Visiting Nepal in August: A Guide to Weather, Festivals and Things to Do

Nepal is one of the most picturesque places on the continent. Comprising a wide variety of flora and fauna, monuments, and tribal people, Nepal is the place where every traveller should visit at least once in his/her lifetime. Nepal in August is the rainy season but it never deters people to visit the country. The beauty of rain blended with Nepal’s landscape attracts many tourists during this period. 

If you are looking to travel to this beautiful place during August, here are some facts regarding the weather and activities you must engage in

The Weather of Nepal in August

  • Average daily weather: Around 28 °C.
  • Average rainfall: 345mm.

Festivals in Nepal in August

Nepal is widely regarded as the nation that celebrates the highest number of festivals in the world. Here are the festivals one could witness while travelling to Nepal in August.

 1. Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima
Janai Purnima, or Raksha Bandhan as used in India, is a Hindu festival which is celebrated all over the country. Many Shamans from the valley gather and perform the ancient rites at Kumbeshwar temple. On the occasion of Janai Purnima, Hindu men renew their Janai. This festival is very popular amongst the citizens as on this day, people hold family get-togethers. 
Date: 3rd August 2020

 2. Gai Jatra

Gai Jatra

This is one of the most colourful festivals in Nepal. People wear bright costumes and traditional dresses to mark the beginning of this festival. For a traveller, it is recommended to visit the Great Durbar Square at Bhaktapur to witness the epic annual celebration. This festival is celebrated with a background story that includes a popular King who gathered people to cheer up his queen since their son had died. A cheerful festival, make sure that you witness the Gai Jatra whenever you visit Nepal in August.
Date: 19th August 2020

3. Krishna Janmashtami

Janmasthami is celebrated at Krishna Mandir, Patan
The diversity in traditions makes Nepal a unique country. During August, one can witness the Krishna Janmashtami, a festival which is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday. 
Date: 11th August 2020

Things to Do in Nepal in August 

1. Visiting the Farmlands

During August, one can experience the dazzling green crops all around the valleys in the Kathmandu region. Mustang lies in the shadow side of the Himalayas, and it does not experience the monsoon the whole country does. Because of its geographical location, the weather is cool, which provides the perfect conditions to have a hangout with fellow travellers. If you are a big fan of trekking and august is the only time you can visit the country, have a look at Lower and Upper Mustang. 

2. Visiting the Kathmandu Valley

The view of Kathmandu Valley
The Kathmandu Valley is the main tourist spot in the country. Comprising of beautiful villages, markets, and many unique locations, you can head out to visit the Kathmandu valley to experience the uniqueness this country presents in tourism.

What to Pack for Nepal in August

As rainfall is omnipresent during August, you should be equipped with umbrellas and raincoats. An increase in temperature is experienced during this month, hence cotton material dress is recommended. The following things should be present in your backpack if you are visiting Nepal in August.
  • Raincoats and Umbrellas
  • Trekking equipment( if you want to do trekking)
  • Navigation tools
The beautiful fields, trekking in Mustang and witnessing traditional festivals like Gai Jatra attract tourists to Nepal in August. If you have a hectic schedule, and August is the only time you can have a trip to Nepal, make sure to witness the above-mentioned beauty of Nepal.

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