around NPR 17,000 for an entire day (including accommodation and food).

Safari in Nepal, Adventure activities in Nepal
Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park (Source)

5. Canyoning

Canyoning is a water sport you must not miss in Nepal. The high altitude and the unique topography of the place means a canyoning experience you would never have had in your entire life. The rivers in Nepal are the cradle for the most thrilling and exciting adventures, and canyoning is one of them. As you climb over the karat rocks, you will be delighted to see the prepossessing scenery in the background. More importantly, the amazing waterfalls cascading into shallow pools here is what makes canyoning all the more alluring.

Where in Nepal?

The waterpark at the Jalbire Canyon en route to the Chitwan National Park is the most popular attraction for canyoning in Nepal. The giant rocks and waterfalls here are the main highlights. Other canyoning sites in Nepal include the Bhotekoshi Valley (about 100 km from Kathmandu), Kakani ( about 35 km from Kathmandu), Marsyangdi valley and Sisneri (about 30 km from Kathmandu). Each of these canyons has their own specialities and deserve a one time visit.


A day trip to the Last Resort for one person costs NPR 4700 for Indian nationals (this includes both way transportation by bus, lunch and canyon activities). Other similar packages offered by other agencies usually costs around NPR 9000 to NPR 20,000 depending on the group size and other amenities provided.

Canyoning in nepal, Adventure activities in Npeal
Canyoning in Nepal (Source)

6. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most heart-pounding experiences in the world. Fall off the steepest ravines and enjoy a free fall like nowhere else in the world. The bungee jump in Nepal was designed by one of New Zealand's leading bungee consultants. The friendly and experienced jumpers here ensure you have a safe freefall combined with a thrilling adrenaline rush. Adventure seekers, this is definitely your call!

Where in Nepal? 

There are only two bungee jumping sites in Nepal. The more famous and special one is the Last Resort where you have the privilege to fall from an elevation of 160 metres, one of the highest natural jumps in the world. The nerve-wracking thrill is at its peak when you free fall over a length of 100 metres. The enigmatic scenery in the background is a charmer. The other bungee jumping site is the one located in Hemja, 20 minutes from the Lakeside in Pokhara. It is a unique water touch bungee jump- more fun and excitement.


The bungee jump in the Last Resort costs around NPR 8500-NPR 9000 for one day (including equipment and one meal). The water touch bungy jump in Pokhara usually costs around NPR 6500-NPR 7000.

Bungy Jumping in Nepal, Adventurous activities in Nepal
Bungee Jumping at the Last Resort (Source)

7. Mountain Flights

Are you running short of time but still want to behold the spectacle of snow clad mountains? Well, you do not need to do it on foot, for the mountain flights here have got you covered. You will be stupefied by the glorious peaks of mountains, the dense vegetation and the turquoise lakes. There are constant flights every day which enable you to fly close to the spectacular mountain ranges. Really lucky to see the peaks so closely with such less effort! 

Where in Nepal? 

The mountain flights are from Kathmandu and are provided by Buddha Air. These flights are known as 'Everest Experience'. The flight is for around 50 minutes and offers breathtaking views of the peaks, lakes and glaciers. 


A 50 minutes flight usually costs NPR 11,550 for Indian nationals. For foreign nationals, it is for NPR 16,000.

Everest Mountain Flight, Adventure activities in Nepal
Everest Mountain Flight (Source)

8. Rock Climbing

This is an adventure sport which has gained widespread popularity in the recent years. The mountainous terrain in Nepal offers a really unique and exciting rock climbing experience. Beads of perspiration appear as you climb the rugged slopes, but every drop of sweat is worth the fun and adventure. The country has some excellent rock climbing options - for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers. Challenge yourself with these rocks in Nepal, and you will simply love it. As you wind to the top, the thickly growing vegetation nearby welcomes you with open arms. 

Where in Nepal? 

The rock climbing sites in Nepal are plenty in number. One of the most famous for amateurs and those who find it a bit difficult to scale the natural rocks is the Astrek Climbing Wall in Thamel, Kathmandu. The towering walls here provide an experience similar to that of the natural cliffs. Other popular sites include Pharping (also called Hattiban), Nagarjun Forest (a 20 minutes drive from Kathmandu), Bimal Nagar (a 15 minutes drive from Bandipur), Nagarkot and Namche Bazaar. 


A full day pass at Astrek Climbing Wall to use the climbing gym is for NPR 400. Rental facilities for harness and shoes are also available for NPR 100 each. 

Rock Climbing in Nepal, Adventure activities in Nepal

9. Heli-Skiing

Get a mind-stirring panoramic view of the mountain world in Nepal as you slide down the untouched, pristine slopes. Heli-Skiing has become quite popular these days, and those looking out for some electrifying experience in Nepal will not be disappointed. The powdered snow simply adds to the thrill and joy of exploring the remote mountain slopes. The fantastic Nepalese Himalayas allow you to witness their majesty and glory as you enjoy skiing here. Avid skiers, this is the right place for you to put your skiing skills to the test!

Where in Nepal?

The regions to do Heli-Skiing in Nepal are abundant. Definitely, the first name which comes to our mind is the outrageous Himalayas. The feeling to ski among the tallest peaks of the world cannot be put into words. Heli-ski on the southern slopes of the Annapurna range, and you will be astounded by the panoramic Mount Fishtail standing at a distance. The other spectacular sites to do Heli-Skiing in Nepal are Dhaulagiri, Makulu, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga and the Dolpo Region. Heli-Skiing at these places must not be missed. 


Heli-Skiing packages are offered by international and local agencies. A seven day package costs around NPR 8,00,000 on an average.

Heli Skiing at Annapurna Range, Adventure activities in Nepal
Heli-Skiing at Annapurna Ranes (Source)

10. Zip Flyer

Buckle up your belts for here in Nepal you will have the most thrilling ziplines to venture on. The steep and long ziplines here guarantee you minutes of acute thrill and adventure. You will be amazed by the dark green forests and the tall mountain ranges overlooking them. Nature's exceptional beauty here makes the zip flying experience even more memorable.

Where in Nepal?

Zip flying in Nepal is not just any other ordinary zipline, it has the distinction of being the world's longest, steepest and fastest zipline to give you the ultimate adventure experience. The zipline starts at an elevation of 1625 metres at Sarangkot and continues till Hemmja Plain at a height of 960 metres. It is 1860 metres long, and the thrill here is unmatchable to anywhere else in the world. 


This incredible zipline of the world has a weight limit of 35 kg to 140 kg. The adventure usually costs around NPR 8200 for Indian nationals whereas for other foreigners it is for NPR 9000. The charges are on per person basis and the average duration is two to three hours. The cost is inclusive of pickup and drop from the Lakeside. Combo packages of bungee jumping and zip flying are also available. These cost NPR 12,000 for Indian citizens and NPR 1500 for foreigners. Also, about NPR 2500 needs to be paid separately for video and photographs.

Zip Flying in Nepal, Adventure activities in Nepal
Zip Lining in Pokhara (Source)

Adventure junkies, you will fall in love with Nepal's outdoor activities. The plethora of activities here guarantee unlimited fun and excitement. The Himalayan country, with its phenomenal sights and mountain,s ensure hard core adventure opportunities.

This post was published by Kirti Dass