Common Phrases to know before travelling to India

India is a bamboozling country that fires the imagination and stirs the soul. With its in-your-face-diversity, it will leave you thrilled and confounded at once. The cultural cocktail is sure to take you on a journey that will linger in your mind long after you have left its shores. Your sanity might be left frayed between love and loathing, but that is exactly what makes India enigmatic!

If you are travelling to India, it will do you good to know the common terms and phrases in Hindi. Though English is widely spoken in India, and where it is not spoken it is widely understood, yet it always helps to know the common terms. Also, while you are travelling in India, you can use sites like Cashkaro to save money and earn cashback while travelling. These essential phrases will help you have a smooth and comfortable tour in the world’s most multi-dimensional country –

Basic Greetings

In a country that is an eclectic melange of culture, these basic expressions and greeting are sure to help you charm the locals:

Hello – Namaste

This is the most common and widely popular way of showing respect and saying hello. Fold your hands while you say Namaste and everyone will be pleased with your manners.

Please – Kripya

To sound polite, it is always helpful to say please to someone. Though the word please is widely understood in India, its Hindi counterpart – Kripya, will be essential to know when you travel to the rural areas.

How are you? – Aap Kaise Hain?

To chat with the locals, it is a good way to start by asking how they are doing. To ask someone “How are you?” just say “Aap kaise hain?” to which you will be responded with I am fine – “Main theek hun”.

Thank you – Dhanyavaad

Thank you is the most used word in the world and is as helpful and polite in India as anywhere else. The Hindi word for Thank You is Dhanyavaad. You can also alternatively use Shukriya which is commonly understood by the locals.

Sorry or Excuse Me – Maaf Kijiye

When you want to say sorry to someone or want to excuse yourself, just say “Maaf Kijiye”.

Nice to meet you! – Aap se milkar khushi hui!

An appropriate way to end conversations and to let people know that you are pleased to meet them is to say “Aap se milkar khushi hui”. If you want to convey that you really happy to meet someone, just add “bahut” – “Aap se milkar bahut khushi hui”.

Phrases to be used while shopping

Shopping in India is an experience in itself. India is filled with bustling bazaars and shopping malls, and while prices are fixed at many places, you will need to don your haggling hat at most of the local bazaars. These phrases will come in handy while you haggle your way through the colourful markets-

What is the cost? – Kitnay ka hai? Bill please – Bill de dijiye Any discount – Daam kam karo This is expensive – Ye bahut mehenga hai

Hindi Numerals

There is no need to emphasise the usefulness of Hindi numerical which come handy in many situations. The following is the Hindi counting from 0 to 10-

0 – Shunya (though zero is widely used and understood in every part of the country) 1- Ek 2- Do 3- Teen 4- Chaar 5- Paanch 6- Chah 7- Saat 8- Aath 9- Nau 10- Dus

Other useful phrases

The following phrases might come in handy in a number of situations like asking for help or looking for an English speaker –

Can you help me – Kya aap meri madad kar sakte hain?

When looking for some help, just say “Kya aap meri madad kar sakte hain?” You can also add kripya (please) to make it sound more polite. The people in India are generally helpful and thus you won’t find it difficult to get help.

Do you speak English – Kya aap English bolte hain?

Just say “Kya aap English bolte hain?” and you are sure to be connected to the nearest person who speaks English.

I don’t know – Mujhe nahi maalum

When you don’t know something, just say “I don’t know” and you are sure to be left in peace.

Who are you? – Aap kaun hain?

If you want to enquire about a person directly, you can simply say “Aap kaun hain?” The person will then introduce himself.

Let’s go – Chalo

Whenever you want to just go somewhere with a person, simply say “Chalo”.

Where is the toilet? – Bathroom kidhar hai?

If you are looking for a bathroom, just ask anyone “Bathroom kidhar hai?” and you will be directed to the nearest one. However, be aware that the public toilets are not very hygienic in India and you might want to avoid using one!

I want water – Mujhe paani chahiye

When travelling around India in summer, this is the most important phrase to know! You can also replace “Mujhe paani chahiye” with “Paani kidhar hai” which basically means the same thing to the local people.

These are just some of the terms and phrases that will help you survive this colourful country. Be sure to be awed by the enigma that is India. Also, to save money on the flight bookings, you can use the following link and say thanks to us later

Hope this is helpful. If you think any other phrases should be added in this list, please comment below and make India a travel friendly country :)



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