Al Qudra Lake, Dubai Overview

A part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, the Al Qudra Lake is a series of human-made lakes located right in the middle of the Saih Al Salam desert, on the southern outskirts of Dubai. A perfect place to visit for all nature lovers, the attraction comprises of extensive dunes and oasis-like pools, along with plenty of fauna and over 100 species of birds and desert plants.

Initially built to promote eco-tourism in the city, Al Qudra Lake slowly gained momentum as a famous tourist attraction. The authentic desert feel adds to the serenity of the site. Presently, there are myriads of activities that you can enjoy at the site, such as cycling, dining, capturing photographs, etc. Another highlight of the attraction is that it enables visitors to view wildlife in their natural habitat. The area is also an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful desert sunset of Dubai, complete with a waterfront view!

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Things to Do At the Al Qudra Lake

A must-visit for outdoors birds, the Al Qudra Lake offers many activities. Even though the site was formerly a famous barbeque spot, there are some camping and barbequing restrictions here now. Nevertheless, there are myriads of other activities that make for a fun day at this unique desert attraction. 

Al Qudra Lake
1. Visit the Love Lake
Do not miss out on visiting the Love Lake, which is a newly launched attraction here, and is renowned for its magnificence as well as layout. The attraction comprises of two lakes, which have been carved out in the shape of two hearts that are intertwined with one another, and the fauna here spells out the word ‘Love’.
This attraction is so large that it is visible even on Google Earth! The Love Lake also offers some of the best spots for clicking that perfect selfie and has a particular running track built around it. You will find lots of shaded areas with fire pits also along the lake. 

2. Explore the Local Fauna

Al Qudra Lake
In total, there are over 170 species of birds and animals at the Al Qudra Lake, who find their natural habitat in this human-made attraction. The lake is a paradise for bird watchers, who would discover species like ducks, flamingoes and black swans around.
Also, there are chances that you could even spot the endangered Steppe Eagle or Asian Houbara at the Al Qudra Lake. Unfortunately, the animals prefer to stay a bit indoors, but you might be able to see some rabbits, foxes, and gazelles here. 
Refrain from feeding animals as it is strictly prohibited here. 

3. Enjoy Cycling
The lake features an 86 kilometre long path, thus making cycling one of the best activities to enjoy in Dubai. Ranked as one of the best cycling tracks in Dubai, this particular track provides a great dune-experience. 
Cycling Routes
There are two main cycling starting points; the Al Qudra Cycling Car Park, located near the villas for sale, in Mira Oasis and the Teck Bicycle Store located at Seih Al Salam.
Car parking cars at either of these two spots and eateries are quite accessible.
Bicycle Renting
However, if you need to rent a bicycle, you will have to head to the Teck Bicycle Store for the same. 
Teck Bicycle Store Timing: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Eating Options at the Al Qudra Lake

The Last Exit at the Al Qudra Lake has numerous restaurants and food trucks. So, after a day full of exploring and activities, you can grab some delicious meals here. Located at the entrance of Al Qudram, the area is famous for being one of the best food trucks in all of Dubai. Washroom facilities are available as well. 
Timings: 10:00 AM to midnight


Al Qudra Lake
  • Note that activities like camping, campfire, barbequing, swimming and dog walking are not allowed at the attraction. A fine of AED 50 will be imposed on all violators. 
  • There are a lot of animals and birds for which the lake is their natural habitat, and any littering will cause them great harm. Thus, ensure that you carry garbage bags along to dispose of any waste material. 
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes. Also, if you intend to visit the lake in the evenings, carry warm clothes, since it can get quite chilly. 
  • Lighting a campfire and barbequing are prohibited here since it can potentially harm the wildlife present here. If you want to have a campfire or barbeque something, make sure that you do it only in a pot or on the grill, and not on the sand.

How To Reach Al Qudra Lake

It is advisable to rent a car or drive using your vehicle to reach Al Qudra Lake. Located on the Al Qudra Road (D63), Al Qudra Lake is easy to access via the Dubai Ail Ain Road or the Emirates Road, depending on your starting point. The lake is quite easy to find and is marked on Google Maps as well. 

Take a four-wheeler as a precaution, as the course may require some off-road routes.

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