A Fireside Chat with Debratna Ghosh – The Photographer Who Captures the Vibrant Side of Kolkata!

Kolkata is one of those metropolitan cities of India which showcases a perfect blend of traditions, culture, modernism, vintage colonial architecture and natural beauty. From the city's iconic yellow taxis bustling on the streets to fishermen boats gently gliding in the waters of river Ganges, exploring Kolkata is an experience in itself. Discussing the same Kolkata, we at Holidify recently had a fun interview with Debratna Ghosh, a published and exhibited photographer who believes that Kolkata is always a box filled with never-ending stories and the constant vigor of the city adds to its magnificnece. 

Q1. Do you think that you had to re-explore Kolkata once you started on the journey of taking pictures?

Kolkata is always a box filled with never-ending stories to me and hence every day becomes a new day for explorations because of this city's spontaneity and serene vintage vibes which make it more happening and lively.

Q2. Do you like any other city in India as much as Kolkata?

As born in this city, Kolkata is already within the veins but to be honest there are various beautiful destinations for explorations across the country. As a street explorer, I loved being at Delhi quite a few times.

Q3. As your main focus is portraits, do you think that mixing with local people plays a critical role in discovering a place?

My love for portraiture is mainly when it comes down to the streets where the interaction being made to anonymous souls. Yes, for raising up the bonds between you and your subject, mixing with the people is really the first and most important step in getting into the comfort zone of your ability in discovering that place in more effective and impactful ways. 

Q4. What are views on travelling in India and travelling abroad? What would you prefer and why?

I would prefer to be a globetrotter as every corner of the world, may it be across the states or across the nations yields a change in every aspect of human lifestyles as we move along different geographic locations and to know that in depth is what among my utmost desires.
To be honest there are no specific preferences as long as you are a passionate traveller and if the constraints of life supports you, you can go up to any places across the globe according to your needs of visualizations and knowhow.

Q5. Did you have any realizations on your recent visit to Ganga Sagar?

I do, well the only conclusion I can draw from this year's visit is that, divinity is always within you and you can feel it strongly and also share the vibes among all if you got the right form to express it.

Q6. Which all places did you visit in Uttarakhand?

Well, I have been to Roorkee, Haridwar and Rishikesh but really keep a keen desire to explore the higher altitudes of Uttarakhand.

Q7. Have you faced any language barriers when you travel out of West Bengal to places which do not really rely on English or Hindi? If so, how do you cope with it?

Quite a few times I faced though, specially when the shoot is on an offbeat place also having indigenous people around at the time of shoot who are unfamiliar with English or Hindi but this issue can be encountered well if you go along with someone familiar and fluent with that language such that it reduces the risk of any misinterpretations among people while you shoot, But in the case of Solo travel, the first objective of mine is always trying to get connected with them to my thoughts of capturing by means of expressions or showing them the visuals, if the signal is green, nothing is better than that as then you can get into your zone of clicking.

Q8. Do you think that Durga Puja should be a time when tourists can visit Kolkata to know more about the city?

Visiting during Durga Puja is always a treat for the eyes to all as the city throws it's heart out at the streets and hence the lanes of Kolkata become most colourful and hence always a gaining experience for the visitors as they will be having a lot more chances of street interactions as well as ease of access to certain amazing and interesting places in the city which are mostly not accessible at the rest part of the year.

Q9. Your Instagram reflects a lot about Kolkata, so would you like to continue predominantly posting about the city or have you made plans to travel to other places?

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As of now I am focused into Kolkata but definitely, I would love to share some works from my upcoming travel agenda as having few travel plans across the nation as well as abroad in this coming 2020.

Q10. Which is the one spot in Kolkata that everyone should visit at least once?

Kumortuli, a place that dignifies the artsmen spirit.

Q11. What do you think is the uniqueness that holds the culture of Kolkata and how did you explore it?

Bondings and mutual respect between the conservatives and liberals brings out the best of both worlds into an open-hearted charm with a mixed culture, pace of life and sheer hospitality which make this city a unique one and the exploration can be fruitful if you go down the lanes of this city where stories are embedded into depths where the testimonials of rich culture of the city can still be found.

Q12. Are you more of a solo traveller or a group traveller? Tell us about your preferences and why do you prefer them?

For me, both ways are of gaining experiences as when you travel solo, you're up to on your own implementations of predetermined thoughts and it becomes more challenging, but when you are travelling with a group, you are more on to the learning process and challenges are less. So, I try to travel the both ways, as it helps me to learn from my experiences and implement my vision in a more better way at the next.

Don't forget to check out Debratna's Facebook and Instagram profiles!

This post was published by Ashutosh Chandra

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