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What is the best time to visit Mashobra?

April to June are the best months to visit Mashobra. While the hill station has a favorable climate all round the year, summer and spring are the times when Mashobra is in its most beautiful form. The clear skies and longer days makes Summer the best time to visit the town. Mahasu and Sipi festival are the two most famous festivals that take place in May. Winters are quite chilly here with occasional snowfall between December and February. Monsoon, although enhances the beauty of the city, is not a good time to take a tour to Mashobra because it ruins your sightseeing. If you're a snow lover, then the cold and frosty weather in Winters will be a beautiful experience.

Weather in Mashobra


Upcoming Mashobra Weather

Monthly Weather in Mashobra

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 8°/ -2° 2 days
February 12°/ 1° 5 days
March 14°/ 3° 8 days
April 18°/ 7° 10 days
May 24°/ 10° 8 days
June 27°/ 13° 6 days
July 21°/ 13° 26 days
August 20°/ 14° 29 days
September 20°/ 12° 23 days
October 19°/ 8° 2 days
November 16°/ 5° 6 days
December 11°/ 1° 0 days

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Mashobra in Summer (April-June)

The Summers in Mashobra begins in April; the temperature ranges from 8 to 30 degrees owing to a pleasant climate with clear skies. The summers are best for sightseeing as it is the blooming season in the hill town. The cool breeze that blows from time to time keeps the overall temperature low. Not only is the weather pleasant, but also the city gears up with festivals during this period. Tourists arriving at this time can enjoy the Summer festivals like the popular Mahasu festival that's celebrated in May. You get to enjoy the folk songs, Natti - the tribal dance, archery and a lot more. If you want to eye some explored traditions, visit Mashobra in May to watch this beautiful festival.

Mashobra in Monsoon ( July-September)

Monsoon in Mashobra lasts for two months, July and August. At this time, the mountain peaks are densely covered in snow and mist. The frequent showers may affect your local sightseeing too. But, for the offbeat travellers and photo enthusiasts, Mashobra is no less than heaven, and the off-season may also get you a cheap vacation. However, During monsoon, you do not get to enjoy activities such as Rock climbing, trekking, rappelling or fishing as the rain makes it quite tricky. Hence, it's advisable not to visit Mashobra during monsoon.
Inner view of Shimla water catchment wildlife Sanctuary
Inner view of Shimla Water Catchment wildlife Sanctuary

Mashobra in Winter (October-March)

If you love snow, this is the best time to plan your trip to Mashobra. The whole town is covered with a thick blanket of snow. The temperature could go below sub-zero level with the maximum temperature of 10 degree celcius. Carry woollen clothing as it gets freezing at peak winters. You can enjoy skating and participate in the Ice Skating Carnival held at that time.
Mashobra Shimla
Mashobra Shimla

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