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Hatu Peak, Narkanda Overview

Soaring at a dizzying height of nearly 12,000 feet above sea level, the Hatu Peak is the highest peak in the entire Shimla district, located in Narkanda. Surrounded by majestic mountains and covered in a dense green blanket of sky touching cedar and fir, Hatu Peak may just be paradise on earth. The forest is a mixed one, comprising a varied population of deodar, fir, spruce, cedar and blue pine; but is mostly renowned for its colourful apple orchards. The Hatu Mata Temple rests atop the hill on Hatu Peak and holds great religious significance to the locals. The temple is dedicated to Mandodari, the wife of King Ravana. Rewarding its visitor with a view of the lush green alpine that sweeps across the landscape, Hatu Peak stands tall and strong as it decorates every square inch of the peak.

Adding to the peak's historical and cultural significance is a small stove like formation that sits right next to the temple, which is believed to have been used by the Pandava brothers for cooking their food during the Agyaat Vaas! Such a rich landscape and stunning view are bound to invite the lovers of the green, and hence, Hatu Peak is a very popular trekking spot for many. The trek is not very rigorous and is a one-way hike of 7 km to the peak. One can also go camping in Hatu Peak and enjoy under the stars in the tent. 

Offering a spectacular view of nature's wondrous creations and housing points of religious and historical importance, the Hatu Peak is an all-in-one destination for anyone looking for a spiritual experience, an adventure packed excursion or some peaceful quality time to spend with friends and family.

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Attractions in Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak is famous for its apple orchards, mountains covered in snow, green paddy fields, and dense pine forests. The place is beautiful and peaceful, away from the fast moving life of the city with no honking horns and pollution. Hatu peak is rich in cultural heritage and all the festivals including Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, and Lohri are all celebrated with sheer happiness and in a grand manner. The peak witnesses visitors visiting the place in huge numbers. The scenic beauty of the site is unexplainable, and that is what draws the attention of people around towards it.

Hatu Peak Trek

The trek to Hatu peak is an excitement filled adventure to all- adventure mongers who are looking for an action-packed hike, and amateurs who are looking for a fun-filled trip along a stupendously scenic road. The trek starts from Narkanda, which is 63 km away from Shimla and ends at Hatu Mata Temple that is perched up on the top of the hill, making a fitting finale to the eventful and rejuvenating trek.

Climbing to an altitude of 11,155 feet will be a 7-8 hour journey, and you will have covered a total distance of 14 kms! The striking beauty of the pines will hit you from the moment you start the trek, and the awe of their majesty will stay with you forever. The hill is so densely packed with these tall trees that sometimes, the rays of the sun can’t even touch the ground. The path penetrates the raw forests of the hill, and once you are three kms into the trek, you will have your first view of the snow clad mountain ranges of the greater Himalayas.

On your way to the peak, you will find few flat-roofed shepherd huts which are known as the 'Gujjar Kotha'. These are temporary shelters for shepherds who come here to graze their cows and buffaloes. You will also come across a small shiny pond during your climb, and you will find the sparkly waters greeting you with joy. This is a perfect rest stop for relaxing and admiring the peripheral beauty and provides an ideal backdrop to capture some everlasting memories.

About 4 kms into the trek, you will find yourself embracing adventure and becoming an explorer because here, the road disappears and nudges you to find your own way to the peak! But don't worry, the forest is well marked and shouldn't take you much time to figure out the directions. After this point, the climb becomes a little steep, but the destination is not far.

After a few kms, you will reach the peak and have yourself a panoramic view of the majestic and mind-bogglingly mesmerizing Himalayas! The Hatu Mata Temple itself is a worthy attraction and is visited by most locals on the first Sunday of Jyeshtha. Goat sacrifice is still practiced at this temple. If you're feeling adventurous and unwilling to end this refreshing experience, you can extend the trek to many points like Jor Bagh, Karena Peak, Baghi Village and Tanni Juber Lake.

Camping at Hatu Peak

If you feel like 7 hours is not enough time to fully enjoy the hypnotic beauty of this magnanimous peak, you can choose to spend a night camping at Jor Bagh. Spending a night amidst the dense forests under the twinkling night sky listening to faint sounds of the curious beetles and waking up to the joyous chirping of the playful birds is truly a refreshing experience and definitely, a night to remember.

You can bring your own tent and pitch it here or rent it from a nearby government garden which will cost you about INR 500.

Best Time To Visit Hatu Peak

If you visit the Hatu peak during the first few weeks of March, you can treat yourself to some fresh untouched snow.  It is best to visit the Hatu Peak during the months between March and October, where the temperature will be a tolerable at around 8-20 degrees Celsius as against during the winters when it falls to a biting -10 degree Celsius.

How To Reach Hatu Peak

The only way to reach Hatu Peak is through the tiny hamlet of Narkanda which is a regular stop on the bus service from Shimla to Rampur. The journey takes around 2.5 hours and costs INR 60-70. If you do not wish to travel by public transport, you can hire a private car for covering the same distance. There are parking lots at the base from where the trekking starts. Don't park in the first parking lot, you will find another one 600 metres away which is closer to the trek base.

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