Best Beaches in Karnataka

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Most Popular Beaches In Karnataka

Along the Konkan coast lie the scenic beaches of Karnataka, one of the most beautiful southern states of India. The beautiful ports of Karwar and Mangalore are punctuated with virgin beaches like Mar (Read More)avanthe, Kundapur, and Murudeshwar. The hippie destination of Gokarna is home to gorgeous beaches perfect for trekking and meditation. The beaches in Karnataka offer tourists and city-dwellers some much-needed peace and quiet away from the noise of their urban lives.

Here is the list of 26 Best Beaches in Karnataka

1. Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach, Gokarna
4.4 /5

Famous for being naturally shaped like the auspicious symbol Om, Om beach attracts tourists round the year. Om beach is a wonderful beach located in the town of Gokarna. One can bask in the glory and serenity of the picturesque surroundings here. Its captivating beauty and pristine water lashing on the beach is a source of tranquillity for all the visitors.

2. Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Kudle Beach, Gokarna
4.3 /5

This is one of the most famous tourist spot, located around 20-minutes (walking distance) away from Gokarna. Here travelers will get a number of simple huts and beach-side eating places where one can enjoy lots of things. A kilometers-long pure white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees is the major attraction of this beach that attracts large number of travelers.

3. Panambur Beach, Mangalore

Panambur Beach, Mangalore
4.3 /5 View 5+ photos

Close to the New Mangalore port is the Panambur beach, one of the most loved, pristine, clean beach in the city. The blue skies, sea and sands, get a dash of colour during April, as the beach hosts a kite festival. Panambur Beach is located at a distance of 13 km from Mangalore to the south of Mangalore port. Every year it is visited by tonnes of visitors for it hosts several carnivals comprising of boat racing, kite flying and making sand sculptures.

4. Gokarna Beach, Gokarna

Gokarna Beach, Gokarna
4.3 /5 View 5+ photos

Gokarna Beach is several kilometres long and is situated at the edge of the temple town. It has recently gained popularity as a go-to beach destination owing to its beautiful stretches of sand and pristine locations. Gokarna beaches were rarely frequented by the locals until foreign tourists started thronging the seaside. Soon, many locals opened stores selling souvenirs, unique cafes and beach shacks. Walking along the coastline here is unique as you will come across many cafes and shacks and this is a place where the hippie culture of Gokarna is at.

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5. Paradise Beach, Gokarna

Paradise Beach, Gokarna
4.6 /5

The fourth beach lying across the coast of Gokarna Town, Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach'. Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. The rest of the beach is adorned with clean white sand all over. Not many water sports are available here but swimming in the calm waters here is a great way to refresh your mind and body. The serene environment of the beach offers a great opportunity to spend some time in nature's lap and find solace.

6. Half Moon Beach, Gokarna

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna
4.5 /5

Half Moon is a smaller, less popular and hence a less crowded beach, yet quite a beautiful beach. Half Moon Beach is a small beach situated in Gokarna. It is separated from the Om Beach by a cliff from where tourists are bound to get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea. Numerous village huts in the classical Indian style can be spotted lined up by the beach giving it a rather traditional and homely touch altogether.

7. Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the popular beaches in Mangalore The coastline with golden sand and cool, fresh air is rejuvenating, and people are drawn to the natural beauty of the location. Proper seats and other facilities make the beach a frequently visited attraction, and it is crowded often on weekends and public holidays. Entering the sea is not advisable, but one can try their hand at one of the water sports at the beach. There are lifeguards who keep watch and undertake rescues in case of an accident, however, visitors are advised to be careful while entering the water.

8. Devbagh Beach, Karwar

Devbagh Beach, Karwar
4.1 /5

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the state of Karnataka, Devbagh beach is a nature lover's paradise. This quiet seaside in Karwar may seem like the typical beach experience at first glance, yet it offers so much more. With white seagulls flying across the backdrop of a softly lit coral sky, this destination creates a delightful view that can be cherished for long after you leave. The river Karli meets the Arabian Sea at this spot, which together with the pristine beauty of surrounding mountains makes for a splendid sight.

