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HortPark, Singapore Overview

The 9-hectare HortPark, part of the Southern Ridges in Singapore, is garden resource centre which is said to be the first one-stop-shop gardening lifestyle hub in Asia. This beautiful park brings together the educational, recreational and gardening-related activities under a single roof. HortPark is a go-to place for gardening enthusiasts, families and community groups with interest in the environment.

Housing elevated walkways and connecting bridges, the wonderful HortPark serves as a park connector, allowing visitors to travel around Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park. Join workshops or attend guided tours to learn everything related to gardening. The major highlights of HortPark are the multiple gardens spread across its landscape - ideal place for unwinding in the midst of nature. Every month, Gardener's Day Out and Gardening Bazaar is organised here which features several interactive activities aimed at promoting the spirit of gardening among the people. THortPark actively promotes the mantra, "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". The people are encouraged to donate gardening equipment or books relevant to gardening so that the other visitors benefit out of them.

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Themed Gardens at HortPark

Native Garden: It is a one-of-a-kind garden in Singapore, which is why visiting it is a must when in HortPark. The Native Garden consists of the indigenous plants of Singapore and uses them to create very alluring landscapes, aimed at showcasing suitable native plants for their urban landscapes. There are over 100 species of plants, and it is the highest ever concentration of native plants in Singapore in a park. There are flowing streams, wood logs, stones and native fishes that add further to the calmness of the place. It is mainly a simulation of a natural landscape that potentially attracts native fauna like birds and insects. The garden is vibrant, with a vast array of flora and fauna, contributing to the natural environment of Singapore. 

Silver Garden: It is named so because the plants it features here are grey, white or silver in colour. It is considered as a mysterious garden, and the collection of plants here is unique. This is a pleasant walkway lined up with lush flowering plants and is a welcoming gateway to HortPark.

Balinese Garden: Also known as the Garden of Seasons, this other garden hosts intimate ceremonies and events in a romantic and charming setting. Its landscape is inspired by the Balinese countryside and is characterised by a range of tropical plants, decorative ornaments, unique garden shelters and water.

Butterfly Garden: This garden of HortPark highlights the importance of butterflies in the ecosystem and cultivates suitable nectar and hosts plants to attract different species of butterflies, including the endangered species.

Edible Garden: This area lets one look, smell, taste, touch and learns about the culinary and medical uses of various herbs, vegetables and spices. The monthly vegetable-harvesting event at the Gardener's Day Out is held in this garden.

Therapeutic Garden: This is the country's first garden assigned for therapy in a public park. The 950 sqm garden boasts design elements and user-friendly features to meet the needs of the elderly, including those with conditions like dementia and post-stroke patients. The Therapeutic Garden also provides respite for visitors of all ages.

Pitter Patter Potter Garden: Meant for kids aged 5 to 10 years, the Pitter Patter Potter Garden houses a seed dispersal garden, a recycling garden, an organic play centre and a classroom. The garden's motive is to complement the curricula of primary school's social science and natural science. 

Golden Garden: One of the many themed gardens in HortPark, the one located at the farthest end in Golden Garden. It features plants that radiate warmth to the surroundings, which is a stark contrast to the Silver Garden that presents a unique collection of silver and grey hued plants. 

Nature Playground

An ideal spot for children, the Nature Playground at HortPark is for kids to spend some time outdoors and bond with nature. The park radiates greenery and peace. The little ones can run across and explore the nine fun play features at Nature Playground:

Building Huts: This is a combination of two features - Gravel Play and Sand Play. As the name itself suggests, Gravel play and Sand play are the areas where children can use gravel and sand to create structures such as houses and castles, modify the landscapes and interact with the medium. Twigs, branches, timber cookies, wooden poles and big dried leaves are available for them as building materials that they can use as they expand their creativity levels. Tools are also provided at the Tool Board next to Building Huts. This also helps increase teamwork and communication skills among children. 

Singing Seeds: This is a musical play area made up of hanging bamboo poles of different sizes, creating different pitched chimes as kids move the poles. Apart from that, there are musical seesaws and wheels filled with seeds from the Saga Tree, Rubber Tree and seed pods of the Rattle weed where children can listen to the percussion of the rolling seeds. This is an area where one can listen closely to the tranquil sounds of nature. 

Magical Woods: Children can visit the Magical Woods and take a look at the beautiful tunnels and hideouts created by clusters of Dillenia species such as Dillenia excelsa, Dillenia philippinensis and Dillenia suffruticosa. Children can play in those tunnels and hideouts and explore the plants, birds and insects that pollinate the flowers and eat the fruits of the Dillenia species. 

The Stream: This is a little area where a series of channels are carved from logs. Children can watch the flow of water through these logs and understand what materials can float or sink in the water. They can also learn how to manipulate the flow of water by constructing their own little dams as they play. 

The Kitchen: This play area is in the form of a kitchen where there is a table surrounded by fruit trees in the Treasure trail. Here, the children can pretend to cook with some cooking tools. The ingredients they can use are loose materials such as dried fruits and leaves. These are places there in boxes and children can indulge in imaginative play sessions using them. 

Big Fig Adventure: This is another log play area, which is set up beautifully with groves of fig trees arranged in a staircase form where children can sit, climb, jump and develop their motor skills. All these activities keep the children physically fit, while also keeping them close to nature.
Log Valley: Logs were placed around the existing topography of this area to form what looks like a valley. It aims at promoting physical fitness, motor and social skills among children. Children can jump through the decks made of logs connecting The Kitchen to the Big Fug Adventure and if it rains, observe the swiftly flowing water in the drain which can stimulate their senses of seeing and hearing and also helping them to understand the water cycle. 

