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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best time: Throughout the year (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Aizawl (Check Flights)

State rank: 2 out of 7 Places To Visit In Mizoram

"The land of Mizos"

Aizawl Tourism

Neatly tucked in the beautiful North East, Aizawl is home to the Mizoram State Museum, along with being the cultural and religious capital of the Mizos.

Among one of the oldest cities in the north eastern region of India, with an elevated setting and breathtaking views, Aizawl is a peaceful little town even though it's the capital of the state. It would be probably one of the most peaceful state capitals in India. Aizawl, pronounced eye-zole, is a perfect place to relax while enjoying the local food and culture. Home to the Mizoram State Museum and few other tourist complexes, tourists have few options to enjoy a sightseeing tour in the city. Apart from these, one can take a tour to the nearby hilly areas of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake and Chanmari.

Top Things To Do In Aizawl

Aizawl Tour Packages

Tranquil Aizawl | 2 Days 1 Nights

1 Night

Staring from Rs. 1,900

Lovers Paradise Aizawl | 3 Days 2 Nights

2 Nights

Staring from Rs. 3,500

What's Great?

Has a rich tribal culture and well-known for its handicrafts. Offers majestic view of hills of Durtlang the city offers exotic beauty. Communicating is easy since most of the people speak English.

What's not so Great?

Aizawl is not a completely developed tourist spot. Limited sightseeing options.

For Whom

The place is meant for all. Families or couple or a group of friends can visit Aizawl for a peaceful vacation. Anyone who loves nature will have fun here. 

Hotels in Aizawl

Various budget as well as medium class hotels are available here for tourists accommodation.

Top Hotels in Aizawl

Hotel Chief

Staring from INR 900

TheCliffHouse CosyBedroom with a View City Centre - House - Aizawl

Starting Price 1,577


Day 1 - You can start your day by visiting Mizoram State Museum to know the place's history, culture and traditions. Then you can go to Reiek tourist resort for a view and the surrounding that you will always remember. You can also spend some time at Hmuifang.
Day 2 - You can start your day by going for a picnic in Berawtlang Tourist Complex. After visiting PuZiona's family you can buy souvenirs at Bara Bazar.  

The variety that Aizwal's cuisine fosters is almost surprising given the limited number of eating joints. One finds here Continental, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese as well as the subtle and zesty local cuisines. While in Aizawl one must savor the flattering variety of Momos found here.
The local cuisine includes Bai which is a preparation of pork and vegetables such as bamboo shoots, Sawhchiar which is made of rice and cooked with pork or chicken, Chhangban which is boiled rice dough and much more to relish. Mizoram is a dry state, so you wouldn't find any alcoholic beverages here except for the 'Zawlaidi' which is a local grape wine and contains roughly 14% alcohol.

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By Shashwat Kant

Is Aizawl well connected to the other NorthEastern states?

yes, the city of Aizawl is well connected with its nearby major cities Gwahati, Kolkata etc. by Air and as well as

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