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As far as what I’ve heard and learnt they say that golf is a game of the rich people. Do you agree with that?

For all the Golf- lovers out there I am about to give you an insight into the most famous and great golf courses in India. There are so many articles on this topic so it’s best if I keep it short, to the point and somehow maintain your attention. I’ve managed to read many of them and compiled a list of 10 Golf courses that I felt were good and scattered all over the country. I hope you enjoy!


1. DLF Golf and Country club, Delhi

The beautiful Golf course of DLF along with the man made lake

The beautiful Golf course of DLF along with the man made lake.

Found in 1999, The DLF Golf and country club private club in Gurgaon and the golf course is designed by the famous Arnold Palmer to match the standards of the United States Golf Association. It is spread over to an area of 7,204 yards and has a total of 18 holes while the hole 17 is at 4,338 yards, par 72. Covered with greenery and a total of almost 14,000 trees the course has seen many professional tournaments such as the Johnny walker classic in 2008.

For a normal member just wanting to play some golf they can either play on a championship level or just to relieve stress. There are five man- made lakes that give the place a tinge of natural beauty. Only member accompanied by guests and foreigners are allowed, any non member guest is not allowed.

Membership Rules:

  • The price to be paid by member guests and foreigners on weekdays is Rs. 3400
  • On Weekends and Public holidays the tariff is Rs. 1700
  • Rentals including Golf sets, shoes, bucket of golf balls costs approximately Rs. 4500
  • Tuesdays are weekly off for maintenance of the Golf Course

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2. Oxford Golf and Country Club, Pune

The oxford golf course in Pune.

The oxford golf course in Pune. (Source)

The Oxford Golf course situated in Pune is spread across 7,020 yards, having a total of 18 holes, 72 par and is designed by Australia’s Pacific Coast Design. It also won First Runner Up Award in 2012 for “Best Course in India”. This course is built on 136 acres of land and is shaped somewhat like a horseshoe and is absolutely beautiful and really well- maintained.

The Sahayadri hills surround the Oxford Golf course make it look stunning. The cool breeze is one of the main factor so unless a proffessional a newbie has to carry extra balls. The Golf course is open to all and not only members and the cost is as follows:

Membership Rules:

  • Member guest and Foreigners have to pay Rs. 2250 on weekdays and Rs. 4500 on weekends and holidays.
  • Guests who are not members nor accompanied by members have to pay Rs. 2500 on weekdays and Rs. 5000 on weekends and holidays
  • Rentals including Golf sets, Golf carts, shoes and Bucket of balls cost approximately a total of Rs. 4000

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3. Gulmarg Golf Club near Srinagar

Doesn't the Gulmarg Golf Course just look ravishingly beautiful?

Doesn’t the Gulmarg Golf Course just look ravishingly beautiful?

Gulmarg is a small town in Jammu and Kashmir within the Himalayas and a little further from the Line of control of India and Pakistan. Usually it is famous and well known for its skiing practices but did you know there is a beautiful Golf course in Gulmarg that will leave you speechless. It is situated at an altitude of 2,650 m and is the highest golf course in the world.

The layout is also very different from other Golf courses due to its altitude and slopes. The first golf championship was held in Gulmarg in 1922. December- April the course is normally covered in snow, I mean you already knew that though right?

Membership Rules:

  • Spread out over 7,505 yards having 18 holes and par 72 Gulmarg golf course is the best to visit during summer. Redesigned by Ranjit Nanda, the Gulmarg golf course is the longest in India
  • Whether a member or not you can now go and play some Golf in Gulmarg and the price is quite reasonable
  • The price for member guests, guests and Foreigners is Rs. 800 on weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Rentals cost around Rs. 820 and people have to bring their own golf balls as it is not provided

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4. Golfshire Club in Bangalore

The Golfshire in Bangalore in all its glory.

The Golfshire in Bangalore in all its glory.

Located in the Nandi hills, Golf shire is built on a 275 acres land spreading out to 7,004 yards, having 18 holes and par 72 designed by Bob Hunt, PDA Design Consulting. Bob Hunt has mixed the new and old i.e, old farmlands.

Lakes and streams are seen in between the golf course giving it a beautiful view. This golf course is the most luxurious Golf course throughout the country and is managed by Troon Golf Company that gives excellent services to all its members. It has also won many prestigious awards in the past 5 years as Highly commended Golf course of India.

Membership Rules:

  • An 18 hole costs Rs. 4000 on weekends and Rs. 2000 on weekdays
  • After 2:30 p.m it costs Rs. 2400 on weekends and Rs. 1200 on weekdays
  • A 9 hole costs Rs.2000 on weekends and Rs. 1000 on weekdays
  • Rental fee including practice and shoes costs Rs.850

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5. Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club, Hyderabad

Boulder hill's beautiful and blessed course.

Boulder hill’s beautiful and blessed course. (Source)

Spread out to over 7228 yards having 18 holes and par 72 this golf course is a leisure one with 4 tees( beginning point of golf) to choose from. Located in Hyderabad and said to be gifted by Nature due to its Boulders, naturally elevated grounds and greenery is a dream for all golfers.

