9 Places That Have The Most Beautiful Sunsets of India

It is that wonderful time when the day and night straddle each other playfully. As the light fades gradually, you can almost hear darkness lapping gently against the visibly serrated edges of the day. With nothing else but a deeply comforting silence to keep you company, you can spend hours gazing at the near-perfect endings to the day, if you love to spend your time doing just that. Surely, if you are a loner and you like gazing at the circular disc bidding goodbye for the night, you have arrived at the most opportune place, for we bring to you a list of such ‘straight-out-of-a-book‘ places where, and I vouch for it, you’d spend some of the most vivid and ecstatic time of your life.

1) Sunset Point, Kanyakumari

The nearly obscured sun (Source)

The nearly obscured sun (Source)

If you haven’t already guessed why exactly is this place on top of this list, then you, my dear friend, are not a bona fide traveller. Located at the extreme tip of peninsular India,the colossal statues of Swami Vivekananda and the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar grace this place and give it a cosmopolitan hue.

The fact that Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea commingle at this place provides a distinct aura to this point. With seemingly endless expanse of azure-blue water spread out in front of you, which takes on the color of attar of roses at dusk, you are sure to be mesmerized by the striking beauty of the phenomena.

2) Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

No wonder this place is regarded as one of the best to follow the trail of the setting sun. The White Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh which remains flooded during the monsoons. An endless expanse of white flakes of sand as far as the eye is capable of taking in, the entire landscape is bathed in a deep-crimson hue at dusk.

Visitors to this place vouch for the indelible impact this not-so-mundane phenomena left on their memories and psyche.

3) Sunset Point, Agumbe (Karnataka)

Setting sun at Agumbe (Source)

Setting sun at Agumbe (Source)

Dubbed as the Cherapunji of the South, this small village is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. As the village is located atop one of the highest peaks of western ghat range, this point offers a nonpareil vantage point to the visitors to witness the sun setting over the turbulent waters of the Arabian Sea.

Another sui generis offering of this place is its innumerable gushing waterfalls, which also happen to be the highest in the region.

4) Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island (Andaman)

The mother of all phenomenon (Source)

The mother of all phenomenon (Source)

Known as the best beach in Asia along with the Vijaynagar beach, this beach is situated at the western end of the famous Havelock Island. Soak yourself in the immaculate and pristine beauty of the beaches, coupled with the daunting presence of coral reefs skirting off the edges of the sparkling white sand. The greenish blue tinge of the oceanic water at this place serves to allay the senses.

The skyline seems intent upon consummating its union with the ocean, and Behold! What amazing scenes are played out in front of the naked eyes when the sun heads towards the supposed meeting place of the two. It is almost like a phantasmagoria, folks.

5) Allepey Beach, Kerala

The receding golden halo (Source)

The receding golden halo (Source)

In the God’s own country, there are experiences galore. One such enervating experience is witnessing the sunset at Allepey beach. As dusk approaches, the dark blue waters assume a multitude of colors, depending upon the saturation of clouds in the sky. It may well be that the water may change color so often that you may find it difficult to keep pace with it.

What makes the soul-satiating sunset at this place more enriching are the remains of a decrepit bridge having trailed off into the waters of the Arabian Sea. Tearing your eyes off the entire scenery bathed in varying shades of gold may become difficult for you at times, mark my words.

6) Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kahmir

The valley of flowers (Source)

The valley of flowers (Source)

The sweet and inviting fragrance from the multiple fruit orchards nestled in the embrcae of the valley hangs thick in the air, here at the northernmost part of Kashmir. Gar firdaus baroo-e-zaminast, aminasto aminasto haminast! Ingratiatingly soothing snow-capped peaks which are covered with delightful wild roses in summer and with equally mesmerizing lavenders once the rains have subsided. Get hold of a mug of local butter tea before you head towards one of those peaks for your adventure. And if you do not shy away from knocking down some alcohol,a glass of local chang would do.

7) The Ghats, Varanasi

Sun setting on the ganges (Source)

Sun setting on the ganges (Source)

Both sunrise and sunset are phenomenon to be reckoned with,besides other things in the temple town. You can sit for hours at the ghats gazing at the sun going down below the waters of the holy Ganges. If you’re lucky enough and the sand at the other side of the ghats has thickened enough (which is how things are for a major part of the year), you can hitch a boat ride to the opposite side and allow yourself to be bewitched by the sheer plausibility of the phenomenon. Head towards Assi or Dashashwamedh ghat in the evening if you enjoy the company of people while taking in the bewitching phenomena.

8) Sunset Point Mount Abu, Rajasthan

I can clearly envision the euphoria the prospect of visiting Mount Abu induces in the minds of prospective travelers. And to witness the sunset from one of the peaks of Aravalli range is an altogether different experience, bordering on the other side of the mundane. Located at the south end of Nakki lake, you need only visit this place once to fall in love with it. If you haven’t managed to fall in love with this exquisite creation already.

9) Sunset at Brahmaputra River, Dibrugarh

A sunset which is as inspiring as it is beautiful. With its unique blend of luscious red and crimson yellow colors bursting forth in the sky at dusk, and the dark grey clouds providing seamless company, the scene is acutely ecstatic. The water of River Brahmaputra plays its part by shining like a sea of blessed crystals. It can not get better than this.

While the southern region of India is more famous for its dazzling blue and orange sunsets along the coasts, the north amazes the visitors by presenting before them richly spectacular shades of yellow and purple sunsets.



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