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North Island, Seychelles Overview

North Island is the 9th largest among the 42 granite islands which altogether make the archipelago of Seychelles. The entrancing island is famous for its exclusive natural beauty along the wildlife that flourishes here. A perfect destination for the people who are looking for a private place away from any external indulgence, drenched in tropical ambience, this is the place where one should spend some time. This island truly justifies the word 'heaven'. Take a walk barefoot and get charmed by the scenic beauty of North Island. Though this island is famous among Globetrotters and nature lovers, it is also the favourite choice of celebrities - Kate Middleton and Prince William honeymooned here! Spend time engulfed by green trees, wide open space, a tranquillising atmosphere with a tropical ambience, and the air that is pure enough to give you a whole new experience - that's North Island for you!

Things to Do at North Island

The way of life, North Island is a perfect luxury holiday gateway for couples looking for some time away from the world. No matter if you have stepped this land for recreation or exhilaration, adventure or recuperation, this island will not disappoint you with anything. There are a lot of activities which you shouldn't miss when you are at nature's very own paradise.


Glide along the horizon and experience the sky touching the sea. Spend time in the crystal clear water and experience the aquatic life like never before. You will get to witness a fantastic fish and coral biodiversity.

Scuba Diving

You will get a full PADI certification and tuition at the Dive Centres of North Island. These centres also provide the facilities of outdoor and indoor changing areas and showers. They have state of the art scuba equipment, and the dive masters will guide you through everything - taking you to the best diving spot so that you can have a truly memorable and remarkable diving experience.

Guided Walks on the Island

Take a walk with guides up to Spa Hill and get enchanted by the picturesque views of North Island. These guides will narrate the history and culture of this island - you might even get to know few secrets of this place. The nation is already known for being a place of hidden treasures. The walk through the tropical trail is not only relaxing but therapeutic as well.

Cycling Tours

If you are someone who looks for chances to spend some alone time, you can explore the North Island at your own speed. The villas at the island provide bike services. Thus, you can grab a bicycle and can explore the place and who knows that you may find a tortoise resting. There are paths which are exclusively nurtured for cycling, canopied with the tropical ambience.

A Full-Day Excursion

No doubt, once you are at North Island, you will never want to leave this place. You can take a full day excursion tour to explore the more of the island, its surrounding places, flora and fauna. These tours are guided and equipped boat tours which take you close to the island's culture, scenery and the atmosphere.

The ultimate private destination, North Island attracts visitors from every corner of the world. The island welcomes with its azure seas, and luminous white beaches drenched in the tropical ambience of takamaka trees and coconut palms. The North Island has already earned a name in the glam and entertainment world. Several celebrities have enjoyed their holidays here including Salma Hayek, Liz Hurley, Pierce Brosnan, JK Rowling, Jennifer Aniston etc. On their 10th wedding anniversary, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham came here to celebrate. It goes nothing without saying that North Island is a piece of heaven on the earth.

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