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What is the best time to visit Shoja?

The village experiences moderate climate throughout the year. However, the best time to relish the natural beauty and tranquil environment would be the summer season. During June, you can witness the blooming flowers adorning the mountain slopes. The spring and autumn seasons bring with them spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas and Dhauladhar. The winter season experiences nail-biting cold, so try and avoid that season or carry heavy woollens

Weather in Shoja


Upcoming Shoja Weather

Monthly Weather in Shoja

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 4° 12 days
February 19°/ 6° 5 days
March 21°/ 8° 12 days
April 26°/ 12° 9 days
May 31°/ 15° 6 days
June 34°/ 19° 5 days
July 28°/ 19° 28 days
August 27°/ 20° 28 days
September 27°/ 18° 22 days
October 26°/ 13° 2 days
November 23°/ 10° 4 days
December 18°/ 5° 3 days

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Shoja in Summer (April - June)

April to June is considered the summer months in Shoja. The maximum temperature remains at 30 degrees Celcius while the minimum varies from 5 to 7 degrees Celcius. While the sun shines bright, June is one of the popular tourist months here as the valley is in full bloom and the city crowd makes its way right up to the hills in the hope of relief. Most trekkers prefer this duration for exploring the suburbs owing to the favourable climatic conditions.

Shoja in Monsoon (July - September)

Between July to September, Shoja receives very moderate rainfall. While travelling in the hills may be an issue during monsoon, once here you could have a great time enjoying the sight of the mesmerising beauty of the hills after the fresh shower.

Shoja in Winter (October - March)

Winters are freezing here. During December and January, the temperature at night is known to drop to -5 degrees Celcius. Even in March, when the plains tend to get hot, the maximum temperature here goes up to 9 degrees Celcius. From the past few years, the village has been receiving rainfall in the month of December making it even more chiller. While the view and ambience of this place are spectacular is winters, travellers must come prepared with heavy woollens to be able to have fun in the bone chilling cold.

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