Top Travel & Lifestyle Based Influencers

Top Travel & Lifestyle Based Influencers

Here is the list of 31 Top Travel & Lifestyle Based Influencers

1. Gayathri Sharma - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 Winner

I'm Gayathri Sharma, travel enthusiast and adventure lover from India. I'm FreeLancer and Travel blogger by profession. I love to write on Indian tradition, culture and fascinated by Indian temples. I'm an Indian woman travelling on weekends with my family and Planning everything from Hyderabad (Hi-Tex) as inspired by these words ?THE WORLD IS A BOOK AND THOSE WHO DO NOT TRAVEL READ ONLY ONE PAGE.?

Blog - yatrasblog

Instagram - @yatrasblog

Facebook -

2. Veidehi Gite - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 1st Runner Up

Krazy Butterfly is an Award Winning Luxury Travel Blog featuring experiential travel, stay, and cuisine escapades, from across the world. Also, on your way to exploring new destinations, learn how to live, stay, and eat like a local.

Blog - krazybutterfly

Instagram - thekrazybutterfly

Facebook -

3. Siddhartha Joshi - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 2nd Runner Up

The Wanderer is a blog to inspire people to travel and break barriers which separate us.

Blog - sid-thewanderer

Instagram - @siddharthajoshi

Facebook -

4. Mohd. Isa Khan

I'm a mountaineering and Trekker. I love documenting Himalayas through my pictures and writing.

Blog - khanaroundtheworld

Instagram - @Khan.isa

Facebook -

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5. Sahil Singh is my travelogue through which I aim to inspire people with my tales of wanderlust. I truly believe there's a ?Ghoomakad? or a wanderer inside everyone. Just set out on a journey and enjoy one of the most diverse country on this planet i.e. India. is a platform where I share my unforgettable travel experiences from breathtaking destinations across India. Choose to travel with your closed ones or simply head out on a solo trip for an extraordinary experience. Also, I urge people to travel responsibly, do not litter and ruin the natural beauty of the places you visit.

Blog - ghoomakad

Instagram - @_sahil18

Facebook -

6. Kalyan Panja

Travtasy is a travel and lifestyle blog that arises from the desire to share my passion for travel, photography, food, and gadgets and to help readers make an informed choice.

Blog - travtasy

Instagram - @travtasy

Facebook -

7. Svetlana Baghawan

Join us as we experience the world and create beautiful photo stories, travel tips, and collect recipes from all over the world.

Blog - maverickbird

Instagram - @maverickbirds

Facebook -

8. Mohit Agarwal

JauntingJourneys- Ek Safarnama is not just a blog but a window for all those who wish to explore but in a different style. Outside this is lots of travel that at times gets spooky and other times ends up at some of the luxurious properties without burning a hole in the pocket. It is about my jaunts filled with crazy stuff and how events unfolded and shows some of the most exquisite places to stay.

Blog - Jauntingjourneys

Instagram - @jauntingjourneys

Facebook - JauntingJourneys

9. Charvi Shah

Love With Travel is a travel and lifestyle blog with an aim to inspire more people and followers to travel and explore hidden places. We aim to inspire couple to travel on their own.

Blog - lovewithtravel

Instagram - @ lovewithtravel

Facebook -

10. Divya Prasad Iyer

A soulful life collective of tales, folklores, mountains, culture, indigenous tribes, art, adventures, spirituality, healing, and transformational travel experiences. My sacred space to share and weave stories on the life experiences that move my soul. A creative expression of my being, it's an exploration of my inner cosmos through life journeys that inspire, connect, root, transform and travel deep into my heart.

Blog - obsessivecompulsivetraveller

Instagram - @obsessivecompulsivetraveller

Facebook -

11. Ashwini Neetan

Hopping Miles is a couple/family travel blog, inspiring and guiding travelers to fuel their wanderlust through our detailed and helpful travel posts. Just peep through our blog and you too can hop miles with us!

Blog - hoppingmiles

Instagram - @hopping_miles

Facebook -

12. Arvind Passey

What readers will find in my posts is creative expressions, relevant photographs, appropriate and witty drawings and sketches... and even poetry sometimes. Posts on travel, technology, books, blogging, writing, politics, lifestyle, food & drinks, art and more...

Blog - passey

Instagram - @arvindpassey

Facebook -

13. Indrani Ghose

I am an ex-Indian Air Force employee now an avid traveler with a penchant for photography and road trips. Together as a familyeverything we have FreeLancer several road trips across Europe and Southeast Asia. As a travellertravelling I believe in interacting with locals, understand their culture and beliefs. And most important I believe in getting my garbage back with me.

Blog - isharethese

Instagram - @indranipics

Facebook -

14. Devesh Joshi

FootlooseDev is all about travelling as a lifestyle. It talks about places to see, experiences to try, general travel tips, how to start a blog & become a travel influencer -- all while keeping solo travelling in focus.