Secret Den: The Secret den is named so because this play zone is a shelter under a grove of bamboo. Children can take shelter there and walk around as they spend some time quietly or bond in small groups. Sunlight passes through the bamboo creating diffuse lighting with changes in light and shadow as time passes, adding an extra dimension to the space. Children can also peek out and overlook the Log Valley.

Features of HortPark

Hort Centre
One of the prime features in the park is this two-storeyed building that also serves as the visitor services centre. There are gardening attractions which include the Green Roof and the Lifestyle Corner. A winner of the 2008 International Architecture Award for the Best New Global Design and one of the 11 finalists of the prestigious ULI (Urban Land Institute's) Awards for Excellence 2009, the Hort Center must be visited to explore the different types of green roof systems and plants suitable for green roof planting and the flora themed furnishings that complement the homes, through the showcasing of interior landscaping and lifestyle gardening ideas. 

Greenhouse Garden retail and workshop feature of HortPark is located near the visitor's service centre and is divided into two halves: the garden retail and workshop area. The garden retail is managed by The Plant Story which also operates a cafe on the premises. On the other hand, the Workshop area is used to conduct workshops organized by the HortPark. 

Hands-On House
A centre of learning with a complete classroom-like setting, Hands-on House is a laboratory with a sheltered demonstration area outside. Those enthusiastic about fitness and wellness must visit it. 

Hort Lawn
Located near the Hort Center, this is the hosting platform of a wide variety of outdoor activities such as workshops, bazaars and functions. 

Bee Trail

Those interested in finding out about the different bee habitats in HortPark can explore this educational bee themed trail which is filled with life-supporting elements for the docile and native bees such as flowering plants that are their source of shelter and food. Here, one can catch a glimpse of the 20 different bee species that are present in the gardens and learn about their many beneficial roles. 

HortPark Guided Tour

HortPark Garden Tour
This is a guided tour conducted by HortPark, where tourists can take a stroll around the park and get to know about the interesting group of plants. Those interested in gardening can get some gardening ideas by exploring the themed gardens and display plots. It is a good opportunity for those who like hiking or strolling, in general, because the tour requires one to walk for a considerable amount. One must be reasonably fit to take up this tour. 
Target level: Kindergarten to Tertiary
Cost: SGD 7 per participant 
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
Group Size: A minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 25 participants per group
Kent Ridge Park Heritage Tour
Rich in historical and natural heritage, Kent Ridge Park is a prime attraction for tourists keen on getting blown away by the wondrous flora and fauna and learning about the fiercest of battles fought during World War II in Singapore. This tour also requires walking, so only fit people must attempt it. 
Target Level: Secondary to Tertiary
Cost: SGD 7.50 per participant
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Group Size: A minimum of 15 participants
Southern Ridges Nature Tour
A tour that lets the tourists explore the Southern Ridges, leave their hearts behind at the soothing sanctuary abounding in greenery and historical significance, in addition to the very interesting flora and fauna collection. The highlights of this tour are the Henderson Waves, Sembcorp Forest of Giants, Forest Walk and the Singing Forest. This tour again requires walking and must be attempted by fit people only. 
Target Level: Secondary to Tertiary
Cost: SGD 10 per participant
Duration: 1.5-2hours
Group Size: A minimum of 15 participants

Events at HortPark

  • The Annual Community Garden Festival celebrates the passion and skills of Singapore's gardeners through a myriad of fun-filled activities including a marketplace, design competitions and garden displays.
  • Gardener's Day Out is a fun day-activity. It is held every month with the aim of cultivating gardening practices and raising awareness about gardening and the environment. The event also has the Gardening Bazaars which sell gardening products and equipment at discounts and offers.

How to Reach HortPark

Bus: The nearest bus stop is 3 minutes away. The buses that stop here are 963E, 61, 963, 97, 120, 51, 57, 93, 97E, 100, 166 and 175.

MRT: The nearest metro railway station is the Labrador Park MRT. Alight at Exit A, and HortPark is at a distance of 10 minutes from there.

Tips and Etiquettes

  • Those wishing to hold their own BBQ or camp at one of the designated campsites in HortPark must obtain a permit. 
  • Those who are interested in jogging, skating, cycling or using a personal mobility device must ensure that they stay on the designated tracks, so as to not intrude the fellow park goers. 
  • It is important to keep the noise levels low to let others enjoy the serenity of the park. 
  • Flying of drones is not allowed in all places in the park, so always look for 'No Flying' signs in the park. This is to ensure the safety of others as well as protecting the biodiversity. Always fly drones in a safe and responsible manner. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in the park, so abide by the no-smoking signs. 
  • Always dispose of waste in a proper manner and keep the park clean. Littering can spoil the beauty of the park as well as cause harm to animals. Throw litter in the designated bins located around the park. 
  • Do not take more than needed brochures and share them when moving in a group, so as to reduce waste. 
  • Do not step off track while on the Nature trails as it disturbs and trampled on our flora and fauna. 
  • Do not disturb any wildlife and always maintain a considerable and safe distance from them. Refrain from feeding them as it can affect their health and alter their natural behaviour. Be respectful of the Ecosystem. 
  • Do not bring dogs to the nature reserves and parks as they scent mark places, thus affecting the movement of native animals.

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