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I personally love watching videos be it on youtube or other sites. Recently I’ve been obsessed with watching travel videos on ‘Vimeo’ and ‘Youtube’, and I thought of sharing some of my favourite ones that would inspire all of you and spark a love for travel in those of you who haven’t experienced it yet.

1. The Ridge:

Danny Macaskill is a crazy guy. I mean in a good way, every extraordinary person in this world is a little crazy don’t you agree? This travel video is of him riding on the Culkin mountains. I was at the edge of my bed almost about to fall off each time I watched him go up and down the steep hills. One of my absolute favourite and a must watch. See it to feel it.

2.Timeless in Ladakh:

This is a timelapse video which shows all its beauty. All of us know that Ladakh is a breathtaking place and I bet most of you want to visit the place but are still a little hesitant. This video is so amazingly een made that it will kind of inspire you to visit Ladakh to experience the mind blowing experiences that lie ahead. The clear blue lakes, the beautiful mountains and the night sky, the trees swaying at the touch of the slightest wind, the blue sky, the mysterious monasteries and all the high mountain passes. So, click on the link below and amaze yourself.

3. Around the world in 360 degrees:

Alex Chacon has taken selfies over 600 days in 36+ countries and this video will leave you astonished. It was voted as the most “Epic selfie” ever by CBS and also won an award for ‘best selfie video of 2014′. It shows all the best parts in countries just with the help of a selfie stick. So, if you’re a selfie lover this video will definately be your favourite and maybe you could pick up some ideas for your next travel log.

4. Where the hell is matt?

Where the hell is Matt is a series of videos that have been posted by Matt Harding on his travels to different places. The last video of this series was shot in 2012 and a trailer for the next one released last year. The videos are called Dancing as Matt is seen dancing in the capitals of different countries. Some of them include: 1.Delhi, India 2. Prague, Czech republic 3. Beijing, China 4. Hanoi, Vietnam etc.

5. Incredible India

This is a video that has been uploaded by ‘The funtasty’ which shows a family’s stay in India. It even gives a few tips to other tourists on how to stay healthy and just  enjoy themselves. The fun of Holi, and visiting the famous monuments are one of their main tips and they even call the auto- rickshaws tuk-tuk. It is a beautiful video sharing the deep culture of India.

6. Go Cuba

Go Cuba is a beautiful travel video by Joshua Morin that is posted on Vimeo. It is the first video that i saw on Vimeo and i absolutely loved it and couldn’t help but mention it. It has such a good vibe as people are seen dancing and enjoying themselves. Some parts of the video are very vintage and a very short view on cigar making as well. It totally inspired me to visit Cuba, I hope you will be moved too.

7. The Longest way 1.0:

Christoph Rehage has been very innovative with this video log. He walked from Beijing to Germany on 9th November, 2007 at 10:00 am. The video begins with him have a clean hairless face and as he travels his beard and hair are seen growing with each day passing. After completing 4646 km he decides to have it all cleaned out before getting home. He gets home on 28th November, 2008 and he looks different than before meaning the travel has changed him and ends it by showing his first picture and asks who is he?

8. Japan Revealed: Culture

Lonely planet has sent three travel bloggers to explore the different cultures of Japan and it a really nice video that’ll give you an insight into Japan’s traditions and culture. Alicia Drewnicki explores Osaka, the busiest financial hub of Japan. Abigail King talks about Tokyo and the natural mineral pigments that artists use to make beautiful paintings and lastly, Kash Bhattacharya travels around Kanazawa which is famous for its ancient history. Watch to know more..

9. The North Face: Alex Honnold- El Sendero Luminoso

Alex Honnold is an amazing free rope boulder climber. Free rope is the most difficult climbing, a slight slip of the hand can lead to one’s death. On January 15th, 2014 Alex Honnold climbed the 2,500 ft El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico in approximately 3 hours. A breathtaking video uploaded by the North Face showing the mountain and the unbelieveable height that Alex climbed.

10. Time is Nothing: Around the world in 343 days

Kien Lam’s time lapse of all the wonders around 17 countries like Petra in Jordan, El Tatio in Chile, Machu Picchu in Peru, Mt. Sinai in Egypt and also other places that have some significance attached to it. A wonderful experience everyone will want to have once you watch this video. This video has about 3,935,402 views and still counting on youtube, so go ahead and be ready to be inspired.

11. Base Jumping

Ever wanted to experience how it is to fly? It takes a lot of guts to jump off a cliff trusting you suit completely. Brandon Mikesell was a kid who had trouble coping up with studies but when it comes to living he loves to jump off a cliff just to feel alive. If you are different know that you are not alone, different is what makes you great. Watch him fly over the plains and feel a little bit of the electrifying adrenaline rush he is feeling.



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