9. Malpe Beach, Udupi

Malpe Beach, Udupi
4.1 /5 View 5+ photos

A perfect spot for a carefree getaway, Malpe beach with its blue expanse of sky and the palm trees dotting the shoreline, is a popular tourist spot in Karnataka. On the top of the list of exquisite unexplored beaches in India is the Malpe beach, a beach that is synonymous with serenity and adventure. Located at a distance of 66 kilometres from Mangalore and 6 kilometres from Udupi in Karnataka; this scenic beach is as trendy amongst locals as it is among foreigners.

10. Murudeshwar Beach, Murudeshwara

Murudeshwar Beach, Murudeshwara
4.2 /5

The Murudeshwar beach is a major tourist attraction in Karnataka. Overlooking the monumental statue of Lord Shiva, this beach is the perfect picnic spot for families and friends. The sand of this beach is quite excellent, and its silky texture is not very common. You can also enjoy boat rides around the magnificent Murudeshwar Temple. Surrounded by gentle hills and lush green foliage, this beach is always bustling with activity. The beauty of this place is enhanced by the coconut trees which are indigenous to this location.

11. Karwar Beach (Tagore Beach), Karwar

Karwar Beach (Tagore Beach), Karwar

Karwar is a city in Uttara Kannada district in the South Indian state of Karnataka and the administrative centre of Uttara Kannada district. Karwar lies on the west coast of Southern India at the mouth of the Kali river. Its geography creates a natural harbour with protection against monsoon weather. Being a port town, Karwar is a centre for agriculture, some manufacturing and tourism.

12. Maravanthe Beach, Maravanthe

Maravanthe Beach, Maravanthe
3.7 /5 View 8+ photos

Located only 12 km from the main city of Kundapur, Maravanthe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Karnataka. The shoreline of this serene beach runs alongside the National Highway 17 (NH17) at a mere distance of 100 meters! On one side, the gentle waves of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea crash at the shore of the Maravanthe beach; and as you look to the other side, the Kodachadri Hills make a beautiful backdrop for the Sauparnika River that reaches out to the shore of the beach. Each and every person visiting the Maravanthe beach must witness the sunset.

13. Majali beach, Karwar

Majali beach, Karwar
3.4 /5

This is one of the best places to visit in Karwar, owing to the scenic beauty, sea-facing housing facilities and water sports. Bird watching and fishing can also be enjoyed by the tourists. The beach has many resorts where guests get a private beach experience in the peaceful Majali Beach. The beach is also just a few kilometres from South Goa and some of the tourists from Goa pour into Majali Beach as it is more isolated and peaceful.

Majali Beach Village is a popular resort here. They have many sea-facing cottages and a romantic set-up if you wish to find a place for a romantic weekend as well.

14. Kaup Beach, Udupi

Kaup Beach, Udupi
3.1 /5

Located between Mangalore and the town Udupi, Kaup (Kapu) beach is another pristine and relatively untouched beach. There is a lighthouse here, constructed in 1901, which is open every day for an hour from 5:30 AM. The beach is lined There are many beautiful Airbnb's around the beach which makes for the perfect quiet getaway. The panoramic view of the sea from the top of the lighthouse is phenomenal.

15. Surathkal Beach, Mangalore

Surathkal Beach, Mangalore
3.4 /5

The Surathkal beach lies on the Konkan Coast, south of the tourist trap of Goa, about 13 km from the port city of Mangalore. The Surathkal beach is a prime example of the pristine nature of the coastal delights of India with its endless sheets of shimmering sands on its vast coastline playfully meeting the majestic Arabian Sea.

16. Ullal Beach, Mangalore

Ullal Beach, Mangalore
3.1 /5

Located in Ullal, a small fishing village only 12 kms away from Mangalore, Ullal beach mesmerises its visitors with a panoramic view of a long coastline and the majestic Arabian Sea. The entire coast of the serene Ullal Beach is flanked with tall lush casuarinas and dense palm trees that make it look like a scene from a beautiful painting. In fact, the beach is set in no less than 14-acre casuarina groves.

You can also explore the nearby attractions like the Someshwara Temple, St. Sebastian’s Church, Queen Abbakka's Fort and the Summer Sands Beach Resort.

