Best Time To Visit Shoghi

What is the best time to visit Shoghi?

If you're looking forward to exploring the place, plan a visit during March to June or September to November. These are the ideal months to explore the natural beauty up close in this off beat small suburb. Temperatures are suitable, and range between 15 degrees C to 27 degrees C. Expect light showers in June which creates beautiful sights to see. Winter are quite cold so make sure you carry woollens.

Weather in Shoghi


Upcoming Shoghi Weather

Monthly Weather in Shoghi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 10°/ 1° 6 days
February 14°/ 3° 4 days
March 16°/ 5° 12 days
April 21°/ 10° 9 days
May 27°/ 13° 7 days
June 29°/ 16° 6 days
July 23°/ 16° 27 days
August 22°/ 16° 29 days
September 22°/ 15° 25 days
October 21°/ 10° 2 days
November 18°/ 8° 5 days
December 13°/ 3° 2 days

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Shoghi in Summer (March - June)

Shoghi being a hill station experiences cool weather even during peak summer. The Summer season sets in during the month of march and hence mild weather conditions prevails in Shoghi. The temperatures vary between 15 - 27 degrees Celsius and the best time to enjoy the eclectic scenic beauty. You can enjoy a comfortable summer and flee from the scorching heat. The climate of Shogi during the daytime is warm and the nights tend to get cooler. Thus, you are required to carry some light warm clothes for the nights.
Shoghi Town
Shoghi Town

Shoghi in Monsoon (July - August)

July and August are the wettest months in Shoghi. While the drizzling only intensifies the natural beauty of the surroundings, the weather makes it extremely difficult to head outdoors. During monsoon, temperature ranges to 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. On the brighter side, monsoons mean off-season here, so if you want a fewer crowd or budget is a constraint, this is an ideal time to visit and grab massive discounts and offers on accommodations. Being a hill station it also experiences heavy rainfall, and there are chances of landslides occurring in Shoghi. September is a period when the rains start to die down, along with the temperatures, creating the best weather to pay a visit. The town experiences mild showers both in the monsoons and winters. Moreover, the climate during monsoon is very humid.
Shoghi Railway Station
Shoghi Railway Station

Shoghi in Winter (September - February)

Winters in Shoghi are extremely chilly, especially the months of December, January, and February, when you would require heavy woollen clothes to keep you away from the freezing weather. Temperatures drop down to as low as -4 to 7 degrees celcius, and snowfalls are a spectacular sight. It is a perfect time for adventure enthusiasts. Visit Shoghi during this time for the beautiful snow-capped hill sights and snow sports like skiing, only if you can brace the cold temperatures. Shoghi is fit for all types of travellers – from backpackers to families – who want to spend time some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It is only a few kilometres away from Shimla, so you can make a quick stop here before or after heading to "The Queen of Hills."
The valley of shoghi
The valley of shoghi

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Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh
Tara Devi Temple
Hanuman Temple
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