Party Places in Mumbai for a Night of Fun and Revelry


Party Places in Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps and it sure knows how to party. There are a plethora of party places in Mumbai that are always buzzing with activity, groovy music and jazzy disco lights. Some of these party places in Mumbai are small and dainty old-style bars nestled in the corners of the suburbs while some others like AER are premium luxe clubs offering a mesmerizing cityscape view. But no matter how small or big, premium or reasonable, all of these party places in Mumbai have absolutely amazing food, great music and a delightful concoction of spirits. Flocked by all the party goers, corporate professionals and adults, these party places are the most ideal places to go to for a night of revelry and fun.

Here is the list of 23 Party Places in Mumbai for a Night of Fun and Revelry

1. Playboy Club

Playboy Club opened in Mumbai in 2017 and was the first of its kind. With neon blue decor and high ceilings, playboy bunnies, champagne towers, and jazzy disco lights, the club recreated Vegas in India. The club is among the most popular party places in Mumbai and stays opens only three days a week.

2. AER

AER is a premium open-air rooftop bar situated inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli, Mumbai. Besides amazing concoctions and cocktails, and the very sophisticated and luxe decor, the bar also offers a wonderful view of the cityscape below.

3. Kitty Su

Situated in Andheri East in Mumbai, Kitty Su is one of the big party places in Mumbai when it comes to the happening clubs and discos in Mumbai. Boasting of a grand dancing floor, the music of the club ranges from EDM to trance, techno and house etc.

4. Wink

Wink is situated in Cuffe Parade in Mumbai and is one of the most happening party places in Mumbai. Always buzzing with activity, the club is believed to have the best music system and amazing food and drinks. It is especially popular for EDM and pop music.

5. XXO

Situated in Lower Parel in Mumbai, XXO is one of the smaller clubs of the city. The pub stays especially crowded on weekends when they have themed parties and special DJs. The club plays Bollywood and pop music on different days of the week.

6. Tryst

Tryst is a dark decor amazing pub situated in Lower Parel in Mumbai. It is a popular party place in Mumbai for its swanky theme and gorgeous interiors. The Djs play all kinds of amazing music and the bar attracts all kinds of crowd ranging from young party-goers to corporate professionals.

7. Play The Lounge

Play The Lounge is situated inside the Kamala Mills Compound in Lower Parel, Mumbai. The bar cum club has a variety of activities to offer to its guests, ranging from dancing to karaoke nights and themed parties. The bar also has a huge LCD screen that screens sports games for all the sports enthusiasts out there.

8. Talaiva

Talaiva is an amazing restaurant cum bar situated inside the Kamala Mills Compounds in Lower Parel in Mumbai. Besides a gorgeous decor and a groovy dance floor, this party place in Mumbai is famous for its delicious food and jazzy drinks. It remains especially crowded on weekends.

9. Trilogy Super Club

Trilogy Super Club is one amongst the finest clubs and party places in Mumbai situated in Juhu. Besides the amazing decor and themes setting, the club also has a wide range of cuisines from Asian to European. It also has jazzy cocktails and a groovy dance floor.

10. Hymus Resto Bar

Hymus Resto Bar is situated in Andheri West in Mumbai and is a dainty quaint cafe serving amazing food. The resto bar also has a club with a jazzy dance floor where you can groove to swanky music. Besides the live gigs and karaoke nights, it also has an outdoor seating.

11. Hoppipola

Hoppipola is situated in Khan West in Mumbai and is a well lit, pleasant decor themed restaurant cafe in the city. On the weekdays, it is especially occupied by people who visit to savour the delicious food but on weekends the cafe turns into a hot and happening club in Mumbai serving amazing cocktails and playing groovy tracks.

12. Neos

Tucked inside the Phoenix Mall City in Mumbai, Neos is a vibrant and thrilling club which stays especially crowded and overbooked on the weekends. The cosy party place in Mumbai has flashy neon lights, a classy dance floor and great music.

13. We VIP

Situated in Lokhandwala, We VIP is a new club in Mumbai. The club specializes in hip- hop, trance and EDM music. Besides, it has a swanky psychedelic lighting and invites international DJs. The club stays especially crowded on weekends.

14. Fever

Fever Club and Bar is situated in Malad West, Mumbai and is one of the most reasonably priced party places in Mumbai. For this same reasons, it remains overly booked throughout the week. Besides an amazing dance floor, food and cocktails, it also has a big LCD screen featuring games and sports.

15. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is bar cum activity zone in one. The best part about the club is that that besides the cocktails, drinks and dancing, you can also play board games, enjoy a bull's ride and other fun activities.

16. Cavalry The Lounge

Cavalry The Lounge is situated in the Heera Panna Shopping Mall in Powai, Mumbai. It's close proximity to the work spaces makes it the favourite hang out place for the corporates. On the weekends, this party place in Mumbai stays especially full when it invites the best DJs to play.

17. Independence Brewing Company

Independence Brewing Company is the new-age bar situated on the New Link Road in Andheri West, Mumbai. With its swanky decor, jazzy lights and groovy dance floor, the club is one of the most ones in the city. They also have live gigs and karaoke nights on occasions.

18. Tight

Tight is a small bar located in the Inorbit Mall in Vashi, Mumbai. It is largely popular for its MRP hours when the alcohol is served on the MRP, till 9 in the night. They also have amazing food and great music to dance to. The DJs here mostly play Bollywood and EDM music.

19. Rude Lounge

Rude Lounge is situated in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai and is a popular hangout place for both the adults and young party goers. They often have a ladies night when the drinks for the ladies are on the house. Besides, they have several deals on food going on and off for the guests.

20. Cafe Palm Atlantis

Cafe Palm Atlantis is situated in Vashi, Mumbai and has been designed to look like the "Atlantis, The Palm' in Dubai. With its plush interiors and fine dine wine atmosphere, it is one of the top party places in Mumbai among the city dwellers. The club plays offers a mix of American, Indian and European cuisines.

21. Shiro

Shiro is an old scholl styled bar situated in Worli, Mumbai. The plush interiors are known to be the best in the region with its high ceilings, gorgeous walls and amazing decor. The bar offers a Pan-Asian menu and attracts both corporates and youngsters. It hosts the retro night party on Fridays.

22. Drop

Drop is a beautiful chandelier lit, champagne lounge in Bandra West, Mumbai. The boho-style bar is only open 4 days a week and is overbooked and buzzing with activity. The nightclub has a specialty chef to serve the guests really delicious food.

23. Bonobo

Bonobo is one of the most peppy and happening party places of Mumbai situated in Bandra West. Spread over 2800 sq feet, the club cum bar has separate indoor and outdoor zones. The modern indoor bar is more popular among the party crowd with young enthusiastic dancers grooving their feet to the swanky music while the outdoors is more preferred for a little quieter round of drinks, dinners and conversations.

We hope you enjoyed our list of party places in Mumbai! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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