17. Kodi Beach, Maravanthe

Kodi Beach, Maravanthe

Surrounded by water on three sides, Kodi Bengre Beach is a perfect attraction for beach lovers. It has a small port for fisheries and is famous for toddy and freshly prepared seafood. Tourists can also take boat trips into the nearby mangroves or just enjoy an afternoon of fresh seafood followed by a stunning sunset. The beach waters are not suitable for swimming as it has sinking sands and the activity could pose major life risks. The road that leads to the beach is narrow and is surrounded by water on both sides. Wear appropriate footwear as it requires climbing down a few rocks to get to the beach.

18. Alvekodi Beach, Kumta

Alvekodi Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

Unwind on the hidden soft white sands of the Alvekodi Beach for a quiet and peaceful getaway from the busy crowds of the city and most of the beaches on the Konkan coastline. Alvekodi Beach is located on the outskirts of Murudeshwara, very close to Kumta City and is one of the most well maintained and unpolluted beaches here. Visitors often come to relax and stroll across the beautiful stretch, enjoying exhilarating views of the Arabian sea with amazing sunsets, perfect for family picnics and retreats.

19. Koodi bagh beach, Karwar

Koodi bagh beach, Karwar
3.1 /5

Located at the meeting of the Arabian Sea and the Kali river, all types of water sports are available at this beach. Palm trees are seen here in abundance. Fishermen's houses dot the beach.

20. Baada Beach, Kumta

Baada Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

A beautiful beach with equally entrancing environs is one of the cleanest beaches in the region. Flanked by hills on two sides and a rock formation in the middle, Baada Beach is highly recommended to visit while on a trek route from Kirki to Gokarna.

21. Uppinakudru, Kundapur

Uppinakudru, Kundapur
3.1 /5

Uppinakudru or Salt Island is a place which is religiously rich and profound. Once served as the center of trading for salt and sea food, today the place is occupied with several ancient and popular temples Lord Gopala Krishna Temple being one of them.

22. Someshwar Beach, Mangalore

Someshwar Beach, Mangalore

Located in Ullal in the city of Mangalore, Someshwara Beach is a quaint hidden gem of the city. Boasting of shimmering golden sands, a long and beautiful coastline, the beach is also peppered with rock boulders called Rudra Shile, making it unique from its other counterparts in the city.

23. Kasarkod Beach

Kasarkod Beach

Dive in the pristine white sands and the calming sounds of the water in Kasarkod, one of the least populated beaches in Karnataka. The beach is perfect for an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city, offering a tranquil setting. Enjoy the scenic view from the beautiful park and well-maintained gardens, take a boat through a trail of mangroves and experience bird watching, relax amidst the Casuarina forest and end the evening with mouth-watering flavours served in Casuarinas – The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.

24. Trasi Beach

Trasi Beach

Admire the aesthetically pleasing natural beauty of the Trasi Maravanthe beach, boasting breath-taking panoramic views of the Arabian Sea with a backdrop of the Kodachadri hills, amidst swaying palm trees, crystal clear waters and sparkling white sands, a treat for the eyes and the mind! A national highway separates the beach from the elegantly flowing Sowparnika river. So lay on the beach and soak in the sun or engage in adventurous water sports activities, including snorkelling or scuba diving, perfect for exploring the rich coral and marine life.

25. Padubidri Beach

Padubidri Beach

Usually not as crowded as most of the other beaches on the Konkan coastline, the Padubidri beach is known for thrilling water sport activities and adventurous rides like Speed boat rides, Banana boat rides, Water scooter rides, alongside a tranquil setting. Padubidri, a small town here, is famous for the Dakkebali ritual held once in two years. The beach flaunts turquoise blue waters and shiny white sands with mesmerizing views of the horizon and the sunset.

26. Bhatkal Beach, Murudeshwar

Bhatkal Beach, Murudeshwar
3.2 /5

Situated along the coastline of one of the oldest towns in Karnataka, the Bhatkal beach exudes timeless cultural heritage blended in with amazing natural beauty. The beach is considered a historically significant site near the famous Murudeshwar Temple, the Sholeshwar Temple, two Jain temples, and a beautiful church. The visitors are often attracted to the numerous adventure trekking trails on the rugged coastline of the Western Ghats, enjoying picturesque views of the majestic Arabian sea.

Let us know about your experiences of these beaches in Karnataka in the comments below.

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