Most Fascinating Things to Do in Goa in December

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Most Fascinating Things to Do in Goa in December

It is no secret that today, going to Goa in December is on the bucket list of every traveller in India. Everyone wants to visit Goa such is the profound impact this small southern Indian state has had upon the psyche of the Indian travellers in the past decade. Goa is a beautiful place gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches in India, a pleasant climate, lots of greenery and the most chilled out people in the country. Goa is synonymous with fun and relaxation and there is no better time to visit Goa than the month of December. With the Goa temperature in December hovering around 20′C, Goa in December comes to life when most other parts of the country are freezing to death.

Here is the list of 14 Most Fascinating Things to Do in Goa in December

1. Sunburn Festival, Goa

Sunburn Festival, Goa

Post-Christmas in December, comes the week of incessant partying the likes of which is unmatched anywhere else in the country. Goa which rocks to the tune of some of the worlds finest DJs and musician for three days in the last week December is a special place to be in with overflowing excitement and people from different parts of the world. Tickets for this years event can be booked from the website of Sunburn Goa, which can also provide you additional information regarding artists, schedule etc. This year Sunburn Festival is been organized at Vagator Beach from the 27th to 30th December and promises to be a party to remember.

2. Party Hopping

Party Hopping

With the ending of December comes the New Year’s celebration and no place does it better than our very own Goa. The place is known worldwide for its New Year’s Eve parties and sees thousands of tourists pour in number to its shore to bid adieu to the previous year and welcome the next. Besides the night clubs, there are many beach parties that happen across the best beaches in Goa such as Vagator, Baga and Anjuna beach. One can also enjoy themselves at the many beach shacks too throughout the night. For a unique experience, try the Silent Noise Parties held on the Palolem beach.

3. River Cruise On Mandovi River, Goa

River Cruise On Mandovi River, Goa

River Cruise on the Mandovi River is an interesting way to explore the river. The cruise options vary from houseboats, sailboats and yachts and can be specifically chosen to watch the Sunset, for a Party/ Dinner, or a Nature Cruise. The sailing route for Mandovi Cruises allows one to explore the Portuguese colonies and Vanxim and Divar and Chorao Islands. The cruises come with an exciting amalgamation of the Goan lifestyle and hospitality to make it a memorable experience for the tourists.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Goa has been serving as the one-stop destination for all party animals for many years. However, Goa is not just limited to this perfect combination of sun, sea and sand; it has a lot of recreational activities to offer. One of the most exciting soft adventure activities that you can experience here is Hot Air Ballooning. This amazing balloon ride will provide you 360-degree views of the gorgeous landscape of Goa. Watching all the fun and frolic and vast and unending boundaries of the sea from high above is an exceptional experience. Moreover, you can even witness an unusual sight of sunrise or sunset from distant horizons of the sea which surely will be a memorable experience.

5. Parasailing


Who doesn't want to enjoy the breathtaking view of the blue Arabian Sea while flying high up in the sky, defying the limits as it were? Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure sports on offer in Goa. Tourists usually prefer winch boat parasailing where the taking off and landing of the parachute happens on the winch boat itself attached at the other end of the parachute. Parasailing is a hot favourite amongst families, kids and couples as it offers the perfect combination of thrill and enjoyment while being comparatively easier than the other water sports. The best time to enjoy parasailing is from October to May when the sea is calmer, and winds are perfect for gliding the parachute.

6. Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride

Banana boat rides are a huge attraction in South Goa. A banana-shaped boat attached to a steamboat runs at an astonishing speed and sprints off the passengers in the sea. The passengers then haul themselves up in the boat again where the process continues. This activity is exhausting but extremely enjoyable at the same time. You could also club this activity along with Ringo rides and jet skiing to add an extra dimension of a thrill to your experience.

7. Celebrate Christmas In Goa

Celebrate Christmas In Goa

Being a Christian dominated area with historical churches and rich Christian tradition, to be in Goa during Christmas time is to be in some luck. The place is transformed into a dizzying state of festive fervor which engulfs everyone. Old Goa is wonderful in Decemeber as you get mesmerized by the giant and beautifully decorated churches, the countless number of stalls selling homemade chocolates and cakes and the infectious atmosphere of general happiness and merry-making. Some famous churches to visit during Christmas time in Goa include Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Celebrating Christmas is one of the highlights of holidaying in Goa in December.

