From Travel Bubbles to SmartPhone Trackers, 8 Countries that are Easing International Travel in Aisa and How

Many countries around the world are driven by their tourism industries. When Covid-19 hit us, many of us - avid travellers and tourists alike - couldn’t fathom venturing outside our own homes, let alone crossing borders to other countries. But, come June, there is immense positive news around us. More and more countries are opening up borders and preparing for save arrivals and stays for their guests from across borders. The travel industry may have a new normal to meet up to but the old-charm of travelling to different realms can never be left behind.

The few countries around India that are planning to ease their international tourism are:

1. Maldives

The truly tropical nation in the midst of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is ready to welcome tourists from all countries from July onwards. Initially, there was a lot of speculation over stricter rules over international travel and tourism but all of them have been dropped. Maldives, a heavy tourism-dependent economy, welcomes tourists visa-free with no quarantine rules or Covid-19 restrictions. They will be back to operations as they were before the pandemic hit. The only addition is that of safe tourism resort licenses where tourists would have to make a reservation to attain on-visa arrival.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri-Lanka plans to re-open its international tourism only in August. Starting from August 1, tourists can arrive in Sri-Lanka from across the country. They will be offered stays in government-approved hotels that follow strict Covid-19 safety guidelines and they will have to take the test on arrival. Only selected tourist locations will be opened for visitation and public transportation may not be provided. In addition to Covid-19 free certificates, only small groups in limited numbers will be allowed.

3. Seychelles

The group of 115 islands country, Seychelles began a phased opening of international tourism from June 1st. International travellers will have to submit their Covid-19 free certificates before arrival to the Seychelles Health Department and even on arrival - temperature scanning, health check forms and symptomatic checks will be done to ensure the safety of everyone. It is also mentioned that tourists will not be allowed to change their accommodations once booked for the entirety of their trip in Seychelles. For the time being, travellers from only low-risk countries are allowed to enter for tourism.

4. Vietnam

With a partial upliftment of international flight ban on June 1, Vietnam is slowly easing its international tourism. It is currently being discussed that Phu Quoc Island - the largest island in Vietnam - will be ready to welcome international tourists shortly. It is also under discussion that travellers only from low-risk countries would be allowed to arrive in the first phase of easing travel.

5. Bali

Even now, Bali has opened two popular beaches - Canggu and Padang - on June 1st for foreign tourists. Travelling to Bali will require tourists to get tested for Covid-19 and only when the results prove negative, they will be allowed on the island. Tjokorda Oka Arta Ardhana, Deputy Governor of Bali is also of the opinion that “tourism clusters” or also known as travel bubbles might be adopted to open Bali’s tourism industry in a safe and secured manner. 

6. Thailand

Thailand is ready to initiate a travel bubble plan like many other countries for the initial openings of international travel. Though final plans are still being drawn, it is considered that all travellers will be taking tests on arrival and will not have to follow a 14-day quarantine ban. Travellers won’t be free to travel all around Thailand as only certain tourist-friendly locations will be permitted access and there are talks of a smartphone application tracking the travellers as they go about in Thailand, nothing is finalized as of yet.

7. Fiji

Fiji is planning to open its international tourism as soon as it can form a travel bubble with nearby low-risk countries. It is under discussion that Fiji hopes to join the trans-Tasman air bubble with Australia and New Zealand that form 80% of the international tourists arriving at Fiji. The trans-Tasman travel buble will only commence in September wherein countries that are a part of the bubble can travel without the 14-days quarantine ban.

8. UAE

UAE is all set to open its borders soon for stranded citizens and international travellers. In a heartwarming video, Dubai Tourism promises that it will soon be open with smoothly-placed safety guidelines, health-checkups and screening of incoming and outgoing travellers to ensure the country remains risk-free. Etihad Airways, an Abu-Dhabi based airline, commenced international flights to 20 destinations on 10th of June.

What do you think about these different plans adopted by the different countries? Let us know in the comments below!

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