Best Places To Propose Your Girlfriend In India!

Best Places To Propose Your Girlfriend In India!

You have the mastered the recital of her favourite lines from the books she reads, you have been keeping that ring in your back pocket for a long time. You’re more than ready for it but your sweaty palms and turning stomach would just not cooperate. Proposing to the woman of your dreams like the way she deserves it may be a little tricky (Okay, maybe more than just a ‘little’), but we’re here to help you through it. We cannot hold a teleprompter for you in case you forget your lines, but we can surely suggest some mesmerizing locations in the country to pop to question.


Here is the list of 10 Best Places To Propose Your Girlfriend In India!

1. Proposal In The Air: Hot Air Balloon Proposal in Lonavla


38 photos

Known For : Tiger's Leap | Bushi Dam | Lonavala Lake

We all romanticize Hot Air Balloons. Movies like Casanova have set our romance expectations a little above in the skies. Taking your lady for a hot-air balloon ride over Lonavla hill station in Maharashtra, you can feel the flare of the legendary Lothario to set you both in the mood as you literally fly above all with your sweetheart. The plus point is that since the lady is stuck with you in your romantic ride for some time, there’s no evading the question.

Best Time : Throughout the year

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2. Himachal Pradesh, In the open arms of the Himalayas

If you both are sworn adrenaline junkies then here’s something for you. Adventures sure get our hearts pumping and being with someone we love throughout is a total delight! The crisp air of the Himalayas and the aura of the snow clad mountains are far from the usual and utterly perfect to drop the M-bomb.

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3. Goa, The Beachy Paradise Proposal


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Known For : Calangute Beach | Water Sports in Goa | Cruise in Goa

There’s something about the aura of Goa that has a whole new level of romantic appeal. The hippie vibes that the ambience of Goa showers upon makes one let loose and live in the moment. The endearing beaches and the contrarily crazy nightlife strike a perfect balance of yin and yang. Let the aura be your advantage, rent a yacht if you wish to and enjoy the saccharine isolation. When the horizon changes its colour to that of the roses, watch your lovely lady flush pink as you pop the question. Although its Goa not France but La Vie En Rose would be a perfect background track, isn’t it?

Best Time : October to March

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4. Kohima Camp, Nagaland

If surf and sand is not your perfect proposal scene, how about a wondrous encounter with nature’s lush greens? Kohima Camp in Nagaland comes fully decked to make your dreams come true. It’s not just an ordinary one just like your lady. It is furnished with luxury tents, a butler service and they also provide private moonlight dinners. Take your hint when the sky turns drearier and ask for her hand to turn your love into the bond of holy matrimony.

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5. Thar Desert, The Celestial Proposal at Thar

It’s hard to say no to you, and your lady basks in the light of the stars and the unworldly Thar Desert envelopes you both in its charm and enigma. Unlike the smoggy city skylines, at Thar, the stars are visible in abundance like a bottled up galaxy. You’ll be a lot more courageous when the desert dunes and the magnificence of the stars witness your marriage proposal as they wrap you and your lover into becoming tranquillity.

6. Grand Proposal at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

If you desire to propose to the queen of your heart just like a real one, then one can never go wrong with Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Regal suites situated in the midst of architectural flamboyance would add the right amount of grandiosity to your proposal.

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7. In the middle of Dal Lake


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Bollywood actors break into a song over here for all the right reasons. Kashmir has earned the sobriquet of the jewel of India, but this beauty is the jewel of Kashmir. The setting is ethereal and completely basked in romance. Take her for a Shikara ride and surprise her with a ring amidst the clear waters and furry clouds, you too can break into a song if you desire and the hysterical ‘yes’ would be quite a story for your grandkids.

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8. The Scuba Diving Proposal in Andaman


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Known For : Saddle Peak National Park | Scuba Diving In Andaman | Havelock Island | Snorkeling in Andamans

If your girlfriend has the love for extraordinary experiences and the offbeat, then she would love a proposal while scuba diving in the cerulean waters of Andaman. While you both discover the often unexplored kingdom that lies underwater amongst the multihued fishes and comely corals, express your desire by showing her a ring. You cannot ruin it by stammering and stuttering as you can only speak in signs and signals underwater. Win-Win!

Best Time : October to Jun

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9. Proposal in front of the greatest symbol of love –The Taj Mahal


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The Taj Mahal breathes out the air of romance into Agra. If she’s a Bollywood Buff, then she’ll totally be digging it. The majestic Taj Mahal proposal can never go out of fashion or even cliché. As you and your ladylove take a stroll to explore the marbled serenity in all its might, kneel down to ask her the question of a lifetime. You cannot build something as mighty as the Taj for her, but the greatest symbol of love to ever exist can surely set the tone for your proposal.

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10. A proposal at Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan


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Known For : Ranthambhore Fort | Kacheeda Valley

This is the same place where Katy Perry and Russell Brand tied the knot. This sumptuous wonder is a plush property that could be the first step for you both to start a new life together. Its canopied tents, lavish outdoor pool and custom made packages can make your proposal a perfect one. Pop a champagne bottle and perform the classic ‘ring in the champagne glass’ proposal if you think she’d like it and watch her swoon in front of your very eyes. One cannot simply say ‘no’ to such a regal setting.

Best Time : October to Apr

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These locations are not only ideal places to propose in India but also perfect for a romantic date.
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