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Hidden Beaches In Goa | Offbeat Beaches in Goa

Want to get away from the crowd on your next trip to Goa? Well, what am I here for? I looked up a few beaches and made a small list for all you readers which I hope you will like. Have fun!!

Here is the list of 10 Hidden Beaches In Goa To Get Away From The Crowd

1. Sinquerim Beach

Located almost 13 km from Panaji, the capital city of Goa is the Sinquerim Beach. Not very famous and that is why I have chosen it as one of the places where you can just run away from the crowd and just be yourself. Near this beach is the most famous Aguada a Portuguese Fort that was built in the earlier days to defend the attack from the sea route.
If you love water sports, this is the one beach where you should be and not miss it for the world on your trip to Goa. Although it does get a little crowded during season time due to tourists visiting the Aguada Fort, it is quieter and peaceful on the other days of the year and should be visited.

2. Butterfly Beach

3.9 /5

Located in the North of Palolem Beach, Butterfly beach is a part of the beautiful Arabian Sea. The name butterfly is because the beach sustains the life of many different varieties of Butterflies.
The beach is surrounded by forest and thick trees and bushes so getting to this place through road by bike or car is impossible unless of course, you’re awesome at trekking where I am like zero! The most convenient way to travel here is by taking a boat ride to Palolem beach and walk towards the butterfly beach. Due to its location and problems faced to arrive here, not many people do and those who make it have the place all to themselves.
The water here is clear and not very deep, so if you’re lucky early morning you can witness the sea urchins, sea cucumbers and crabs and not forget to mention the best sunrise and sunset ever.

3. Agonda Beach

4.4 /5

Agonda is another quiet beach located just 15 minutes from Palolem. The beautiful stretch of the sand and the sea is just an awe moment, the beauty the beach displays is just breathtaking. This is also one of the beaches that are home to the olive ridley turtles to lay eggs. There is no signal so don’t bother making calls. Just forget about everything and relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. It is advisable for swimming provided you stay off limits. The setting of the Agonda Beach is just perfect. So, if you are looking for a romantic stroll with your special person while the sun is setting it couldn’t get any better.
There are not many stalls at the beach just a few locals, but close to the beach area there are guest houses and restaurant so don’t worry you can enjoy your social life and when you feel like having some alone time just take a stroll on the beach.

4. Ashwem Beach

3.0 /5

Situated in the south of the famous Arambol Beach, Ashwem Beach is another example of an isolated beach in Goa. I have personally been here, and it is beautiful. Mostly, there are rocks, and the stretch of the coast is quite long. There are hardly any people around. At the time I had visited there were just a handful of foreigners just enjoying the water and the beautiful beach. This beach is mainly famous because it is the place where Olive Ridley Turtles come to shore to lay their eggs. So, the people you would find here will either be Animal right people or foreigners. The place requires much travel, and the best means is to hire or have a bike. Just be sure not to graze your leg against the rocks, other than that have fun and enjoy the peace.

5. Cola Beach

3.0 /5

Well, I was left astounded when I saw this beach. It is just annoyingly beautiful. Located in South Goa, the beach is famous for its amazing 15 handmade tents from Rajasthan where you can stay. The road trip here though long and tiresome is said to be an amazing experience and so worth the result.
You will be left speechless. No pictures or reviews can explain it enough you need to be there on your own to experience it. That expression of being left speechless is what happens when you see this place it is just paradise. Moreover, the best part is, there is no crowd. You can let the beauty sink in and just sit back relax.

6. Kakolem Beach

3.0 /5

One of the most isolated beaches of Goa also known as the ‘Tiger Beach’ and is located south of Cabo de rama beach. It is difficult to reach this beach by foot as it will require to climb up many steps and pass through narrow paths. It is easier to get here by a boat or a motor boat. This is a place where you can just relax that’s when you finally reach it. Due to the complexity of reaching the place the people who go here are really less mostly it is either nature lovers or adventurers. There is even a small spring that flows into the sea. The view of the Beach from the hills is just breathtaking. There are no shacks or places to stay so it is quite clean. One of the best places to get away from all the hustle and bustle.

7. Velsao Beach

3.0 /5

The Velsao Beach is very close to the Dabolim airport making it convenient to visit on the day when you are leaving provided that you don’t get lost in its serenity and beauty. The Velsao Beach is famous for its white shells founds all over the sea shore as well as the star fish.
The beach is also filled with coconut trees so be careful where you’re resting for shade:). It is a quiet beach and is also isolated, very fewer people move around here giving you complete privacy to sort out all your life issues and leave with a calm mind.
Just close your eyes and relax on this serene and absolutely clean beach and do anything you love like sunbathe, listen to music, relax, read a book, draw etc. It’s how you see the world that matters most.

8. Betul Beach

3.0 /5

Located in South Goa, about 24 kms from Margao, Betul Beach is also secluded because of its far location, and not many people know about this village. There are only about a total of 60 houses which is not much. The place is very interesting as there is a river right across separating the beach from the village. There are not many restaurants or shacks, and the place is clean. So, if you’re a nature lover or just looking for a quiet place to just relax and watch the sun setting in the sky, then let me tell you, this is the place for you.
Anyone who comes here once can never say he’s never going to come again; this place is so beautiful it’ll get you hooked and trust you will be visiting again soon.

9. Galgibaga Beach

3.0 /5

Considered to be one of India’s cleanest beaches and silver sands. Galjibag Beach is located in South Goa. One important thing you’ll notice is that as you move toward the south of Goa, the maintenance and crowd of the usual beaches decrease and this is a reason why this beach is very convenient. There are no shacks and huts, one of the nearest local places is called Dipshika from where you can buy food and enjoy on the beach.
Love just relaxing in the sun, a short swim? Some time alone from the crowd? Meditation? This is the perfect beach to be. Highly recommended by all tourists, this beach is also home to Olive Ridley sea turtles to lay their eggs in the month of December- February. How amazing is that?

10. Hollant Beach

3.0 /5

Hollant beach is located 7 km from Bogmalo beach of Vasco city. Due to no currents, the beaches are shallow, and it is one of the best places to go swimming. One can travel here only on the personal vehicle as no transport leads here and this is a reason why it is one of the most isolated beaches.
There are very fewer shacks and no hotels here; therefore there is peace and the beach is very clean. This beach is very famous because it is said that Hollant Beach is the only beach where you can see a bright sunrise. So, the next time you are in Goa doesn’t forget to stop by Hollant and experience one of the best moments in life with your loved ones.

Well, that is it! I hope you liked it and I hope it helps you the next time you are gonna be out in Goa looking for a place to just chill.

This post was published by Simran Rigzin

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