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Country rank: 14 out of 14 Places To Visit In Oman


Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best time: September to May (Read More)

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"Archaeological appeal!"

Ibri Tourism

The Oasis town of Ibri is situated in the northern Al Dhahirah region of Oman. It is linked to Buraimi in the northwest and Nizwa in the southeast through Highway 21. Usually, the town is treated as a friendly stopover between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. But the treasure of Ibri lies in its heritage as it is the base for visiting UNESCO declared Heritage sites. These sites consist of preserved tombs at Al-Ayn, Al-Khutm and Bat that are famous for being the most well preserved and completed ancient ensemble in the world. It is also an archaeological site with landmarks such as towers, forts, castles and tombs.

The land of Ibri is also known for its oil. In 1979, there was a large metal hoard found here. The city of Ibri houses a small shopping complex opened in 2018. There is not much sold there but enough to buy stock up for camping around the area.  There is also the Ibri College of Technology and the College of Applied Science. In the Oasis town, there are several unexplored Wadis which house plantation villages. Now with the opening of its Empty Quarter border with Saudi Arabia, pilgrims to Mecca are possible from Ibri.

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1. Bat Necropolis

Bat Necropolis, Ibri, Oman

Located only a few kilometers from Ibri Downtown, the site of Bat Necropolis is one of the most prominent and the biggest attraction of Ibri. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it consists of numerous ‘beehive’ tombs built during the time of the Pyramids. These are scattered all over the area. Each one of them is made up of a tower with a single entrance. They are still very much intact.

2. Ibri Castle

Ibri Castle, Ibri, Oman

Being the archaeological site that it is, Ibri is home to many castles built many years ago. Castles such as Ibri Castle, Al Sulaif Castle, and Al Aswad Castle are found here. The Ibri Castle is the most popular one along with being the most exciting one to visit. The Castle has a compound wall inside which there is a tall tower, two wells and a horse stable. In the old times, the Wali and the Judge of Ibri resided in the Castle. The mosque in the Castle is also very famous as it is one of the oldest working mosques today in Oman. The gates of the castle are known as ‘Sabah’.

3. Unexplored Wadis

Wadi, Ibri, Oman

A Wadi is a valley or a ravine usually dry except for during rainy seasons. There are a number of Wadis in the outskirts of Ibri which are still unexplored. These sites are good camping spots and also there are a few boulders here and there. Tourists come here to camp and to boulder. It is not a good idea to rely on the city of Ibri for camping gear. It is best you carry your own. There are many trekking trails also along the mountains with spectacular views and scenic landscapes.

4. Old Ibri Souq

Ibri Souq, Oman

There is an old souq in the oasis town selling handmade artefacts and fruits.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

Heritage – the Oasis of Ibri is a treasure full of heritage and is popular for having the most complete, well preserved ensemble in the world.

  What's not so Great?

Recreation – Ibri lacks recreational activities as it is an archaeological site and is not established as a leisure destination.

For Whom

Archaeologists, historians and culture enthusiasts.


How to Reach Ibri

The distance between Muscat and Ibri is 300 km. There are buses from Muscat’s Azaiba Bus Station to Buraimi which pass by Nizwa and Ibri. These buses run twice a day and return back to Muscat. More... (Read More)

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