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India is known for its rich cultural heritage and the following mesmerizing valleys in India are a means of pride and identity. The valleys in India plunge thousands of feet and are arguably the most spectacular in the world. Get ready to have your minds blown away.

Here is the list of 17 Beautiful Valleys in India

1. Kashmir Valley

Located snugly between the Karakoram and the Pir Panjal Range, Kashmir Valley is well known for its scenic landscape, where the blue sky reflects the calm sapphire of the lakes and flowers just cannot resist blooming in their full glory. It is no wonder then that this beautiful Valley was so well featured by the old Bollywood movies, so much so that the mere thought of Shammi Kapoor romancing a lead lady immediately transports your imagination to rose gardens and shikaras. One of the greatest attraction of this valley in India is the Dal Lake located in Srinagar. Endless lines of magnificent houseboats peacefully bobbing on the water display such elegance and opulence that one would not be able to let the opportunity of a night stay go easily.

2. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

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One of the most beautiful valleys of Nagaland is the Dzukou Valley that lies on the border of Manipur and Nagaland. The entire valley is surrounded by Bamboo trees and is just beautiful to look at. The Dzukou valley is dumped with snow in winter and in summer it gives light and way for beautiful flowers to bloom and carpet the whole valley giving it an almost breathtaking view. There are two main rivers in this valley which is the Dzukou river and the Japfu river. The valley along with its beautiful meadow of flowers is known as the 'Valley of Flowers of the North East' and is loved by all people whether you are a nature lover or not.

3. Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Parvati valley is situated in Kullu Manali stretching from Bhuntar all the way to Spiti. There are just so many places that can be visited and serve as the main attractions for this valley in India. The serpent-shaped waterfall called Rudra-Nag, the evergreen pine forests of Khirganga said to be the meditation place of Lord Shiva, and most importantly 'The Pin Valley National Park', which is famous for its population of the snow leopard. Rock climbing and trekking are famous sports that are encouraged in this valley but fishing requires permission from the Forest department. During Summer, the Parvati Valley is perfect for camping. The best time to visit the Parvati Valley would be March-May.

4. Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh - The Largest Valley in India

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Kangra Valley is a beautiful valley situated in the Himachal Pradesh covered with beautiful pine tree forests, orchards and streams flowing the perennial snowy mountains that help to irrigate the valley. The valley faces winter from October to March so the best time to visit the beautiful place is during March ending and April when the summer sun begins to shine displaying the beautiful scenery of the Kangra Valley. The highest peak in the valley at Dhauladhar range with a height of 15,956 ft.
The valley is also home to the famous Kangra Fort and Masroor Rock cut temple which is also known as 'The Himalayan Mountains' and is a World Heritage site as declared by UNESCO.

Best Time: September to June

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5. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Known For : Chandratal Lake Key Monastery Kunzum Pass

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The Valley of Spiti located in between the most mysterious and beautiful region of Ladakh and Tibet. The best time to visit the Spiti Valley is from the month of May to October. The tall mountain ranges obviously are a part of the Great Himalayas. This valley in India is famous for its snow-clad mountains, beautifully constructed monasteries, beautiful lakes, treks and not to forget the glaciers.
The people in Spiti usually follow Buddhism and the place is also known as the 'Land of the Lamas', Lamas as in Buddhist monks. The region depends more on the snowfall than rainfall as a source of water for irrigation and other purposes. Spiti valley has almost the same vegetation and climate as Tibet and hence given the name 'Little Tibet'. The valley of Spiti is home to many animals especially the Himalayan fox, the Himalayan Tahr, snow leopards, musk deer etc and is considered personal heaven to all the Wildlife photographers. Spiti valley is loved by tourists as it not only has beautiful scenery but also supports many activities such as motorbiking and trekking. There is also Jeep safari and the best of it all Yak ride.

Best Time: Mid May to Mid Oct

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6. Sutlej Valley

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The Sutlej Valley gets its name from the famous Sutlej river. This valley is surrounded by rocky hills and snow capped mountains and mainly receives water from the Sutlej river for irrigation and other purposes. Sutlej is also home to one of India's largest Bird Sanctuary is known as the Harike Bird Sanctuary. The main birds it gives shelter to are: the yellow eyes pigeon, Tufted Duck, Yellow Clowned Woodpecker, Water cock etc. Other animals seen in this valley in India are the smooth Indian otter, Jungle Cat, Wild boar etc. Tourists love to take a walk here and if I know any better and according to the reviews I've read it is heavenly. The region is said to be peaceful and quiet giving you the opportunity to connect with Nature. The trekking through the mountains, villages, forests is also one that you will never forget.

Best Time: March to September

7. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

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As the name suggests I guess all of you would know that this valley is home to some rare and beautiful flowers that will probably make your eyes pop out of your sockets. The beautiful Valley of flowers is located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. It was first discovered by Frank. S. Smith, an English mountaineer. This valley is also one of the few places that breed rare animals like the blue sheep, the Himalayan brown bear, snow leopard. The valley also gives birth to almost 300 different species of wild flowers like the Himalayan blue Poppy, Dianthus, Calendula etc. The beautiful flowers naturally start blooming as soon as the snow starts melting during the month of July and August. The best part of the whole visit to this Valley is when you wake up in the morning feel the warmth of the sun slowly touch your skin and as you look out to see the view that will leave you in awe and breathless as all the flowers bloom and face the sun as if taking a kiss from it.

