Trains Cancelled and Diverted Due To Mumbai Rains

Showing no signs of slowing down, the heavy downpour in Mumbai is proving to be a source of hardship for several commuters. Accumulated pools of water coupled along with incessant rains have hampered the functioning of several trains leading to suspension of several trains from long routes. To prevent any mishaps from happening, the Central Railways has issued a press statement regarding the suspension of train services and has also released a list detailing the trains which have been cancelled, diverted or rescheduled.

The list follows: 

Train NumberTrain NameJourney Commenced OnStatus
22107/22108Latur CSMT Express06/08/19Cancelled
12701Husainsagar Express06/08/19Cancelled
12137Punjab Mail06/08/19Cancelled
12322Kolkata Mail06/08/19Cancelled
22885LTT - TATA Antyodaya Express06/08/19Cancelled
82356Suvidha Express06/08/19Cancelled
11041CSTM Chennai Express06/08/19Diverted
17057Devagiri Express06/08/19Restored
17031Mumbai - Hyderabad Express06/08/19Cancelled
12072Janshatabdi Express06/08/19Cancelled
18520LTT VSKP Express06/08/19Cancelled
12449Goa Sampark K Express06/08/19Cancelled
12051Mumbai - Goa Jan Shatabdi Express06/08/19Will run without Vistadome coach on 06/08/19
12655Navjeevan Express06/08/19Cancelled
12123/12124Deccan Queen06/08/19Cancelled
12127/12128Mumbai - Pune Intercity Express06/08/19Cancelled
11009/11010Sinhagad Express06/08/19Cancelled
22106Indrayani Express06/08/19Cancelled
11019Konark Express06/08/19Diverted
12172HW LTT Superfast Express06/08/19Cancelled
11022Chalukya Express06/08/19Will work upto Pune and will return as Puducherry Express
11014Lokmanya TT Express06/08/19Will work upto Pune and will return as Coimbatore Express
11028Mumbai mail06/08/19Cancelled
12702Hussainsagar Express06/08/19Diverted
17032Mumbai Express06/08/19Cancelled
Duronto Express06/08/19Cancelled
17018Rajkot Express06/08/19Diverted
16210Ajmer Express06/08/19Diverted
12163Chennai Express06/08/19Short originate Ex-Pune
16340Mumbai Express06/08/19Will work upto Daund junction and will return as Nagarcoil Express
17617Tapovan Express06/08/19Cancelled
22149Ers Pune Express06/08/19Cancelled
51030BJP BB Fast Passenger06/08/19Cancelled
51034CSTM Fast Passenger06/08/19Cancelled
22119Mumbai CST - Karmila Tejas Express06/08/19Cancelled
11075LTT BIDR Express06/08/19Cancelled
12336Bhagalpur Express06/08/19Earlier cancelled but now restored
22221NZM Rajdhani Express07/08/19Cancelled
15017Gorakhpur Express07/08/19Cancelled
11019Konark Express07/08/19Cancelled
17031Hyderabad Express07/08/19Cancelled
Kanyakumari Express07/08/19Cancelled
16339Nagarcoil Express08/08/19Cancelled
12520KYQ LTT Express08/08/19Cancelled

The continuing rains seem to disrupt trains for the upcoming days. It is advised to check the train’s status before leaving for the railway station. The Twitter account of Central Railways is updating information regarding trains on a regular basis to keep citizens informed! 

Let us know how you are braving this monsoon season in your cities in the comments below!

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