Blog - footloosedev

Instagram - @footloosedev

Facebook -

15. Radhika Bose

My blog is a mixture of fitness and travel

Blog - yogasini

Instagram - @yogasini

Facebook -

16. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay

Like the sky chases the sun and stars, like gravity chases every particle on the earth, we chase the beautiful, luminous Moon on our travels. Our blog is an attempt to document our journeys reviewing stays and experiences and sharing them with our followers.

Blog - themoonchasers

Instagram - @dmoonchazers

Facebook -

17. Manjulika Pramod

It's my breathing space. It is a collection of my most fabulous and dreamy experiences. My blog is my true voice.

Blog - manjulikapramod

Instagram - @m.pendown

18. Nisha Jha & Vasudevan R

Our blog on on experiential stories of our travels covering 43+ countries, mainly on culture, lifestyle, itineraries, unusual attractions. One of the top blogs, it has won many international laurels. Our idea of travel is ?counting number of memories, not places?.

Blog - lemonicks

Instagram - @jha_nisha

Facebook -

19. Lakshmi Sharath

Where travel and stories meet

Blog - lakshmisharath

Instagram - @lakshmisharath

Facebook -

20. Rangan Datta

A travel blog exploring off beat places and experiences

Blog - rangandatta

Instagram - @rangan_datta

Facebook -

21. Maneesh Srivastva

We love sharing moments of joys and capture them, thus creating memories of how each thing, makes our life beautiful. To ensure that it reaches out to people easily, we created ? A luxury Lifestyle Blog that caters to Travel, Food, wine & alcohol, Gadgets, Health & Wellness and Automotive.

Blog - urbanescapades

Instagram - @theurbanescapades

Facebook -

22. Anindya Sundar Basu

Pikturenama is a travel and food blog which focuses on offbeat travel stories and gastronomic explorations interwoven or separately through breathtaking pictures. Recipient of many awards since the 1st year of inception, the constant thrive is to create evergreen content consistently

Blog - pikturenama

Instagram - @pikturenama

Facebook -

23. Mayuri Patel

My blog is about solo female travel and how you can travel with full time job.It is all about balancing job,family and travel.I share my travel experiences and stories on my blog With destination guide,vegeterian food and snapshots of travel.I wish to travel as many places as I can and want to experience different cultures,local food and meeting new people on the way.

Blog - fernwehrahee

Instagram - @fernwehrahee

Facebook -

24. Oindrila De

Oindrila Goes Footloose' is an expression of the unspeakable joys of a solo girl traveler as she explores India and the world. The blog features destinations, unique activities, local cuisines, and a lot more about little-known places.

Blog - oindrilade

Instagram - @OindrilaDe

Facebook -

25. Kaynat Kazi

India's first solo female traveller, who have travelled 1 Lac Kms in just 3 years

Blog - rahagiri

Instagram - @kaynatkazi

Facebook -

26. Nivedith Gajapathy

This is G.Nivedith a.k.a #MacroTraveller, A Leading Luxury Travel Writer and Blogger from India, A Blogger by Choice for Since 2008! Travel Writer and Lifestyle Blogger and social media influencer who has travelled to 22 countries and 19 States in India and counting and have stayed and reviewed 800+ hotels across the globe. A Social Media Maverick & Digital Marketing Entrepreneur by profession.Ranked top 100 Social media influencers in India. Have been a Guest Editor for Lonely Planet Magazine India, FEMINA and have articles published on leading travel magazines and media publications such as TOI, Economic Times, Quint, Hindu, NDTV,Deccan Herald,Yahoo etc.

Blog - Macrotraveller

Instagram - @nivedithg

Facebook -

27. Suprio Bose Travels

A comprehensive collection of lesser known beautiful places through my camera lens.

Blog- supriobosetravels

Instagram - @supriobosetravels

Facebook -

28. Rishabh & Nirali Shah

Gypsycouple talks about our experiences travelling the world as a couple of two very different people. It talks about luxury and adventure, beaches and mountains, fashion, vegetarian food and other lifestyle choices we make while on the go.

Blog - Gypsycouple

Instagram -

Facebook -

29. Poorna Banerjee

Presented by P focusses on travelling, eating, exploring new things, and basically cruising through life, one new place at a time.

Blog - Presented by P

Instagram -

Facebook -

30. Swati & Sam

'The Tales of a Traveler' is one of the top luxury travel blogs in India focused on providing useful travel tips, inspiration, and reviews of luxury resorts. You can also check some of our work here. We were nominated as one of the top 5 luxury travel blogs by Flight Centre UK and have worked with Expedia, and Lonely Planet India. 

Blog - Thetalesofatraveller

Instagram -

Facebook -

31. Hrish Thota

Hrish Thota, his wife Sunitha and their 5 year old Son Reyansh are one of the top family travel bloggers in India having traveled to more than 7 countries and blog about how families should travel, what activities they should do and what they should eat. Hrish is one of the earliest Travel bloggers since last 10 years and more.

Blog - Dhempe

Instagram -

Facebook -

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