It was designed by Emaar MGF and is of international standard and is one of the country’s pride possessions. Its neighbours are: Infosys, Microsoft etc so you can only imagine the kind of people you would find for company. The grass on the course is imported from Arizona, USA.

Membership Rules:

  • Member guests : Rs.1500 on weekdays and Rs.2200 on weekends
  • Guests, Indian Golf Union(IGU) members and Foreigners: Rs. 3500 on weekdays and Rs. 6000 on weekends.
  • Rental fees: Rs. 2700 (including shoes, carts, golf set, trolley etc)

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6. Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

Golfshire Course, Bangalore

Golfshire Course, Bangalore. (Source)

Located in Bangalore and built and commenced in 1999, Eagleton Golf Resort makes its way to the top 5 Golf courses of India. It provides every golfer enjoyment and challenges at every level. There are over 40,000 trees and lakes to maintain ecological balance as they believe in keeping nature as it is.

It is 18 hole and par 72 golf course that spreads out to 7,100 yards designed by Pacific Coast Design, Australia. There are electric golf carts and facilities such as lockers, change rooms etc are provided. This golf resort also offers The Golf academy for people who wish to learn more.

Membership Rules:

  • Stay & Play Golf on Weekdays costs Rs. 6,999 which includes 2 days and 1 night
  • Stay & Play Golf on Weekends and public holidays costs Rs. 7,999 which includes 2 days and 1 night

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7. Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata

Doesn't that look like Royalty?

Doesn’t that look like Royalty?

First established 1829, Royal Calcutta is one of the oldest and unbelievably beautiful courses of India with a length of 7195 yards having 18 holes and par 72The title “Royal”was given by King George V and Queen Mary to the Club as an evidence of their visit to Calcutta in 1911. This golf club is situated in the Heart of Calcutta and this course is one which is a matter of pride to all those passionate golfers.

The second oldest golf tournament after the British tournament was held in Royal Calcutta golf club. This club is most probably the club with the historical significance in consideration to its existence and history.

Membership Rules:

  • Green fee for Non members or Visitors: Rs. 1500 on weekdays and Rs. 2500 on weekends
  • Walk in golfer: Rs. 6000
  • There are even Caddies available to give you advice on your game and their fee is as follows; 18 holes:Rs. 250, 19 holes: Rs. 150, Tournament: Rs. 300
  • Rental charges( including golf sets, bucket of balls, carts etc): Rs. 1000

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8. Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar

The beautiful golf course of Kashmir with a vie of the Dal lake

The beautiful golf course of Kashmir with a vie of the Dal lake

Designed by the very famous American golfer Robert Trent Jones Jr, Royal springs is situated on Zabarwan mountains from where you can clearly see the very famous ‘Dal Lake’. Managed by the J&K tourism Corp, this is course that spreads out to a length of 6985 yards having 18 holes and par 72. Golf digest has ranked this course the No.1 in India.

Cork oaks, a rare tree is found here planted in 1947. The very first Women Golf tournament was held here and it saw participation of 50 women from all over India.

This Course is called Royal Springs because there are 4 actual and natural water springs used back in the days by Mughal Emperors as sweet water. So, its Royal!

Membership Rules:

  • Price for member guest, IGU, guests: Rs. 1500 on weekdays and weekends
  • Price for Foreigners: $40 on weekdays and weekends

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9. Bombay Presidency Golf Club Ltd, Mumbai

The most demanded course of Mumbai.

The most demanded course of Mumbai. (Source)

Established in 1927, The Bombay Presidency Golf Club is one of the most prestigious golf courses of Mumbai. It was designed by British champion Peter Thompson and went through a very big redesign done by Nelson & Haworth. With a length of  6148 having 18 holes and par 70, it is a very highly demanded course.

Membership Rules:

  • Monday is a weekly holiday and the other days people are most welcome to come and enjoy themselves
  • Member guests and IGU members: Rs.2200 on weekdays and Rs. 3060 on weekends which is reduced to Rs.1100 and Rs. 1530 respectively if you play for 9 holes
  • Guests: Rs.2900 on weekdays and Rs. 4060 on weekends which is reduced to Rs.1450 and Rs. 2060 respectively if you play for 9 holes
  • Rentals: Rs. 2200

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10. The Kodaikanal Golf Club, Tamil Nadu

The clean groomed grass of Kodaikanal Golf course.

The clean groomed grass of Kodaikanal Golf course. (Source)

Kodaikanal is a town in the state of Tamil Nadu with a pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, kind people and most importantly its golf course is spread out to a length of 6,426 yards having 18 holes and par 71 and elevation of 2,220 m. The club has almost 600 members, and non- members are allowed to play by either becoming a temporary member or paying green fees.

Each hole at the Kodaikanal Golf course are given names such as hole 6 is called tiger, hole 9 is called pimples and so on.

Many competitions are held in The Kodaikanal Golf course between April- June, some of which are:

Palani Hill Open, Veday Cup, Rudrappan Memorial Cup etc.

Membership Rules:

  • Green fee per day is Rs. 500 for member guests on weekdays and Rs. 600 on weekends
  • Green fee per day is Rs. 600 for non- members on weekdays and Rs. 800 on weekends
  • Temporary member fee for 1 week costs Rs. 5000 and can be used 3 times

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