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Continent: Europe and Asia
Region: Eastern Europe, Western Asia

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Georgia Travel Essentials

Ideal Duration:
7-10 days for exploring Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kazbegi; longer for exploring the wine region and mountains

Best Time:
May to September (Warmer months) Read More

Accommodation Cost (per night in USD):
Dorm bed: $10-20
Budget: $30-60
Mid-range: $80-120
Luxury: $150 and above

Budget for Food & Drinks (per day in USD):
Budget: $10-20
Mid-range: $30-50

Visa Policy for Indians:
eVisa available

Visa Policy for Other Nationals:
eVisa or Visa on Arrival for many countries

Getting In Georgia:
Tbilisi International Airport (TBS), Kutaisi International Airport (KUT) Read More

Getting Around Georgia:
Marshrutkas (minibusses), trains, taxis, rental cars Read More

"Caucasus Charms, Stories of History"

Georgia Tourism

Georgia is the most visited  country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Known for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, Georgia is a destination that offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vitality. The city's architecture reflects its complex past, with a mix of medieval, neoclassical, and Soviet-era structures.

One of Georgia's most defining features is its breathtaking natural scenery. From the soaring peaks of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the north to the rolling vineyards and lush valleys of the Kakheti wine region in the east, the country's landscapes are as varied as they are stunning. The country's rugged terrain is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, skiing, and paragliding, all against the backdrop of dramatic vistas.

Georgian hospitality, deeply ingrained in the culture, is evident throughout the country. Locals are known for their warm and welcoming nature, and it's not uncommon to be invited into a Georgian home for a traditional feast. The country's rich history is also a prominent feature, with ancient churches, fortresses, and monasteries dotting the landscape. Among these, the cave city of Uplistsikhe and the serene Gelati Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, offering a glimpse into Georgia's historical significance.

Finally, no discussion of Georgia is complete without mentioning its world-renowned wine. The country is one of the oldest wine-producing regions globally, with a winemaking tradition dating back over 8,000 years. A trip to Georgia is not complete without a visit to a local winery, where you can partake in traditional wine-making rituals and sample some of the finest wines in the world.

Must Know Before You Travel to Georgia

  • Check the visa requirements for your nationality before traveling to Georgia. Citizens from 94 countries including Australia, UAE, USA, Japan, Germany and several others can visit Georgia for up to 12 months without a visa. It's important to verify the current visa policies and any required documents before your trip.
  • Azerbaijan is extending its special quarantine regime until January 2, 2024, at 06:00 AM, “with the aim to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and to take measures to mitigate its potential consequences.” The prolonged quarantine will continue to restrict land travel between Georgia and Azerbaijan until that date.
  • Entry and exit conditions can change at short notice. You should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Georgia for the latest details.
  • Land and sea borders are open, except for the border with Azerbaijan, which requires special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan to cross.
  • The Georgian land border with Russia near Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) is open 24/7. It's illegal to enter or exit Georgia via Abkhazia or South Ossetia. There's no official border control in these regions.
  • Georgia, like many other regions around the world, observes Daylight Saving Time (DST), hence the local time is GMT +3 in the summer and GMT +4 in winter.
  • Local emergency numbers: 112 for general emergencies and 122 for police.

Best time to visit Georgia

The best time to visit Georgia is during the months of April to June. These months with the onset of spring bring mild temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C, making it an ideal time to explore Georgia's historic sites, vibrant cities, and scenic landscapes. These months offer an optimal blend of favorable weather, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities in Georgia.

Peak Season (Spring and Autumn):
The peak season in Georgia falls during the months of May to June and September to October. During these times, the weather is mild and pleasant, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The wildflowers are in full bloom, hiking trails are open, and the days are long and sunny. Additionally, these months see fewer crowds compared to the summer, allowing you to explore popular attractions without the hustle and bustle.

Shoulder Season:
April and July to August mark the shoulder seasons in Georgia. In April, you can enjoy mild weather and smaller crowds, making it an excellent time to visit if you prefer quieter travel experiences. However, be prepared for occasional rain showers as it's a transition month from winter to spring. July to August brings hot and muggy weather, perfect for swimming at the beach or indulging in outdoor adventures. While temperatures can be high, especially in the capital city of Tbilisi, the Black Sea offers a refreshing escape from the heat.

Off-Season (November to March):
The off-season in Georgia spans from November to March, coinciding with the winter months. During this time, temperatures drop, and snowfall becomes common, particularly in the highland regions. While winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, travelers seeking cultural experiences may find fewer outdoor activities available. However, December offers a festive atmosphere with Christmas markets and winter celebrations, making it an enchanting time to visit for those interested in holiday traditions.

Holidify's opinion on Travel to Georgia

What's Great about Travelling to Georgia?

Caucasus Mountains, wine-making traditions, and warm hospitality.

What's Not So Great about Travelling to Georgia?

Language Barrier, Political Instability, Limited Infrastructure

Who should Travel to Georgia?

Wine Lovers. Nature Enthusiasts. History and Architecture Buffs. Adventure Seekers.

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