8 Mauritius Mountains To Explore For The Mountain-Child In You

People find solace in the mountains. There is comfort in a mountain's quietness; there is an inspiration in its views. You can always relax there, knowing that the trees will guide you back home. You climb mountains to see the world. Mountains give you the perfect peaceful atmosphere to relax in. Seek the pale enchanted gold far away on the misty old mountains. Not only is the scenery of mountains gorgeous, but the trail from the summit to the peak is also equally enchanting. From trekking and hiking to camping and mountain climbing, there are a variety of activities you can get involved in to explore the wonders of mountains. There are many mountains in Mauritius that provide breathtaking views of valleys, waterfalls and many more. Here is a list of mountains on Mauritius that will take blow your mind away.

1. Black River Peak

Also called as Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, Black River Peak is a part of Black River Range. It is the highest mountain in Mauritius, at 828 metres. When you climb to reach the summit, you get to see the most rewarding view of the surroundings. It is considered to be providing one of the best viewpoints in the country. Reaching the top of Black River Peak is easy, and there are two routes for the same. Through Plaine Champagne, you will reach the summit of Black River Peak after hiking for 3.5 km. You can also start lower from Plateau in Chamarel. This point has an elevation of 250m, and the hike distance to the top of this mountain is about 5.2 km. It is a good idea to go up and come down through different routes. In that case, arranging your transport in advance is needed. You will hike on the road leading to Chamarel and Seven Coloured Earth.

Things to do: Hiking, view scenic beauty, see Le Morne Mountain and Ile aux Benitiers Island.

Phone: (230) 203 1900

Best time to start the trail: 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM

Black River Peak, Mountains in Mauritius

2. Pieter Both

Being the second largest mountain in Mauritius, Pieter Both is 820 metres tall. Named after the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, the hill provides an iconic view and is a part of Moka Range in Mauritius. Reaching the summit of this mountain is not possible without climbing gear. The rocks of this mountain are very slippery and potentially dangerous. A few bolts on the hills facilitate the use of rope and harnesses, to avoid slipping off the rocks. The round trip that is up and down the mountain is approximately 7 miles long and takes 2 to 3 hours depending on your pace. Beginning in La Laura, the there are three routes. The hike is extremely rewarding and not for the faint-hearted. A climb to the summit of this mountain provides panoramic island views and slender peaks. A walk on this mountain will take you through some of the native plants and animals of Mauritius.

Hike duration: 2 to 3 hours

Things to do: enjoy looking at boulder-like rock formation resembling a human head

Pieter Both, Mountains in Mauritius

3. Le Pouce

Le Pouce in Mauritius is it's third largest mountain and stands 812 metres tall. Because of its thumb-shaped peak, the hill is named Le Pounce. The climb provides a splendid view of the northern part of the island. The view Of Flat Island, Round Island and Snake Island is mesmerising and worth climbing the mountain. You can also take a look down at the capital city of Port Louis from the mountain top. Since the trail head is not well sign-posted, it is better to have a map showing the routes. Carrying a spare set of clothes, mosquito repellent and sun cream will come in handy in times of emergency during the trail.

Duration: approximately 3 hours 30 minutes

Things to do: hiking, look at the northern coastline of Mauritius from the top

Le Pouce, Mountains in Mauritius

4. Corps de Garde

Standing 720 metres tall, Corps de Garde lies in between Rempart Mountain and Le Pounce Mountain. Located on the west side of Mauritius, the mountain provides a stunning and striking view of the island. The mountain is well worn and comfortable to climb. Starting early on the trail is a good idea since there is almost no shade on the mountain. The route begins neat Stanley and housing estate. There is plenty of space to park your cars and vehicles. The trail is well marked by white stones, making it easy to reach the ridgeline. Along the trail, there a few rocky sections, which are hard to climb for beginners. You can bypass those sections by taking alternative routes. The view of the mountain during the night time is mysterious. Though it is frightful, the view is worth watching.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Things to do: hiking, trekking, La Chaumiere, Quatre-Bornes

Corps de Garde

5. Trou aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs is the only active volcano on Mauritius today. The name translates to 'hole of deer' in French. The mountain gives a 360° view of the city of Curepipe. Though the volcano has not erupted for more than hundreds of thousands of years, experts are of a view that it could explode again within the next 1,000 years. The mountain has a crater that is 300 metres in diameter. At the top, you can walk around the crater and enjoy looking at plants are flowers of various kind. Mauritians usually jog up and down the mountain every day.

Location: Trou aux Cerfs Road, Curepipe

Duration: 2 hours approximately

Things to do: hiking, trekking, and jogging

Trou aux Cerfs

6. Rempart Mountain

Located in the western Mauritian district of Riviere Noire, Rempart Mountain is closest to Tamarin. One of the highlights of this mountain is that it was featured on 1950 and 1954 stamps of Mauritius. The route is eventful, and one can see beautiful deer, monkeys and macaques. The road to the south of the mountain is very rocky and has a single track which is going up. The bridge is one section of this mountain is dodgy, and one has to apply climbing skills to cross this.

Distance: 9.2 km

Rempart Mountain, Mountains in Mauritius

7. Lion Mountain

Located near Bataille of Vieux Grand Port, Lion Mountain is a beautiful place. You cannot miss walking up on this mountain when you are in the south-east of Mauritius. There are different routes to climb up the mountain. After a few minutes of leaving the lowest point, you will already start to experience some of the best views of Mahebourg Bay. After a little longer on the trail, you will be surrounded by high grass on Lion Mountain. There are 102 steps on what is called the 'hind leg' of the mountain. On the top of the stairs, wait for a few minutes to witness astounding views of the surrounding mountains. Ile de la Passe, Ile aux Fouquets, Ile aux Aigrettes and Ilot Vacoas. The view of a lighthouse on the island of Fouquet's, also known as Ile au Phare, is majestic from the top of the mountain. One the other side of the mountain, there is a forest of Jamrosa trees. The woods hold some fruits that are nice and juicy. The climb on this portion of the forest is very steep, but the tree roots support you like a staircase making it easy to move up. With a lot of ferns around and thick vegetation, you will have a glimpse of turquoise water in between the leaves. A little longer on the trail, you will see the south-east lagoon and the surrounding islands. A little bit of rock climbing in this mountain is also worth doing.

Things to do: trekking, sightseeing, rock climbing, hiking walk through forests

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Lion Mountain, Mountains in Mauritius

8. Tourelle de Tamarin

Tourelle de Tamarin Mountain is 548 metres high and offers one of the best views of the entire western area of Mauritius. The mountain is private property and belongs to the Maingard family. The climb on this mountain starts at the sea level, on the northern slope. The path to the top of the mountain is steep. Very few sections of the mountain are ideal for taking breaks for drinking and clicking beautiful pictures. A variety of indigenous plants grow here. At the end of the climb, you will enjoy an exceptional view of 'Les Fonds Blancs', a beautiful lagoon.

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Tourelle de Tamarin

Useful Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Start early as it is most likely that you will be alone and undisturbed.
  • Outdoor clothing is preferable.
  • Take rain gear due to the likeliness of heavy showers
  • Carry a camera to take amazing pictures, which you would otherwise regret
  • Carry some snacks and drinks to eat while taking breaks
  • Do not go to places and sections where caution boards are placed
Mauritius is famous for its breathtaking nature and many magnificent views. You cannot afford to miss beautiful birds, flora, coastlines, forests and lagoons on your way. Why wait for long? Pack your bags and start your trial now.

Happy climbing!

This post was published by Sravya Vemuri