22 Best Christmas Markets In The World To Ring Your Festivities This Season!

With Christmas around the corner, it's time to stack up on your Christmas stash, indulge in a lot of shopping for your family and dig into pre-Christmas treats! There's no better place to do this other than the most amazing Christmas markets in the world! 

Here's enlisted the best Christmas markets in the world that you should be visiting. They ensure fun, frolic and a grand Christmas fiesta! 

1. Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Out and about in the nice chilly weather of Berlin, the Gendarmenmarkt surely tops off as the best Christmas market. A bit of both luxury and simplicity, the market starts way before Christmas to ring in the celebrations. You can shop your Christmas gifts and souvenirs, invest in unique craftsmanship produce and buy all your Christmas decor for the season at the market. It also ensures entertainment with a line-up of dance and music performances and takes care of your hunger pangs with a variety of food and drink stalls! Catch sight of an over-the-top view from the French Church. 
Entry Fee: EUR 1 
Address: Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin, Germany

2. Christkindlmarket, Chicago, USA 

This is one of the best Christmas markets in the world as you will just not be taking away bags but also a set of skills that you will acquire at the market, including the popular Hot Glass Experience Glass Ornament sessions. A plethora of artisans showcases their work at Christkindlmarket which you can take home. The live Christmas jazz will keep you grooving at every nook and cranny. Your retail indulgence will include handmade ornaments, nutcrackers, and collectables from Germany. Don't miss out on a hearty Breakfast at St.Nicholas! 
Entry Fee: Free of Cost ( USD 5 for your pets) 
Address: 50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

3. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen 

Tivoli Gardens
Exuding the best Christmas vibe in town, Tivoli Gardens presents the best of 60 Christmas stalls in magical surroundings. The amusement park doubles up as a market but continues to run its rides during Christmas. With over 1000 snow-covered Christmas trees with twinkling Swarovski balls, the fairy light stalls, and over 70,000 Christmas baubles, the market should be your go-to destination for all your Christmas shopping and merrymaking. Shops of knitted products, leather products, crafts, and deli items are stalled at the market. The market has some of the best hot cuppas for your comfort in the cold weather. 
Entry Fee: USD 20
Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark

4. Toronto Christmas Market, Toronto

Toronto Christmas Market
Toronto's Christmas gala is to be witnessed at one of the best Christmas markets in the world! The light canopies are certainly the most eye-catching element of the market. You'll be accompanied by elves and if you'll be lucky, you get to meet Santa! A selection of stalls showcased at the market is just the retail therapy you're looking for. Local craftsmanship, live brass bands, and wood carving stalls are the prime attractions. Don't forget to indulge in the best Christmas delicacies and the unforgettable mulled wine at the market. 
Entry Fee: USD 8 ( Tuesday-Friday) USD 12 (Saturday & Sunday)
Closed on Monday
Address: 373 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1G4, Canada

5. Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham, UK 

Frankfurt Christmas Market
A dash of retail and a massive gathering of Birmingham, Frankfurt Christmas Market is the most ideal place to be with your family during the Christmas week. It has all your last-minute Christmas needs fixed and promises merriment to the core. The variety of stands offers a variety of stuff ranging from the most traditional Christmas gifts to hand-crafted leatherwork, toys, jewelry and much more besides! To treat your taste-buds, dig into the most delicious Pretzels, schnitzels, bratwursts, and roasted almonds and wash it down with yummy hot chocolate or wheat beer. You dare miss out a ride on the ornate carousel through the market! 
Entry Fee: Free of Cost 
Address: Birmingham B3 3AA, United Kingdom

6. Edinburgh's Christmas Market, Scotland

Edinburgh Christmas Market
It's a Christmas extravaganza at one of the best Christmas markets in the world! The Christmasy vibe runs along a six-week span where you can get all your decorations, gifts and amazing hand-crafted products from the Bavarian-style stalls. The tasty delights up on the stalls and the special mulled wine come to your rescue if you're not so much into shopping! The decorations, lights, and carols will keep you glued to the market. 
Entry fee: Free of Cost
Address:  East Princes Street Gardens, located beside the Waverley Station, Edinburgh EH2 2HG, United Kingdom

7. Old Town Square Christmas Market, Prague, Czech Republic

Old Town Square
It's no short of a winter wonderland at Prague's Old Town Christmas market. Holding the baton of the states' glory, this market has literally everything to offer. Opening much prior to Christmas, the market has decorated wooden huts which double up as a shoppers stand. You can get yourself ceramics, jewelry, embroidered lace, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hats and gloves and what not! You shouldn't be counting on calories here as barbecue sausages, flatbreads, honey wine, meat, and sweet dumplings will make it difficult to resist! Of course, the ongoing carols jazz up the festive vibe! 
Entry fee: CZK 25
Address: Staroměstské nám., 110 00 Josefov, Czechia

8. Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

Viennese Dream Christmas Market
With the enchanting buildings and the mesmerizing city view in the backdrop with already beautiful lighting, the lights of this Christmas market adds to its glory! The crowded square is the most beautiful in the evenings. Touted as one of the best Christmas markets in the world, the unique Craftsman stalls and the little children's area teaching kids to bake some Christmas cookies and candles makes it easier for the mommies to shop around while their kids are busy learning! The highlight of the market is undoubtedly the international choirs singing in harmony, drawing the crowds to the harmonious cacophony. 
Entry Fee: Free of Cost
 Address: Rathauspl., 1010 Wien, Austria

9. Plaisir D' Hiver, Brussels, Belgium

Plaisir D'Hiver
The heart of Brussels at Christmas Plaisir D' Hiver is unlike any other market. Along with an array of chalet kiosks selling gifts and crafts, one can hit-up on the big wheel to take a bird's eye view of the crowded market.  The light and sound show of the Grand palace will keep you hooked to the changing bioluminescence. The mulled wine and jenever are the ultimate indulgent drinks at the fair. Kids can have a ball of their own on the merry-go-rounds and you can don your skates and show your skating skills at the beautiful ice skating rink. 
Entry Fee: Free of cost
 Address: 1000 Brussels, Belgium

10. Budapest Christmas Fair, Hungary 

Budapest Christmas Fair
The celebrations at Vörösmarty square is like no other! Selling ornaments, gifts, and souvenirs of all sorts, the market has some serious Christmas indulgence to gorge on. From stuffed cabbage for the vegetarians to the mouth-watering grilled meats and sausages, the food is oh-so-delicious! The holiday bazaars krampampuli, grog, and tea beverages are worth a shot! Dance along to the melodies of folk, jazz, world music, soul, blues, and crossover concerts! The Budapest fair is undoubtedly a place to have a blast! 
Entry Fee: Free of Cost
Address: Budapest, Vörösmarty tér, 1051 Hungary

11. Strasbourg Christmas Market, Strasbourg

Strasbourg Christmas market
Adorned with lights from street to street, the city of Strasbourg is embellished with Christmas markets but the Strasbourg Christmas market seems to top off the markets list in France. An old traditional market, it takes families on a sensory journey and helps them with all their Christmas essentials. Commencing from 29th November until the 30th of December, one can revel in the traditional merrymaking as it was done in bygone days with lots of food, carols and retail under one roof.
Entry fee: Free
Address: Place Broglie, 67000 Strasbourg, France

12. Stortorget Julmarknad, Stockholm


Stortorget translated as “the grand square” in Swedish is a public square at the heart of the Old Town in Central Stockholm. The square is renowned for its traditional Christmas market.  A number of beautifully decorated stalls themed around the advent of Jesus are set around the square. These are either food stalls or showcase and sell traditional handicrafts. Much like the olden times, these stalls are actually eateries offering gingerbreads,  waffles, muddled wine and so much more. The market is set for a span of a month and attracts massive tourist influx. 
Location: Stortorget 7, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden
Entry fee: $ 9.25

13. Helsinki Christmas Market, Finland


Generally, during the month of December, the Finnish capital of Helsinki remains draped in a white garb of snow. Still, the warm gestures and cosy decorations of their window shops makes it inevitable for the people to stay indoors. Even in the prevalent low temperature, Helsinki’s annual Christmas market is the largest of its kind celebration throughout the country. The aroma of the ancient glögi or wine and gourmet food bring people to these windows at the main street of Aleksanterinkatu around the historic beautiful white cathedral. The market sparks life in the white of the snow and people celebrate the festival with great gusto. 
Location: Senate Square, Aleksanterinkatu Street, Helsinki, Finland. 
Entry fee: No Entry fee

14. Piața Mare, Romania


Perched around one of the finest squares in Europe, this annual Christmas fair in Sibiu has made its mark as one of the most exciting festive locations in Europe. Translated as Big Square, Piața Mare has many food outlets, cute stalls and restaurants to shake your hunger for traditional and homemade food complimented by muddled wine. This open-air winter marketplace is not so crowded and a few minutes of patient waiting can get you into this ethereal marketplace topped with artful buildings and scrumptious meals.  
Location: Piața Mare, Sibiu, Romania
Entry fee: $ 9.94

15. Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany


Deemed as the very first genuine Christmas market in the world, Striezelmarkt is known for its world’s largest usable Christmas arch. The market makes a vibrant and delightful view with beautiful lightning, entertaining puppet theatres, bakeries, wooden artefacts and numerous other enjoyable stalls. There are shops and stalls selling traditional food and drinks including pulsnitzer or gingerbreads, glühwein or mulled wine and many foreign spices. This market attracts around three million tourists and locals every year making it one of the most eminent fairs during the festive month. 
Location: 01067 Dresden, Germany
Entry fee: No Entry fee

16. The Red Square, Moscow


This central square of Moscow gets lit with scintillating lights on Christmas eve. The most suited location to witness white Christmas in Russia is this. Kremlin Palace in the backdrop, the view becomes even more picturesque when silvery snowflakes alight the ground. Many shopkeepers put big boxes and minimarts featuring elaborate wooden handicrafts, hand-blown glasses, exclusive jewellery, antiques and food and drinks. St Basil’s Cathedral standing around is decorated with fairy lights and flags. 
Location: Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Entry fee: $ 7.33

17. Chriskindlmarkt, Austria

Another mesmerizing white Christmas location, these Christmas markets in Austria commence from the middle of November until the end of the year. This market dates back to the 1400s. Since then the majestic hilltop fortress and the cathedral surrounded by alpines set the mood for the most romantic and fairy tale markets. The glistening lights and small and lovely shops selling traditional toys, recipes, drinks and artefacts enlivens the true spirit of the Messiah’s birthday. The charisma of the place is definitely worth experiencing.
Location: Chriskindl Markets, Salzburg, Austria
Entry fee: $ 2.63

18. Albert Square, Manchester


At the heart of the buzzing city of Manchester is Albert Square. Albert Square Christmas Market has been awarded as the best Christmas market of the year 2019. Too excellent to be true, this market provides around 300 subliminal pretty stalls room to manoeuvre. Along with incredible English viands and drinks, you can find a wide range of international supplies here. From Belgian kitchenware to French soaps to Spanish delicacies and stunning jewellery,  this market has them all. 
Location: Albert Square, Manchester M2 5DB, United Kingdom
Entry fee: $ 8- $ 12 (depending upon the time slot of admission)

19. The Old Town, Latvia


The tradition of celebrating Christmas or the Winter Solstice dates back to 1510 when, as it is said, the first-ever Christmas tree was put up. Unlike other European countries, Riga does not have a white Christmas. Nevertheless, the aromatic streaks of gingerbreads and muddled wine will surely draw you to its Christmas markets in the Old Town. You can buy artisanal gifts like wooden artwork, jewellery pieces, souvenirs and traditional sweets, for your loved ones.
Location: Doma laukums 1, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia
Entry fee: No entry fee

20. Chriskindlmarkt, Nuremberg, Germany


At the Central Square of the Old Town in Nuremberg, is situated one of the most popular Christmas markets in Europe- the Christkindlmarkt. Set by an eminent gothic church, the monochrome roofs of all the stalls and perfectly enkindled lighting makes the view alluring. As the tradition goes, each year the Chriskind or the gift giver opens the market with his kind words echoing all through the magnificent church. Stalls of delicious sweet, muddled wines, handicrafts, souvenirs and other commodities attract a huge crowd every year.
Location: Old Town, Nuremberg, Germany
Entry fee: No entry fee

21. Mercado de Navidad, Madrid


Mercado de Navidad means Chriskindl. Following the German tradition of Chriskindlmarkt, Mercado de Navidad is the Spanish version of them. Among the numerous other markets in Madrid, this Chrialindlmarkt pops up in the southern region of the city. Another variation of the existing street market, this too proffers a wide variety of goods like traditional delicacies, wines, brandy and artefacts. Artfully dropped under the Spanish evening skies, the street market looks nothing less than a fairy tale village brought to life. 
Location: Madrid, Spain
Entry fee: No entry fee

22. San Gregorio  Armeno street, Naples, Italy


Not constrained by celebratory time, this street market remains open throughout the year for visitors to experience the Christmas Nativity fete whenever they please. The bustling streets of Naples are swarmed with endless shops and workrooms of all kinds of artisans. With Christmas time around the corner, these streets are enlivened with beaming lights and faraway diffused aromas of Italian grandmas’ homemade sweets and other foodstuffs with the traditional hot muddled wine. 
Location: Via San Gregorio Armeno, 83018, Naples Italy
Entry fee: No entry fee
If you're visiting any of these countries, you dare not miss out on these stand-out Christmas markets of the world. They sure are the best way to start off the Christmas celebrations! With such an exciting list, what keeps you from travelling to the best of the markets? 

Have you visited any of these best Christmas markets in the world? If yes, give us a review in the comments below!

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