Top Solo Woman Travel Influencers in India

Top Solo Woman Travel Influencers in India

Here is the list of 13 Top Solo Woman Travel Influencers in India

1. Veidehi Gite - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 Winner

Krazy Butterfly is an Award Winning Luxury Travel Blog featuring experiential travel, stay, and cuisine escapades, from across the world. Also, on your way to exploring new destinations, learn how to live, stay, and eat like a local.

Blog - krazybutterfly

Instagram - thekrazybutterfly

Facebook -

2. Kamya Buch - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 1st Runner Up

I've been travelling the world on my own for 3 years now, and Instagram has been one of the main ways I've shared this with people since 2017. I focus on unexplored places, sharing the ups and downs of my life with people to experience my life through me, and in the process educate and spread awareness about everything from solo travel safety, environmental sustainability, drug education, relationships, and spirituality. My blog is more of an experience than an aesthetic - it's more of a journey than a combination of words. And you could call me travel and lifestyle, but really the aim is to make people shed their fear and know that they can explore every possibility in life.

Blog - wanderingkamya

Instagram - @wanderingkamya

Facebook -

3. Soumya Nambiar - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 2nd Runner Up

Travel, Books and Food is a travel blog focusing on Indian travel (specifically visa travel), vegetarian food and solo female travel around the world.

Blog - travelbooksfood

Instagram - @soumna_travelbooksfood

Facebook -

4. Namita Kulkarni

Travel & Yoga blog of an Indian Yoga teacher. Both Yoga and travel require a willingness to fall flat on one's face and both overlap in so many other ways as I've discovered. Through this blog, I share the ways in which both overlap and complement each other, and how Yoga can be your best travel mate.

Blog - radicallyeverafter

Instagram - @namita_nefarious

Facebook -

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5. Shoma Abhyankar

Travel stories from across India of heritage culture architecture and the incredible astonishing India that I proudly call my home.

Blog - astonishingindia

Instagram - @shomaabhyankar

Facebook -

6. Kaynat Kazi

India's first solo female traveller, who have travelled 1 Lac Kms in just 3 years

Blog - rahagiri

Instagram - @kaynatkazi

Facebook -

7. Mariellen Ward

Award-winning Breathedreamgo was founded in 2009 by Canadian travel writer Mariellen Ward, inspired by her extensive solo travels in India. The site focuses on destinations in India, transformational travel, responsible travel, and encouraging solo female travel.

Blog - breathedreamgo

Instagram - @breathedreamgo

Facebook -

8. Jyotsna Ramani

Solo female adventure travel blog bringing out the essence of offbeat destinations

Blog - WanderWithJo

Instagram - @WanderWithJo

Facebook -

9. Sharanya Iyer

Truly Nomadly is a solo female adventure and travel blog with a special focus on offbeat experiences and places. Think Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mizoram and Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh? Those are some of the highlights of the travels documented on the blog in 2018.

Blog - trulynomadly

Instagram - @trulynomadly

Facebook -

10. Mayuri Patel

My blog is about solo female travel and how you can travel with full time job.It is all about balancing job,family and travel.I share my travel experiences and stories on my blog With destination guide, vegetarian food and snapshots of travel.I wish to travel as many places as I can and want to experience different cultures,local food and meeting new people on the way.

Blog - fernwehrahee

Instagram - @fernwehrahee

Facebook -

11. Oindrila De

Oindrila Goes Footloose' is an expression of the unspeakable joys of a solo girl traveler as she explores India and the world. The blog features destinations, unique activities, local cuisines, and a lot more about little-known places.

Blog - oindrilade

Instagram - @OindrilaDe

Facebook -

12. Bidisha Banik

Travel blog of an introvert who toggles between a serious case of wanderlust and a yearning to be home all at the same time.

Blog - bidishabanik

Instagram - @resfeber_18

Facebook -

13. Suman Doogar

I was searching for destinations unknown, following fairy tales & folklores. Its when the hills happened, desert followed and yonder there was the lush green forests beyond whichIi heard the lullaby of waves ? and I followed. It has been an inspiring journey ? enlightening & refreshing. Between my regular job as a Psychology teacher in school, I manage to sneak out with my pair of Nomadic Shoes, to a class room much larger than I have ever been to. I write about Culture, Architecture, Tribes and Lesser known destinations in India.

Blog - nomadicshoes

Instagram - @nomadicshoes

Facebook -

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