What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur?

The best time to visit Chikmagalur is from the months of September to March which are the winter months. With pleasant weather throughout the year, the start of the monsoon season (Early July) is also a good time to visit Chikamagalur. However, the place must be avoided in August for it receives heavy rainfall during that month.

Weather in Chikmagalur


Upcoming Chikmagalur Weather

Monthly Weather in Chikmagalur

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 15° 0 days
February 31°/ 16° 0 days
March 32°/ 18° 5 days
April 32°/ 19° 9 days
May 31°/ 19° 24 days
June 27°/ 20° 19 days
July 24°/ 19° 24 days
August 23°/ 18° 26 days
September 24°/ 18° 27 days
October 25°/ 18° 31 days
November 27°/ 17° 10 days
December 26°/ 16° 4 days

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Chikmagalur in Winter (September - February)

Chikmagalur?s winter forms the peak season of the place and leads to the most significant tourist footfall in the year. The temperatures drop down to 14 to 32 degree Celsius and result in cold, cosy weather. The nights might turn out to be colder still and hence it is recommended to carry woollen clothes to protect from the chill. The weather is extremely delightful during this period and is perfect for the local tour to various places in the town. Chikmagalur?s coffee plantations are also a highlight during the winter season and should most definitely be visited along with all the other places that seem to take on a different glow during these chilly months.
Chikmagalur's Coffee Plantations
Chikmagalur's Coffee Plantations

Chikmagalur in Monsoon (July - September)

The monsoon season in Chikmagalur is beautiful beyond imagination as the lush greenery of the place stands out even more. The coffee plantations as well are a sight to see during this season.
During monsoons, the rainwater fills up all the natural streams and waterfalls, making the views even more scenic and calling for some fun activities as well. However, since the road to Chikmagalur is through a ghat which often becomes slippery due to the rains, caution should be taken while driving up to the town.
Chikmagalur in Monsoon
Chikmagalur in Monsoon

Chikmagalur in Summer (March - June)

In Chikmagalur, the summer months, March, April and May, have an average temperature of 32 to 35 degree Celsius. While these might seem to be high temperatures, it should be noted that Chikmagalur lies in Karnataka which is in the south and is much cooler than its surrounding cities due to which it is often seen as a perfect destination for a summer getaway from the heat by the city dwellers. Chikmagalur also receives a fair amount of winds due to which the heat cannot be felt as much as it would in other areas of Karnataka. This pleasant temperature calls for tourists to walk or trek the various trails leading to beautiful scenic locations and to take in all that Chikmagalur has to offer.
Landscape of Chikmagalur
Landscape of Chikmagalur

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