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Country rank: 3 out of 11 Places To Visit In Uae

Sub-Region: North U.A.E


Ideal duration: 3 days

Best time: October-April (Read More)

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"Sharjah: A journey of Arabian culture"

Sharjah Tourism

The art capital of United States of Emirates, Sharjah displays its history and heritage through its landscape, plethora of museums and conservative living.

Earning a title of ¥Cultural Capital of Arab World by UNESCO in 1998, the city of Sharjah is best known for preserving its culture, tradition and heritage. Its Art Museum is world-renowned while fascinating buildings in Heritage Area are immersed with Emirati history. Away from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, the city offers plethora of entertainment and amusement sources including well-maintained museums, beautiful mosques, Souks and numerous parks. National History Museum and Desert Park is one such place where petting animals is the major highlight for kids and Science Museum is packed with fun facts and exhibits. Sharjah is also a shoppers paradise selling its famous carpets, rugs, gold, silver and precious stone jewelry at its markets including Souq Al Arsah on Cornich Roand and Blue Souq, one of the major markets of the city with some 600 vibrant shops. Although rooted with Islamic traditions, the city has maintained a good balance between its traditional flavor and 21st century modern aspects.

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  • The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah

    AED 810 /night onwards

  • Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

    AED 134 /night onwards

  • Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort

    AED 389 /night onwards

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More on Sharjah

Arabic is the main language of Sharjah, with English as a second language, which is a main business language. With inflow of people from other ethnic groups and religions, one will find some people conversing in their native languages. Some of the Arabic words, which can be useful for visitors, are: MarHaban meaning Hello, Greetings Al-salam alaykom, meaning hello in English –Shukran” (way of expressing gratitude) meaning •”thank you” in English Rajaaêan meaning •pleaseê

With its history dating back to more than 6000 years, Sharjah once served as the most significant seaport on the lower coastline of Gulf for several years. Other than trading and fishing, pearling was also major economy creating industry for the city. In 1932, the emirate got its first airport and it was in 1971 that the federation of UAE was formed. Soon Sharjah transformed from small time city to a contemporary city with the discovery of oil in 1972. Since then there is no looking back for the emirate.

Being a conservative emirate and cultural capital of UAE, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited and was completely banned in year 1985. Even possession and sale of alcohol is punishable offence. Thus, nightlife in Sharjah is almost non-existing. Few bars and clubs that are present (no alcohol is served) closes at the most by midnight. However, one can enjoy the stroll along lightened cornices or night cruise at artificial lake (Khalid lagoon).

Sharjah is a paradise for shopping lovers with numerous shopping complexes, upscale malls and local traditional markets. One can shop almost 24 hours a day where you can buy almost everything, you can imagine. Blue Souq or Central Souq is the most renowned among locals as well as tourists. There are best options for authentic handicrafts, oriental carpets, gold jewelry, antiques and souvenirs. Sharjah Gold Center is a perfect place to cherish and buy most exclusive gold jewelries. Located at the junction of Al Qasimi and Al Wahda Streets, there are total of 44 stores, which are regarded as the best gold shops in entire UAE in aspect of design, quality and range. The premium air-conditioned malls of Sharjah are also big hit among visitors, which offers essentially any luxury, or designer brands one can think of. Sahara Centre, Safeer Mall, Sharjah Mega Mall and Sharjah City Centre are some of the major malls of Sharjah housing myriad of shops of international standards. A Book Mall nestled near Al-Qasba Canal is an ideal place for book lovers comprising of huge collection of international books.

Several major cards are accepted in the city of Sharjah, however, cash is also widely used, especially if you are on a shopping spree at local souks. The exchange rate for the international cards is generally competitive. Travelerês cheque can be exchanged at airport, hotels, banks, Money Exchange Centers and local moneychangers.

Abu Dhabi comprises of several money exchange offices other than banks that exchange foreign currency. Tourists can approach airport, hotels, banks, Money Exchange Centers and local moneychangers as well for the exchange. ATMs are also present in Sharjah at feasible distance and at airport.


Customs and tradition are almost same for all the emirates of UAE. Costume for men and women remains the same once again. Men usually wear dishdasha or kandura, a white full-length shirtdress, which is worn with a white or red checked headdress, known as a ghutrah. An agal, a black cord is used to secure ghutrah. For women, there is black abaya, a loose long robe to cover their usual clothes along with a headscarf known as sheyla, covering them from head to toe. Some women also cover their faces with thin black veil. Tipping is generally practiced her but it is not obligatory in any form.

Sharjah houses numerous high-end restaurants usually attached to the hotels that offers delicious food of various cuisines. However, for a budget traveler, there are several other options in form of local restaurants. In fact, a trip to Sharjah is incomplete without tasting its special meat and fish dishes cooked in spices and herb and served with freshly baked bread. Kebab, shawarma, hares and khuboos are the main delicacies of the city carrying the authentic Arabic flavours. A side dish including rice and cooked wheat are served complementary. One can get the best tastes of these local dishes at street stalls that are present almost everywhere in Sharjah. Roasted lamb meat is another major dish that is quite famous among the tourists from other countries. Umm Ali, a different version of bread pudding is a popular dessert in Sharjah. The best way to end a meal in city is by having a cup of special aromatic coffee.

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9 months ago by Anam Shaikh

Sharjah doesn't dazzle with glitz but with sensitivity towards its history and culture. You'll need several hours to explore the heritage and arts areas, the souqs and excellent museums. Blue Souq is an interesting, if slightly chaotic, shopping centre hosting around 600 shops in two wings and is a great place to buy gifts and traditional goods. Jetskiing is very famous around summer time in the Khalid Lagoon. Generally speaking, Sharjah is a very safe place, but stay within dress code, and drink a lot of water.

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