8. Shop at Saturday Night Market

Shop at Saturday Night Market

The night bazaar at Arpora, also known as Ingo's Night Bazaar is a wonderful night market. The market seems very enchanting and you can find some great artificial jewellery here.
The market is divided into three sections, each selling a certain category of items. You can find here vendors selling fruits, vegetables, jewellery, home decor items, spices, wines, as well as locally designed clothes and bags. It is a paradise for foodies as there are eateries with a variety of cuisines to choose from.

9. Go for a Tropical Spice Plantation Tour

Go for a Tropical Spice Plantation Tour

Tropical Spice Plantation is one of the famous spice plantations in the state where one can get a guided tour of the area. The tour consists of traditional welcome with a delicious drink, and informative site tour and a delicious organic lunch made of the fresh farm produce. The guides are friendly and promptly share tips as they explain the ecosystem. One can purchase local spices too to end their fabulous trip with. 

10. Take a Ride on a Speed boat, Goa

Take a Ride on a Speed boat, Goa

Speed boating is a sport that can cater to your fondness for speed and adventure. With the speedboats going up to 15-20 miles per hour, the experience is thrilling yet relaxing in its own way. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket and you are always accompanied by trained instructors. Each boat can accommodate up to 8 people and the ride can cost approximately INR 450 per person.

11. Trek to Dhudsagar Waterfall

Trek to Dhudsagar Waterfall

One of the most thrilling trek trails starts from the village of Kuveshi. Unlike the other trek routes, this one takes you through the jungle and undulating slopes. The difficulty level is moderate and the vistas more than makeup for the longer trail. However, it is not ideal to undertake this trek in the months of monsoon as the Mandovi river, over which the trail crosses, can get quite rough and swollen during the monsoon months. Another trekking route starts at the Kulhem/Collem railway station and stretches for about 11km. The difficulty level on this one is easy. However, one that is most preferred by tourists is the trekking trail that starts at Castle Rock station in Karnataka. 

12. Visit Casinos in Goa

Visit Casinos in Goa

Goa is often synonymous to brilliant beaches, a non-stop nightlife and best of all, casinos. You can visit these casinos in Goa any time of the day or night and there are numerous casinos to choose from each offering different attractions such as food, drinks and beautiful views of the sea. Poker, Roulette, Black Jack, you name it, there is a casino in Goa promising a thrilling time.

13. Celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

Celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

Feast of Saint Francis Xavier, renowned festival in Goa is carried out to honour the death of Saint Xavier, popularly known as 'Goencho Saib' (Lord of Goa) by locals. This religious festival of Goa is celebrated for nine days, starting on 3rd or 4th December. During the celebrations, hundreds of devotees from all over the state, the country as well as the world flock Goa to offer their prayers to St. Francis. Huge arrangements of food and drinks are made available to the public, and the park outside the church turns into a picnic spot, with everyone socialising and engaging in various fun activities. Church services begin as early as 4:00 AM and people mark their presence to honour this legendary soul.

14. Enjoy Scintillating Seafood

Enjoy Scintillating Seafood

A visit to Goa in December is incomplete without being mesmerized by its scintillating buffet of seafood. The coastal state is a haven for seafood lovers who can gorge on some delicious dishes made with the most special of recipes at any corner of Goa. Sea-food in Goa is a staple, need we say more about its love affair with it. For those who like it served well and in a great setting Simply Fish, Boom Shankar and Viva Goa are great restaurants to explore but for those who can’t burn a hole in their pocket can get equally delicious seafood at the many shacks on the beaches of Goa. Plonk yourself at a beach shack and savor these delicacies in the beautiful weather in Goa in December.

Goa is one of the best destinations to visit in December. These amazing things to do in Goa in December will surely make your visit to Goa an Unforgettable One! Also, do let us know your experience in Goa in the comment section below.

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