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Bukit Batok Nature Park, Singapore Overview

The Bukit Batok Nature Park (BBNP) is a quiet, serene park near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bukit Batok means Coughing Hill in Malay and the park was given this name when it was formed in 1988, as it was made around an abandoned quarry that was once used to dig up granite. Since then the quarry has filled up with rainwater and given way to a beautiful pond set against the foot of a high cliff and the secondary forest that the park now houses. This pond lies at the entrance and is definitely the highlight of the park. The 36-hectare park is perfect for jogging, walking or biking on the trails surrounded by the lush green beauty of the secondary forest. Many also prefer exercising in this park as it contains fitness areas and many bike trails of varying difficulty.

Bukit Batok Nature Park

While the trails range from easy to moderate level of difficulty, they all provide a beautiful view of the surrounding clear waters from the lookout points that are as tall as 10- storeys high and at intervals along the trails. The park also plays its part in the history and heritage of Singapore as it holds a World War 2 memorial up on the Bukit Batok Hill.

World War II Memorial

Bukit Batok Nature Park is a World War II memorial site and contributes to the history of Singapore. During World War II, the Japanese chose the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial. However, as time passed, the memorials were destroyed, and all that remains is two pillars that pay tribute to the Japanese soldiers that fought during the war. There are also 120 steps leading to the pillars as well as a transmission tower. At the foot of these steps lies a memorial plaque that explains the significance of these pieces of history.

Bukit Batok Nature Park

Flora and Fauna

The Bukit Batok Nature Park is a local's choice when they think about relaxing amongst nature and the tranquil atmosphere this park provides. Aside from the relaxing atmosphere, the existence of the secondary forest results in this park being a hotspot for all kinds of wonders and rare flora and fauna. The park's flora is to be rivalled with as it hosts a variety of blooming Orchids, as well as the age of Tree Ferns, and Elephant Ferns. The forest also contains a large number of fruit trees, and the common Durian tree is found in abundance.

The fauna at the park consists mainly of birds, lizards and the occasional monkey or sea turtle. The quarry pond also holds a vast amount of fish species which can be seen swimming in the pond with the sea turtles. The lizards found amongst the bushes or trees of the park include the Changeable Lizard and the Green- Crested Lizard. However, due to the park attracting some rare birds, among which the Grey Headed Fish Eagle takes precedence, the place is a bird watcher's paradise. Other birds to look out for would be thrushes, Magpie- robins, Straw-headed Bulbul, etc.

Bukit Batok Nature Park

How To Reach Bukit Batok Nature Park

The park can be accessed through East Avenue 2, East Avenue 6, Lorong Sesuai and the Hillview Park Connector.

Bus- 61, 66, 157, 178, 852, and 985 (Bukit Batok East Avenue 6)

Nearest MRT station- Bukit Batok

The car park is situated along Bukit Batok East Avenue 2.

Bukit Batok Nature Park


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes with a good grip as there are several slopes in the park.
  • Fishing is not allowed in Bukit Batok Nature Park.
  • Do not miss the quarry pond at the entrance of the park.
  • The park is wheelchair accessible.
  • The walking time for the trails is around 1- 2 hours.

Photos of Bukit Batok Nature Park

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