What is the best time to visit Narkanda?

The best time to visit Narkanda is during the summers when the weather is delightful, and the temperature ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celcius. But winters are almost quite as crowded besides the freezing and chilly weather, as Narkanda serves as an idyllic hub for skiing in the lap of Himachal Shivalik Ranges. Winters in Narkanda are cold and covered in snow, and that is all the more reason why people prefer to visit the small town. People interested in skiing should visit during this season. The monsoons bring moderate rainfall. Hence, if you're not a very cold loving person, then summertime is perfect for you.

Weather in Narkanda


Upcoming Narkanda Weather

Monthly Weather in Narkanda

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 6°/ -5° 1 days
February 9°/ -3° 2 days
March 12°/ -1° 4 days
April 15°/ 2° 11 days
May 20°/ 6° 11 days
June 23°/ 10° 7 days
July 20°/ 10° 26 days
August 20°/ 11° 29 days
September 20°/ 10° 16 days
October 17°/ 4° 6 days
November 14°/ 2° 3 days
December 9°/ -3° 3 days

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Narkanda in Summer (April - June)

Spring in Narkanda is still a little bit chilly from the remnants of a cold winter. Temperature stays around 10°C-15°C initially, but it gradually gets warmer later. Rain is very less, and thus roads are safe and secure to travel in. The small town looks very beautiful breaking into a new blooming season, fresh out of the last winter. If one visits during April-May, the mountain flowers can be seen. As summer rolls in, the heat rises quite a few degrees, causing a weather that resembles a warm temperate climate. However, it never gets unbearably hot and humid in Summers, 30°C is the maximum Narkanda usually experiences. By the end of June, the greeneries of Narkanda are ripe and lush, waiting for the monsoon season. May-June and July are the busiest months here, as the weather is as pleasant as it gets during this time. But you have to remember to book your tickets and accommodations early on, as they are not only booked very fast but are priced much higher because of peak season surge.
Hatu Peak Temple
Hatu Peak Temple

Narkanda in Winter (October - February)

The Mountain Rivers are in full form after being fed all monsoon, the conifers and pines are at their liveliest and greenest and overall the whole place look beautiful – which makes autumn a perfectly fine time to visit as well. Moreover, the crowd from the summer season would also have left by this time, as the peak season has ended. So the hotels and flight tickets are much more reasonably priced. Narkanda has quite an eventful winter every year. After the whole year’s tourism is over, Narkanda finally decks up for the exciting ski activities in winter. Winters in Narkanda are frigid for residents of warm weather place. Temperatures go down to -10°C, sometimes more. The village is covered in sheets of ice and snow thanks to all the precipitation. Though the number of tourists is less, for those who love to skiing or snow trek in the Himalayas, this is a brilliant opportunity to indulge in their favourite activity.
Narkanda in Winter
Narkanda in Winter

Narkanda in Monsoon (July - September)

Narkanda receives moderate rainfall during monsoons. It this during this time that the place is at its peak greenery and beauty. The end-summers can get hot with the sun shining brightly in the sky, excessive precipitation is added to that, welcoming often-heavy showers of south-west monsoon. It starts raining more regularly by the end of July and continues till September. However, this is not quite a good time to visit Narkanda, as there will be lots of rain, mud and dangerous mountain roads.
Tani Jubbar Lake at Narkanda
Tani Jubbar Lake at Narkanda

Events in Narkanda

Winter Sports: Skiing

January - February

Famous for skiing and winter sports, Narkanda situated at an altitude of 2708 metres, provides the perfect vantage point to view the spectacular mountain ranges.

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