10 Of the Most Luxurious Experiences around the World to Make Your Bucket List Longer!

In the era of Millennial, travelling is a new way that redefines luxury. If you want to look at the raw beauty of a destination while combining it with the finer elements, consider a luxurious vacation with your loved ones. We have hand-picked some of our personal favourites, starting from exotic cruising and helicopter tours to witnessing the wilderness. Here are 10 of the most luxurious experiences that you should be looking at while planning your next trip.

1. Luxury Cruise Ride Through the Nile River

Luxury cruise ride through the Nile River, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World

The taste of luxury on River Nile is truly a majestic feeling. The ship is beautifully designed in a contemporary style combined with Egyptian influence. It allows the guests to soak up the 5000 years old traditional culture. These cruise-ships will take you to the ancient temples, sculptures and monuments in comfort and style. There are Egyptologists on board, with whom you can chat and gain more knowledge about the place. In addition, there are live dance and music performances to keep you entertained throughout the journey.

2. Getting Wild in South Africa

Getting wild in South Africa, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve is the home to vibrant wildlife namely elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, lions and giraffes. It is located amidst the lush forests and offers captivating serenity and tranquillity. This luxury setting ensures privacy and offers a sense of seclusion. Relax in the beautiful pool or spend an afternoon in the private verandah of your cottage while savouring the grand view of this distinct ecosystem. Sometime, you might get a glimpse of an elephant herd wandering through the forests. This is such a feeling that cannot be described in words.

3. Sailing Through the Komodo Island

Sailing through the Komodo Islands, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
The thrill of sailing through the remote Komodo Island in an ultra-luxurious ship is an experience in itself. There are a plethora of tailor-made activities that you can try. Starting from hiking through the Komodo National Park to diving in the coral atolls, Komodo Island has it all. You might even come face to face with the mighty Komodo dragon and swim with the whale sharks. In case you are looking for cultural immersion, visit the nearby villages and get a glimpse of the authentic culture. No wonder, this tour will allow you to relish the charm of Indonesia like never before.

4. Private Sandbank Tour in the Maldives

Private Sandbank Tour in the Maldives, the Most Luxurious Experiences around the World

For the Robinson Crusoe within you, this is a glamorous twist to your adventure. Make the lavish retreat of Soneva Fushi as your base and board a private seaplane to get transported to this secluded sandbank. It is one of the most exotic glamping sites, where you can Glamp in style under the Maldivian sky. Spoil yourself with a candlelight dinner and wake up to a delicious breakfast along the sun-kissed beach. Gaze at the spectacular sight and let the dramatic ocean setting seep into the soul. This is a highly transformative experience and focuses on luxury as it should be. 

5. Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon

Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
Discover the unrivalled beauty of the Grand Canyon without forgoing the luxury, on a magical helicopter tour. Board an exhilarating helicopter from the McCarran Airport with champagne in hand and start an epic adventure of a lifetime. Soar through the legendary site and listen to your favourite track on the audio headphones. Land deep at the base and have a sumptuous meal while soaking in the wonderland. Your pilot will be happy to answer any question that you might have about the flight or the Grand Canyon.

6. Ship Safari Through the Halong Bay 

Ship Safari through the Halong Bay, Most Luxurious Experiences Around The World
‘Fascinating’ is the only word that can match up with the exotic cruise ride through the Halong Bay. The iconic bay is a UNESCO world heritage site and stretches from the Vietnam coastline to the Gulf of Tonkin. Choose from one of the overnight cruises and admire the gorgeous landscape from the deck. This will give you enough time to relax and immerse in the jaw-dropping backdrop. The mouth-watering delicacies and evening cocktails are the highlight of the tour. You also get to sleep onboard and wake up in the middle of the blue waters.

7. The infinity pool with a backdrop

The infinity pool with a backdrop, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
Luxury is best defined at the infinity pool of the grand Popa Mountain Resort in Myanmar. Tucked in the mountains and enclosed in verdant greenery, the resort is an escape from the mundane life. However, the real draw is the infinity pool which is irresistible. Take a dip in the crystal clear water and sip on a cocktail. This place is ideal for spending some tranquil moments amidst the peaceful nature. No wonder, you will get the feeling that you have stumbled upon a movie set.

8. A Ski Experience with Fine Food

A ski experience with fine food, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
If you are a food connoisseur and have a thing for adventure, wait no more. Momentum Ski brings to you a gourmet ski experience in the Alps. What could be a more perfect vacay that allows you to ski by the day and dine with award-winning chefs in the evening? Apart from skiing and fine dining, you can also participate in other unique activities such as snowshoe walks, dog-sledge riding and champagne. The experience varies every year, as new Michelin-starred chefs are brought in.

9. Exploring the Galapagos Island with a Different Perspective

Exploring the Galapagos Island, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
Galapagos Island is a paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. One of the most expensive ways to relish the charm of this island is to book an overnight cruise-ship. Get the opportunity to observe seabirds and mammals, snorkel with the sea lions and discover enchanting lands where only a few have attempted to reach. A team of wildlife experts will be onboard who would answer all your queries about the island and its creatures. And the best part is you get to indulge in all of these without compromising on comfort.

10. A Fabulous Stay in the Mongolian Wilderness

A fabulous stay in the Mongolian wilderness, Most Luxurious Experiences around the World
The unspoken charm of Mongolia continues to lure explorers from every nook and corner of the world. Staying in a fantastic camp, traditionally known as ‘Gers' let visitors walk through the picturesque landscape and wake up to the view of the steppe grassland and sand dunes. This is an ideal vacation option for intrepid families where children can learn horse-riding and archery. Guests can also gaze at the starry sky with a high-powered telescope or track snow leopards. High-end amenities like sauna, fine dining and a digital screen can also be set up on requests.

These extravagant travel experiences are worth every penny and a must-try for every individual who seeks pleasure in looking at life from a broader perspective.

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