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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best time: Sep-May (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Shillong (Check Flights)

State rank: 5 out of 8 Places To Visit In Meghalaya

"Meghalaya's dew drop"

Cherrapunjee Tourism

Among the wettest place on the Earth, Cherrapunjee with its clean and pristine surroundings is an excellent place to sit back and unwind.

With a unique climate gifted to the area, its untouched beauty and an environment similar to the freshest dew drops, Cherrapunjee is sure to refresh you inside out. The waterfalls in the area only compliment the climate and the flattering pleasant air around. These include the Dain Thelen falls, Noh Sngithiang falls, Noh Kalikai falls and more. This rainy misty place is also famous for astounding tourists with the lavish spread of the Bangladesh plains from it's cliffs.

Top Things To Do In Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunjee Tour Packages

Delights of Shillong & Cherrapunjee | 4 Days 3 Nights

3 Nights

Staring from Rs. 8,952

Delights of Shillong, Cherapunjee & 2 places | 4 Days 3 Nights

3 Nights

Staring from Rs. 10,000

Hotels in Cherrapunjee

Rooms here are generally fully booked between March to June and September to November, when the climate is relatively pleasant, adorable and wet. budget hotels are available within Rs.1000 and provide comfortable accommodation at really reasonable rates. There are also quite a few hotels which provide excellent rooms, with TV and internet facilities.

Cherrapunjee houses a wide range of food options including North Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, South-Indian and Chinese cuisine as well as their slightly unique Khasi versions. The local cuisine is rich, refreshing and zesty and one must indulge in it. Pork momos and Jadoh along with rice cooked with pork blood are the specialty of this region.
Rice beer is a compulsory drink in celebration and ceremonies, religious or otherwise. Khasis ferment rice beer and through the process of distillation, making spirit out of rice or millets. Sohra Pulao is another unique delicacy popular here, prepared only with vegetables and oil, without using any spices.

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Reviews for Cherrapunjee

- This is definitely in the top 5 of the wettest places on Earth - after all the debates. So obviously be well equipped to tackle that. Umbrellas, rain coats, gum boots, rubber slippers, floaters are the top priorities in your 'things to carry' list. Other than that, also carry mosquito repellant creams. If you plan to go during winters (December - Feb) do carry warm clothing.


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Questions about Cherrapunjee

By Gyanesh Shroff

What are some do's and donts when in Cherrapunjee? Does it really rain all year long?

donĂ¢Â?Â?t miss the living double decker root bridges while in cherrapunjee. And donĂ¢Â?Â?t go and swim anywhere you like because that can be dangerous and fatal. And yes it rains there almost throughout the year.

2 months ago 0 Comments

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