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Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore Overview

Situated among the lush green of the Gillman Barracks, the Sundaram Tagore Gallery is a source of major delight to all contemporary art enthusiasts. It houses a beautiful collection of art pieces and art installations from a range of popular contemporary artists. Art enthusiasts can see here paintings, photographs and installations from famous personalities like Steven McCurry, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Tayeba Begum Lipi and many others.

Founded in 2000, the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, named after its founder Sundaram Tagore, is dedicated to curating art which brings together the ideas of the east and the west. With branches in New York and Hong Kong, the Gallery aims to fulfil the vision of its founder by presenting to its patrons art that binds together spirituality and aestheticism. Tastefully decorated in muted hues of brown and white, the gallery presents the visitor with the unique opportunity to be a part, not only of the incredible world of visual art but also that of poetry, performance art, film and music. Art fairs, film screenings, pop up shows, artist talks and book signings which promise to enhance the cultural outlook of the visitor are routine events in the Sundaram Tagore Gallery. The Gallery also hosts exhibition walkthroughs, panel discussions, private previews, workshops, lectures and artist talks which provide guests with the enriching opportunity to interact with the artists themselves, and to understand the story behind each painting, photograph and installation.

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Famous Artists showcased at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Visitors can have a look at the stunning exhibitions by famous artists at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Some of the artists whose exhibitions one should not miss are:
  • Steven McCurry: Photographer Steve McCurry gained international fame with his photograph of the green-eyed Afghan girl. The Sundaram Tagore Gallery houses this supremely popular photograph along with several other spectacular photographs taken by Steve McCurry during his travels to countries like Burma, Sri Lanka, Beirut, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The photographs are magnificent and perfectly capture the deep anguish experienced by people and places as a result of international and civil wars.
  • Edward Burtynsky: the Gallery displays some of the finest works by the famous Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. These photographs, often taken from up to 7000 feet above, portray industrial landscapes and the damage done to the environment by them. The strikingly beautiful images are often abstract and have a painting like quality to them. They work to make the visitor realize the full severity of human impact on nature.
  • Miya Ando: Miya Ando's art is magnificently unique. She brings together traditional and modern industrial techniques to create beautifully abstract paintings from sheets of metal submerged in colour. Her surreal art leaves visitors awestruck by the way in which she depicts the features of metal and the way in which it reflects light and the forever changing temperament of all possessions.
  • Tayeba Begum Lipi: A Bangladeshi artist, Tayeba Begum Lipi's art consists of creating spectacular pieces of art with daily objects like beds, bathtubs, safety pins, razor blades, wheelchairs and even women's undergarments. Her brilliant paintings and installations which revolve around the themes of the female body and female marginality are on display at the Gallery, and are not to be missed. Art is supposed to be the voice of the society, and this is the exact way in which Tayeba Begum Lipi uses hers. Her art aims at drawing the attention of the visitor to the appalling condition of women in Bangladesh; the brutality they face on a daily basis and the non- availability of medical equipment available to them during childbirth.

Best Time To Visit Sundaram Tagore Gallery

The best time to visit the Gallery is during the annual Art Day Out anniversary celebrations. It is usually held during March and has many special exhibitions, activities and open houses. Visitors can also look up ahead of time and visit the Gallery when it hosts its very popular Art Fairs, Pop Shows, Artist and Panel Talks.

Restaurants Near Sundaram Tagore Gallery

There are a variety of charming cafes and restaurants in the Gillman Barracks. The Naked Finn is considered one of the best restaurants in Singapore for seafood. The Creamier café serving delicious waffles and ice cream is very popular among visitors. The Timbre and Handlebar also serves great food and cocktails and is often recommended for family outings.

Tips For Visiting Sundaram Tagore Gallery

  • It is recommended to call the Gallery before planning a visit as they are closed for many public holidays.
  • Visitors interested in buying the art pieces have to contact the gallery directly.
  • The Gallery is not very appropriate for mobility impaired guests.

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