12 Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

Cherry trees play an important role in Japanese culture since centuries. But needless to say that the entire world is obsessed with fragrant cherry blossoms that are synonymous to the merry season of spring. Here is our ultimate guide when and where you can catch the mind-blowing sight of the pink and white landscape around the globe.

1. Washington D.C, USA

Washington D.C is popular for its cherry blossom trees that bloom in the springtime and enhances the charm of the American capital. Japan gifted a total of three thousand trees to the USA back in 1912. Most of these trees have found their home along the Tidal Basin area and East Potomac Park. The month-long dazzling Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy and there are cafes, local shops and restaurants to delight visitors.

Washington D.C, 10 Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Mid March to Mid April

2. Paris, France

Go for a walk along the Eiffel Tower and drown yourself in the sea of pink petals. If you want to witness the blooming sakura, head to Parc du Champ de Mars situated between the Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower. But the most Instagrammable are the cherry trees at the corners of the Allee Adrienne Lecouvreur and Avenue Gustave Eiffel. Another popular spot to get a glance of the pink display is the south facade of Notre-Dame de Paris. But it is also one of the busiest locations. Jardin Tino Rossi is an underrated treasure in Paris. This park has a number of cherry trees that fully bloom in the middle of April. A few other known areas are Petit Palais, Square Gabriel Pierne and Jardin des Plantes.

Paris, 10 Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Late March to Mid April

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver greets visitors with approximately forty thousand cherry trees that dominate the region during the spring season. The city comes to life when the cherry blossom festival takes off. There are a number of art events, walking tours and authentic Japanese festivities to celebrate nature’s seasonal display. This auspicious event is not only about admiring the beauty around; it is also about taking the inspiration from them. You can relish the majestic sight of five hundred trees in VanDusen Botanical Garden or head to the Queen Elizabeth Park or Stanley Park.

Vancouver, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: April

4. Bonn, Germany

The picture-perfect Old Town of Bonn is often distinguished by European streets with cherry blossom tunnels. One of the world’s most picturesque blooms is found in Heerstrasse, popularly known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue. Every spring, this region explodes in pink and looks straight out of fairyland. The beginning of the season is marked by the Altstadt festival of cherry blossom. This inviting open-air celebration with live music is a hotspot for food connoisseur.

Bonn, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit:
End of April to Early May

5. Jerte Valley, Spain

In the Jerte Valley of Spain, you will be amazed by the sheer beauty of abundant blooming cherry trees. Around the second fortnight in the month of March, the natural setting is filled with spectacular white that isn’t snow. On the onset of spring, the Extremadura Region looks unique with a magical display. However, the peak flowering period lasts only for around ten days and the sight is an absolute treat. A vibrant festival takes place every year to celebrate the blossoming with food, flea markets and live performances. Is there any better way to bid goodbye to the winters and welcome the new season?

Jerte Valley, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Last two weeks of March or the first two weeks of April

6. Tokyo, Japan

Nothing can beat the magic of Tokyo when it comes to witnessing the blooming sakura. After hitting its peak, the fragile flowers stay for a week and finally fall off. One of the most cherished hanami destinations is the Ueno Park where more than thousands of different cherry trees are planted. Another go-to-spot is Chidorigafuchi Park. The seven hundred metres long walkway and moat is considered the ideal place for viewing the cherry blossom. You can also embark on a boat tour and admire the myriad of pink hues from the water. A traditional event is also organized at the park site that marks the beginning of spring. Some of the other prominent hanami attractions are the Sumida Park, Asukayama Park, Meguro River Bank and Koishikawa Botanical Garden.

Tokyo, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Late March to Early April

7. Kyoto, Japan

The season of cherry blossom, commonly known as Sakura is a magical time of the year. It is definitely on the travel list of every nature lover. For around two weeks, Japan is blanketed with charming sakura flowers. You get to witness these trees in every nook and corner of the country. However, Kyoto is the iconic cherry blossom hub that draws locals as well as tourists around the globe. Feast your eyes at the enchanting display and embrace the sheer magnificence. Sakura flowers are very delicate and they tend to fall off easily. The flowers would be in full bloom only for a week and it could be even less if rainfall is frequent.

Kyoto, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: End of March to Mid April

8. Stockholm, Sweden

You know it is the arrival of spring in Stockholm when the pink cherry blossom light up the city. This is a special time in Sweden and you get to experience a spark of Japanese culture here. You can wander through Kungstradgarden where over sixty korsbarstrad (cherry trees) are planted and forms a pink canopy that leaves visitors awestruck with its beauty. An annual Japanese festival takes place in the grand park with crafts and food stalls set up beneath the trees. It is one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Stockholm and the best part is you can attend the festival free of cost.

Stockholm, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Mid April

9. Amstelveen, The Netherlands

The tranquil park at the Amsterdamse Bos is not usually on the travel itineraries for most of the year. However, during spring this region is filled with pastel white and pink hues and draw travellers from far and near. In the year 2000, around four hundred cherry trees were planted by the Japanese to pay homage to the Tsunami victims. Kersenbloesempark hosts the annual cherry blossom festival, Hanami Matsuri where you can relish scrumptious Japanese delicacies and have fun under the blooming cherry trees. Unfortunately, in 2019, the festival is cancelled but you can still head to the park and see the pink blossoms in bloom.

Amstelveen, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: Early to Mid April

10. Macon, Georgia

Macon, the Cherry Blossom Capital in the world, boasts over three lakhs Yoshino cherry trees. Every spring Macon turns into an amazing pink city and celebrates the cherry blossom festival with themed events and amusement rides. The extravagant display takes place in the Third Street Park and when you explore the walkway dotted with cherry trees you will get the feeling that you are in another world. After sunset, the blossoms look more enchanting and offer immense photographic opportunities. During peak cherry blossom, a leisure stroll through the Wesleyan Woods Neighbourhood is a must. The area looks like a wonderland with breathtaking blooms. Some of the other regions to witness the spring blossoms include Ingleside Avenue, Oxford Circle and the Fickling Farm.

Macon, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: End of March to Early April

11. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is widely popular for its spring blossoms. The season beats the grey winters and invites visitors with its staggeringly beautiful blooms. The pristine Scottish landscapes look fantastic with fluffy pink petals that sparkle in the warm sunshine. The Meadows, a huge public park looks straight out of a postcard during this season. Take a leisurely stroll along the walkway and absorb the majestic sight. There are several benches in the park where you can relax beneath the cherry trees. You can also capture some dreamy photos of these incredible flowers in pink and white hues. Another renowned spot near the Edinburgh Castle is the Princes Street Gardens where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in its peak.

Edinburgh, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: April

12. Curitiba, Brazil

In the 20th century over thousands of Japanese immigrated to Brazil and today the country has the largest Japanese population outside Japan. They brought the seedlings along with them and it is one of the best destinations to experience the bloom. However, the peak blooming time in Brazil is different from the rest of the world. The city of Curitiba is blessed with a gorgeous collection of sakura trees that were planted in the 1990s. The jaw-dropping pink flowers cover the parks and the streets making it a favourite place for the tourists as well as the locals. Some of the best locations to sink in the sakura display are the Praca do Japao and Jardim Botanico. A few other spots are Iguacu Street, Tangua Park and Pasteur Street.

Curitiba, Best Places In The World To See The Spring Blossoms In Its Peak!

When to visit: June and July

Which one is your favourite? Share with us in the comments!

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