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Fort Siloso, Singapore Overview

Fort Siloso is Singapore's only preserved coastal fort converted into a military museum containing World War II memorabilia like guns, remains of fortified military structures and tunnels. The main attraction of Fort Siloso is the Skywalk. Eleven storeys high, it provides visitors with a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The grand fort Siloso Museum displays several exhibits such as realistically made wax mannequins, guns, cannons and an interactive video documentary. Several magnificently made cannons and artillery are also displayed, drawing attention to the various kinds of firearms that were used by the British to defend Singapore during the Second World War.

Fort Siloso is maintained by the Singaporean authorities who have placed information boards along the Skywalk as well as next to all the exhibits. The newly opened Surrender Chambers are designed to give visitors a feel of the daily lives of the captured prisoners.

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Fort Siloso Skywalk

The Skywalk which acts as an entry point to Fort Siloso is the prime attraction here, providing fantastic views of the beaches and houses of Sentosa Island. Tourists can access the Skywalk through lifts, which are free of cost, located only a short distance away from the Siloso Point Cable Car Station.

The elevator takes the visitor eleven storeys high to the Skywalk, which winds its way through the treetops and has glass panels in several sections, thereby providing a brilliant view of the island and the harbour. The walkway only takes about five minutes to cover, with the gorgeous stretch of the beach on one side and the beautiful houses of Sentosa on the other.

Fort Siloso Skywalk
Fort Siloso Skywalk (Source)

History of Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso was built in the late 19th century. The word ‘Siloso’ means rock in the Malayan language which was used to make Fort Siloso. It was during the time when Singapore’s trade was flourishing during the 1860s and Singapore’s port needed to be protected. Hence, Mount Siloso’s top was blown off to create a coastal artillery gun platform.

Since the Second World War, Fort Siloso has been standing as a famous historical site. It converted into a museum in 1974 and is supposedly the only monument which consists of Second World War’s memorabilia like guns, remains of fortified military structures and tunnels. 

Fort Siloso Singapore
The Surrender Chamber at Fort Siloso (Source)

Trekking Trails

Heritage Trail: This popular trail takes visitors into the Battery Command Post, which has an audio track to accompany the displays. The audio track gives the visitors a realistic experience of the Battle of Singapore of 1942, with the guns that were used being on display here. The Heritage Trail also takes visitors to the Fort Siloso Square which used to be the main parade square, as well as to the Casemates, which has a grand Second World War exhibition.

Gun Trail: This is the other popular trail available at Fort Siloso. Military history enthusiasts will find this Trail to be a must-visit, as it winds its way around the various guns and cannons displayed within and outside the fort. A major display here is the famous 12 pounder gun which faces the oil refinery in Singapore harbour. There are also various types of gun batteries on display along with varied types of Japanese coastal defence guns, used during the Second World War. However, visitors must keep in mind that the guns shown are only representations of the actual guns used during the Battle of Singapore.

Fort Siloso Trail Singapore
The Fort Siloso Trail (Source)

How to Reach Fort Siloso

Bus: The nearest stations to Fort Siloso are Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Siloso Point, and Mega Adventure. All of these points are 7-9 minutes away from Fort Siloso. Bus A, Costa Stand Sentosa Shuttle, and Rasa Sentosa Shuttle are the bus lines which stop near the site.

Sentosa Express: Get on Sentosa Express at Beach Station and then transfer to Sentosa Bus A or Beach Tram to get to Fort Siloso.

Intra-Island Bus: Get on Sentosa Bus A and then alight at Siloso Point.

Sentosa Cable Car: Visitors can also reach Sentosa Island through the cable car, which provides spectacular views of both Singapore and Sentosa's skylines and harbours. Entry to Fort Siloso is through the Skywalk. One can reach the Skywalk either by taking a free lift ride or by climbing the stairs.

Car Parking: The facility is available near Fort Siloso. It is located at Beach Station, and tourists along with local people can avail this facility while visiting this site.


  • There are many restored tunnels here, the most interesting of which is Tunnel C, where all the ammunition used to be stored.
  • The ground floor of the fort has a souvenir shop for the visitors.
  • Visitors can leave a message of peace on the Wall of Poppies, within the fort.
  • The best time to visit Fort Siloso is before noon, as it gets progressively hotter and more uncomfortable through the day.

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