Best Countries To Visit In August

August is one of the few times of year when you can take a week or two off from work and plan a trip around the Independence Day long weekend. The world has no shortage of wonderful summer vacation destinations. While some people may have their sights set on exploring distant shores and hitting the beach, learning new cultures, and sampling new cuisines, the others may want to learn about history or just spend a week driving through skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls in the best cities around the whole. Regardless of whether you long to soak up the sun on a perfect beach day or get your running shoes and stroll on land or spend some time unwinding in the best hotels around the globe, there is a perfect August destination waiting to welcome you. Here's a list of best countries to travel to in the month of August.

1. Portugal

Portugal, Best Countries To Visit in August

Portugal has some of the best cosmopolitan cities with architecture so exceptional, you won't be able to keep your eyes off the buildings. It also houses rugged coastlines with pristine beaches. All of this comes up with incredible weather conditions making Portugal your go-to place this August. Portugal is not so well connected as other countries so not a lot of people visit this very, very underrated country. Think of it in a positive manner because the lesser crowd would mean a better experience for you. The capital city Lisbon has a mystique charm to it which would make you go back there again and again. Next up, head over to Porto. With its narrow valleys and river cruises make it one of the most radiant and vivid cities you would ever come across in the world. Party till the sun shows up at the exotic beaches in Lagos and take a tour to witness its beautiful wildlife.

2. Maldives

Maldives, Best Countries to Visit in August
Looking for a luxury island vacation? The Maldives is just the right place for you. A truly tropical month, August sees torrential downpours and warm moisture-filled weather. Why did this destination even make it to the list, you may ask. Well, the rains in the Maldives are short-lived and overnight which gives you plenty of sun in the daytime. Dive in the Banana Reef, an internationally known diving spot so beautiful that it can't be described in words. There are colourful corals and plenty of sea life, including grouper, barracuda, morays, jackfish, snapper, and few more you didn't even know existed. Seafood lover, are you? Head over to some of the worlds best seafood restaurants for the meal of the lifetime.

3. England

England, Best countries to Visit in August
August is the warmest month in England and temperatures go as high as 24 degrees, a pleasant time for Indians to visit the country. London, in particular, is one of the most visited cities and draws people in with its charm, history, and pubs. It also happens to be the most expensive. So keep an eye on your budget before it drains out. Obviously, visiting London is a must when you visit England, but the best the country has to offer lies outside the capital. Bath and Oxford amongst the smaller cities that have a lot to offer. You'll witness less crowd and a lot of culture to breath in. Music fans should head over to Liverpool, the birthplace of Beatles and a popular music hub. Potterheads could head over to Oxford University and take a tour of the place where they shot Harry Potter. Whatever your interests may be, England has something for everyone.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia, Best Countries to Visit in August

Malaysia packs the best of Asia. From dense urban jungles, historical mosques and lavish malls of Kuala Lumpur to the tranquil beaches of the Perhentian Islands. This country will provide you with a unique and unmatched travel experience. Tour the majestic tea plantations to know the tea making process, and sip different types of teas with a beautiful mountain scenery in front of you. You can also unwind in luxurious hotels, theme parks, museums and casinos at Genting Highlands. 

5. Italy

Italy, Best countries to visit in august
Average temperatures vary depending on which part of Italy you visit in August. In most parts of the country, daytime temperatures hover around 27 degrees and drop down to 25 degrees towards the end of the month. An aspiring traveller planning a trip to Italy knows about the major sightseeing destinations in Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice and maybe even Naples. The Colosseum and Vatican City are must-see items on everyone's bucket lists. And there are other places that will leave you breathless. Italy is full of breathtaking small nooks, villages, and cities with awe-inspiring scenery and history. Take your time and stroll the streets of Italy to be part of an unmatched travel experience. 

6. Croatia

Croatia, Best countries to visit in august

Did you know most of Game of Thrones' shooting took place in Croatia? And that it is one amongst many reasons why the country draws tourists in large amounts, more than ever? In the hit show, Dubrovnik city's forts and walls became King's Landing; Trsteno Arboretum located outskirts of the city was Red Keep's gardens; St Dominic Monastery in Trogir is possibly the city of Qarthand; and the Fortress of Klis is used as outer shots of Meereen. Make sure to look out for these locations in Season 8! If you haven't been to Croatia yet, now is your chance. Croatia is one of Europe's sunniest spots and no longer an underrated hidden gem of a travel place. The capital of Zagreb boasts a wide array of attractions and is situated close to one of Europe's natural wonders, the Plitvice National Park. If unrivalled sea views are what you are looking for then head to Dubrovnik, located along the Adriatic coast and only a stone's throw away from party capital Split.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands, best countries to visit in netherlands

August is a peak time to visit the Netherlands as the country's weather is at its finest. Contrary to people's thinking, Netherlands is much more than Amsterdam's "coffee shops," infamous red light districts and partying till the sun shows up. While cycling in the narrow streets of Amsterdam is indeed a heavenly feeling, you should also visit Rotterdam (one of the busiest ports in the world)  for its exceptional architecture and a chance to learn about the famous harbour locks of the city. No matter whichever city you are in, make sure to take a canal tour in the beautiful valleys of the country. 

8. Wales

Wales, best countries to visit in august
The weather of Wales is a pleasant 20 degrees with chances of rain in August. If you've been to England before and then going on a trip to Wales you will notice that everything becomes greener, and you will also marvel at the unpronounceable names on the street signs when you pass them. For a relatively small country, Wales packs a mighty big punch when it comes to places to visit. With over 1,000 miles of coastline, stunning hills in the south, the breathtakingly beautiful castles (fun fact: Wales is believed to have more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world) that dot its landscape and its many friendly people, Wales is the essential British destination to visit.

9. USA

USA, Best Countries to Visit in August
Didn't go on a trip the whole year? August is your last chance to visit the USA before the colder months approach. Visiting the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, listening to New Orleans jazz, are only a few of the million things to do in the United States. Natural attractions, such as the Grand Canyon, impress the most-seasoned travellers and keeping the sunny days in mind, Maui in Hawaii is one of the most preferred spots for summer vacations. 

10. Ireland

Ireland, best Countries to visit in august

Ireland's weather is very temperate and unlike other European countries, Ireland rarely goes through heat waves. The country is filled with scenic landscapes and beautiful castles, so it's hard not to love Ireland. Plus the small size of the country makes it easy to explore all parts of the country in less time. The capital city of Dublin is rich in history and synonymous with fun. And as Irish people are known for their fondness for drinking, you will find the best pubs pouring drinks till morning. Don't miss the Giant Causeway which looks like stairs but for giants and the Cliffs of Moher for its stunning beauty and exotic wildlife.

Make the most of your summer and visit these countries while the summer is at its peak!

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