Best Time: May to October

8. Yumthang, North Sikkim

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Situated in North Sikkim almost near the Tibetan border is the Yumthang Valley. This Indian valley faces warm summer during the month of February-June when the sky is clear, the grass is green and covered with all types of wild flowers. If you are observant enough you will even see hot water springs which are believed to have supernatural powers to cure. But if you are more of a winter person I would suggest you visit the place in the month of November and December when the cool wind blows on your face as you sit out with a cup of hot tea and see the amazing snow capped Himalayan mountains and dark skies. That line just sent chills up my spine:)

9. Chambal Valley

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Named after the famous Chambal river which flows through Uttar Pradesh into the yamuna, the Chambal Valley is a beautiful valley in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Though known mainly for the dacoits in the area, the valley also has other things that make it attractive to the human eye. The beauty and grace of the valley of Chambal is something that cannot be denied no matter what the reputation. As compared to other valleys in the Himalayan region, the mountains in the Chambal Valley are covered with green evergreen forests instead of white snow-capped mountains. There are lots of flora and fauna and also many historical symbols and architecture worth visiting. Trust me you would not be wasting your time. It's totally worth it.

Best Time: November to March

10. Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad

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Silent valley is located in the Nilgiri hills of Kerala and is well known for its Silent Valley National park. This valley is also known as ?Evergreen Natural Forests In India?. Silent valley is a home to rare plants, animals, endangered animals, birds etc. So it's basically a breathtakingly beautiful valley that is covered with luscious green forests and supports many kinds of wonderful flora and fauna. There is no doubt that if you ever visit Kerala, this place has to be on your list of places to visit so you can go home with a peaceful mind and not forgetting memories of a lifetime.

11. Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

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Nubra Valley is located almost 150 km away from Leh district. The valley is formed where the Shyok river (tributary of the Indus river) meets the Nubra river. The way to get to this valley is really tough, travelling through the mountains and passing the Khardungla pass. The valley is mainly famous for its beautifully shaped sand dunes, Bactrian camel rides and not to forget the night sky in the night is just a mesmerizing view that will leave you astounded, it feels like if you reach out your hand a little more you will be able to touch the stars. The best time to visit would be May-July when there is a little sun and pleasant weather.

Best Time: June to September

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12. Zanskar Valley, Ladakh

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Zanskar valley is a beautiful valley with the amazing Zanskar river flowing down from the mountain tops making its way to the land naturally watering the rose bushes. The valley is said to be so beautiful that one visit will leave you in complete awe and dazed for weeks. God, I already have a feeling that this is the place I wanna go. The beauty of this valley can only be described in pictures and is astounding to the naked human eye, No words could be enough to describe its beauty. The valley is located in Ladakh and is another one of those gifts of Nature to us humans to cherish and feel at peace, lifting our hearts and making our soul light so as to just help us break from the chains of worries, sadness, anxiety etc. If you are a river rafting lover then you should visit the place during Summer and if you are an adventurous trekker then January and February when the snow takes over the mountain is when you should be out there doing your thing. This trek is also known as the Chadar Trek.

13. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Located 114 km away from the Vishakapatnam district is the Araku valley which is famous for its beautiful landscape covered with green forests and coffee plantations. This valley is surrounded by araku and borra caves which is also tourist attracting. The valley also has other attractions like beautiful high waterfalls sparkling in the sun, tribal villages and people if you are interested in learning about their history. Most importantly a tribal museum that showcases all the tribal handicrafts. If you really want to visit this valley the best time would be October ? February as you see all the greenery and can walk through the fresh plantations.

14. Ketti Valley, Coonoor

Located in the beautiful hills extending from Coonoor to Ooty in Tamil Nadu is the beautiful Ketti Valley. The best way to visit this beautiful valley, that is if you want to really feel its beauty is to take the toy train which is like a 20-25 minute ride. If you are a lover of culture and have an interest in learning the culture of Tamil Nadu, then a visit to Ketti Valley has to be on your To-Do list. The Ketti Valley is also famous for bird watching and especially trekking. Being the second largest gorge in the world, the Ketti Valley is a natural beauty surrounded by the beautiful blue mountains( Nilgiri hills). Don't forget to visit the famous Shiva Lingam temple, the tea gardens and also to mention the amazing waterfalls in the area.

15. Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

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This valley is named after the famous Dibang river in Arunachal Pradesh that begins in the mountains and flows throughout the valley. The valley is filled with mountains, evergreen valleys, beautiful high waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams. The Dibang valley has two parts: The upper valley doesn't have much to offer while the lower part is the main attraction of the valley. It attracts people from all over the world be it nature lovers, wildlife photographers etc. The Dibang valley of Arunachal Pradesh is home to the rare wildlife species such as the flying squirrels, hornbill, red goral etc. Arunachal Pradesh being in the extreme right part of India has very little population giving you the chance to experience natural beauty without a lot of noise from the people or fear of the hustling and bustling of the city.

Best Time: November to March

16. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Known For : River Crossing Serlosar Lake

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The land of untouched and mystifying beauty, Tirthan Valley is a destination with a plethora of delights. Lying nearly 3 km from the entrance of Great Himalayan National Park, this place is abundant in adventurous activities and a paradise for nature lovers. '

Best Time: Mar to June, October to November

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17. Neora Valley National Park, Kalimpong

3.2 /5

Established in 1986, Neora Valley National Park finds itself in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. Spreading over an area of 88 sq km, it is one of the richest biological zones in eastern India. It gets its name from the river Neora that flows through it. Due to the luxurious growth of forest cover, many areas in the park are still inaccessible. This untouched destination becomes an adventurous place for nature lovers and trekkers who wish to explore its wilderness.

Which of these valleys in India has taken your breath away? Let us know in the comments below!

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