Best Hotels for Quarantine: Multiple Hotel Chain Offer Rooms for Quarantine in Metro Cities

The pandemic Coronavirus or Covid-19 has turned out to be a global problem. People have been advised to stay at their homes while keeping themselves safe from getting infected. As all forms of transport have been stopped, many people have stuck far away from their international homes, and others are suspected of having the virus. To provide relief to them, the governments have come up with the plan of turning hotels into quarantine facilities.

Hotels for Quarantine in Delhi and Rules

Ibis Hotel

Delhi, being a prime place in India, has many Coronavirus cases as well as suspects. So, it is natural that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested the hotels to turn themselves into paid quarantine facilities. He insisted that the hotels should be near the Indira Gandhi International Airport so that the guests didn’t have to travel far, which may risk the transference of the virus.

Along with Accor’s Ibis hotel, the guests can also avail of the Lemon Tree Premier and Red Fox hotel. A total of 182 rooms are made available for the suspected patients who need to isolate themselves, and the tariff is fixed. Among them, Ibis has 92 rooms available, whereas Lemon Tree has 54, and the Red Fox has 32.

They cannot charge more than INR 3,100, including taxes. Also, the hotels need to provide basic amenities such as food, tea, coffee, water, and Wi-Fi. Proper hygiene and sanitation need to be followed by the hotel, and laundry services should be separated.

The hotels have to ensure that no one gets close to the quarantined guests to eliminate the risk of transmission. Also, they will be given food on disposable utensils, and the waste has to be treated as bio-medical waste. The CM also focused on the need for protection for the staff to keep them safe.

All the hotels that have been included in the list are luxury hotels, so we can hope that the guests will get the best facilities as well as proper treatments until we win the battle against the virus. Rooms will also be available in the Marriott Hotels, hotels of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, and at the Radisson Hotels.

Hotels for Quarantine in Mumbai and Rules


Mumbai is another city that has had several cases till now. The local government has negotiated with big hotels near the airport to turn them into quarantine facilities. As they are pay-and-use, guests will need to pay for the services, though there will be a fixed price for things.

The hotels in the list include the Niranta Airport Transit Hotel as well as the ITC Maratha in Lower Parel, along with Mirage Hotel and the PWD Guest House. In total, there are about 240 rooms divided among these establishments. More hotels are set to be arranged as the numbers can increase.
Aaditya Thackeray, the tourism minister, requested the hotels to open their door to guests who want to isolate themselves. Along with that, he suggested that the hotel should be divided into two sections for the safety of the regular guests.

Precautions need to be maintained by all hotels in the form of proper protection of the staff and regular sanitization of the premises. They should also set up separate food and laundry services to avoid the risk of contamination.

Ginger Mumbai Andheri (MIDC) also has 116 rooms available for people wanting to self isolate. Guests can call the number provided by the government and then book their place at the hotel. They will be charged about INR 2,500 every day for food and all other facilities. Rigorous safety will be followed to keep everyone safe.

Quarantine Hotels in Bengluru and Rules


The Karnataka Government has notified Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to come up with some quarantine facilities. They have arranged some hotels that the guests can avail for free and the government will pay for the food. Till now, there are 17 hotels on the list, and they will have non-air conditioned rooms available for the guests.

Strict safety needs to be maintained inside the hotel, and the guests will get food on disposable cutlery. The municipality has stated that there will be constant monitoring of the facilities.

The hotels included in the list are Sabharwal Residency, Emirates Hotel, Empire, Silicrest, Oyo Amethyst, Ramakrishna Lodge, Hotel Citadel, Likhith International, Fortune Park JP Celestial, Arafa Inn, Lemon Tree Premier, Keys Select, Chalukya Hotel, Sri Lakshmi PG, Trinity Wood Hotel, Keys Select Whitefield and Oyo Townhouse, Ulsoor Lake.

As most of these are premier hotels, we can expect them to have proper facilities that help us to get ahead of the current crisis. A guest who has been advised to remain in isolation has to do so until 14-days to prove that they are free from symptoms of COVID-19. CCTVs and Security guards will ensure their safety.

What are your thoughts about the COVID-19 situation? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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