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Megacities Of The World

Megacities of the world are the ever-expanding multi-dimensional cities with a population of over 10 million. These cities have developed high-end infrastructure to keep up with the growing population including extensive subway systems, affordable housing and sanitation systems. These are not just any ordinary cities but living, breathing organisms that function with high efficiency.

Here is the list of 9 Best Megacities Of The World

1. Mumbai, Maharashtra - The City of Dreams - Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 Winner

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Known For : Marine Drive, Mumbai Gateway of India Colaba Causeway

The population of Mumbai: 23,900,000

Mumbai is a spectacular paradox of chaos and hope, glamour and squalor, modernity and tradition, old and new. Famously known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, has a long colonial history, starting from Gandhi's visits to the city to the intense protests against the Simon Commission in 1928, the city has stood witness to many important events in the country's freedom struggle. Today, Mumbai is a beautifully blended melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. The city soaks in everything into its fabric, making it's very own. From European and Portuguese inhabitants who migrated years ago to the city to upcoming actors struggling to make it big on the silver screen; from Bollywood superstars to big industrialists to tribes of fisherman and slum dwellers, Mumbai is a megacity of the world that proudly boasts of stories from different walks of human survival.

Best Time: October to February

2. Tokyo, Japan - A beautiful melange of old and new.

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Known For : Tokyo Sky Tree Shibuya Meiji Shrine

Population of Tokyo: 38,140,000

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is in every sense- a mix. This megacity is known for its technological prowess, its quirky pop culture, and its simultaneous attachment to tradition. With every area having something different to offer, it is truly the best place to live seeking variety and adventure. Nestled in South-Eastern Japan, Tokyo boasts not only of towering sky-scrapers, immaculate roads and architecture but also of forests, traditional shrines and cherry blossoms in the spring. A combination of poetic wonder and technological marvel, Tokyo is a one of the most efficient megacities to live in.

Best Time: October to November, March to May

3. Shanghai, China - The towering Chinese metropolis

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Known For : The Bund People's Square Yuyuan Garden

Population of Shanghai: 34,000,000

Shanghai is among China's most important cities. It is the most populous city in China and also the most populous megacity in the world. Due to its wide array of tourist attractions, Shanghai serves as one of China's best tourist destinations. Shanghai has been a major part of China's meteoric rise in the modern world. It is a very important global financial centre and also the busiest container port in the world. The Pudong area skyline is a testament to this dominance of Shanghai as China's financial centre, with some of the tallest structures in the world such as the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre and the Jin Mao Tower.

Best Time: March to May

4. Jakarta, Indonesia - A melting pot of differences.

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Known For : National Monument of Indonesia (MONAS) Grand Indonesia Mall Merdeka Square

The population of Jakarta: 31,500,000

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is its cultural, economic and political centre. Established in the 14th century, it has a rich, varied history, and is a city of exciting metamorphosis- with its bustling traffic, its strong affiliations to its own historical roots, and a hub of development in Indonesia. The sprawling nature of Jakarta, with its crowds, its maniacal traffic and the sheer speed of life in the city B1may overwhelm some tourists at first sight. But beneath this rather busy exterior, Jakarta is a megacity of the world filled with interesting contrasts of the ultra-modern, traditional, extravagant and the humble.

Best Time: July to October

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5. New Delhi, NCR - The city of cities

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Known For : Humayun's Tomb Hauz Khas Village Qutub Minar

Population of Delhi: 27,200,000

From historical monuments to crowded shopping malls, from Mughal gardens to Delhi University campus, the capital city has multiple personalities making it 'The good, the bad and the ugly'. The Capital city of India and the base location to explore North India, Delhi is considered to be the city with a heart. Central Delhi is the seat of the country's political power, with iconic places such as the Rashtrapati Bhawan on Raisina Hill, the Rajpath, and the India Gate, all of which are very popular tourist attractions. With amazing metro systems, affordable housing and cheap local food, there seems to be no sign of Delhi's growth slowing down.

Best Time: October to March

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6. New York City, Usa - The City that Never Sleeps

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Known For : Statue of Liberty Times Square Empire State Building

The population of New York: 23,876,155

An iconic global megacity of the world that has inspired the world with its brilliant architecture, movies, and art. Also known as the Big Apple, New York is well-known for its magnificent skyscrapers, Broadway shows and beautiful landmarks, making it the perfect destination for travellers from all over the world. People from all around the world have made New York their home making a truly international city.

Best Time: Throughout the year

7. London, England - London: The heritage of England

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Known For : Buckingham Palace St. Paul's Cathedral London Eye

Standing on the Thames River, London is the capital of England as well as the most populous city in Great Britain. The city is a confluence of the old and the new and is one of the most important tourist destinations in the entire world. London is made of two ancient cities which are now merged together to form the capital. The two cities are The city of London and the City of Westminster. Together, they are known as Greater London. Apart from its 13 million residents, London attracts over 15.3 million international tourists in a year. The numerous attractions in the city like the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster's Abbey and Nelson's Column attract a large number of visitors.

Best Time: April to September

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8. Bangkok, Thailand - Of street food, skyscrapers and unending nights

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Known For : Khao San Road Chatuchak Market Wat Pho Bangkok

Population of Bangkok: 15,931,300

Glittering with lights, a lot of hustle bustle and a little bit of chaos, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is packed with tourist attractions - historical, religious or natural. A haven for shoppers, this megacity of the world attracts people from all over the world to its markets. It is often touted as the party capital of South East Asia. Bangkok also offers a bundle of fantastic street food, brilliant public transport systems, non-stop action and unforgettable experiences.

Best Time: Late November to Mid Jaunary

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9. Paris, France - The City of Lights

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Known For : Eiffel Tower The Louvre Notre Dame

Population of Paris: 12,405,426

Bonjour Mon Ami! Paris needs no formal introduction - synonymous with culture, architecture, food and fashion. That je ne sais quoi of the French capital makes it the dream destination for many. Paris offers exquisite French cuisine, enticing patisseries and bakeries, luscious fromageries (cheese shops), fragrant wine and cheese shops. Bohemian Montmartre, trendy Marais, Tree-lined boulevards, prolific green parks and of course the grand Seine. It is no wonder that grand and beautiful city is home to over 12 million residents.

Best Time: June to August

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With these megacities of the world becoming more and more like living breathing organisms, it is no wonder that such sophisticated internal dynamics exist. Which megacity impresses you the most?

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