Silhouette Island, Seychelles Overview

Just like the name, this island is also majestically beautiful. Silhouette Island is home to the 125-year-old giant tortoise, incense trees and some rare, unique animals and trees. Now a protected area, the island is designated as a marine national park. The third largest island of the archipelago of Seychelles, Silhouette has a perfect blend of nature's beauty including flora and fauna which will leave you awed. The seascape of the gorgeous island is dominated by the peaks of mountains jutting out of the crystal clear water. The powdery white sand beaches and the silky boulders of granite give this place unparalleled beauty. 

Activities at Silhouette Island

Silhouette Island Seychelles

The island has a lot to offer. The wide range of vibrant flora and fauna of this place will leave you astonished. The unique biodiversity flourishing in the Indian Ocean invites every traveller from all over the world to explore. The tropical forest openly opens its arms to greet the visitors. A walk into nature will surely give you the ultimate experience.

Snorkelling: Discover the island from the depth of the sea. Jump and enjoy snorkelling in Anse Mondon or La Belle and get closer to the treasure of the ocean. Play with the turtles and get amazed by the colourful fishes. You can rent the equipment, and there are PADI available on rent.

Fishing: Let the expedition start and get involved in some fishing in different styles. If you are planning to catch some big fishes such as tuna, sea bream or even swordfish, try troll fishing. If you are looking for burgher, opt for the deep sea fishing. No matter if you are experienced in this art or a novice, you gonna love this experience.

Diving: Diving is indeed an incredible experience at this island as it takes you close to a whole different ecosystem of the underwater world. You can see several aquatic creatures such as sharks, sea turtles, corals, manta rays, etc. You will be guided by experts for which you need to book your slot in advance.

Kayaking: So you love water sports? This place will not disappoint you! People who love paddle boats and kayaks, this place is truly an amazing destination. There are high tides as well which will lift your adrenaline level high.

Hiking to Marron Garden: Enjoy the unique wildlife and Coco de Mer at Silhouette Island. The Dauban family back in the 19th century created an old path here. A large and diverse equatorial forest surrounds the garden.

Places to Visit at Silhouette Island

Grande Barbe

Grande Barbe Seychelles

Perfect for a day trip, this site has breathtaking, scenic beauty. Grande Barbe has historical significance, and people come here to see the historic ruins. Your visit to the island's mountain is going to be an amazing one while the final leg of the excursion is sure to be impressively unique. Explore a ghost village where giant turtles can be seen lying around on the beach. 

Dauban Family Mausoleum

Dauban Family Mausoleum Seychelles

This unique mausoleum is inspired by La Madeleine, Paris. A wonderful example of eccentric architecture, this place has six neoclassic columns built massively. Located in Dauban family property in the palm grove, it takes few minutes to reach here from La Belle Tortue. The mausoleum represents the past prosperity of this island and the Dauban family.

Ramasse Tout

Ramasse Tout at Silhouette Island Seychelles

Located a few minutes away from La Belle Tortue, a walk to Anse Ramasse will take you away into calmness, for a while. Stand on any rock, and gaze the beauty of the waves. See how the local fishermen do fishing. The tranquillizing ambience of this place will fill you energetic vibes.

La Passe

Okay! So, you aren't tired, and you need something more. Head to Beach La Passe and start strolling here. Silhouette Island is mostly uninhabited so you can enjoy peace and isolation from the rest of the world. Take the joy of the scenic beauty of Bay of Cipailles. The jungle ends, and the ocean starts here.

Anse Mondon

Anse Mandon, Silhouette Island Seychelles

A good place for snorkelling, this place has its own charm. The wildlife, the crystal clear water, rainforest, and low tides make Anse Mondon a wonderful destination to invest some time, and in return, you will get moments of joy and endless memories to cherish.

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