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The Red Square is the most popular city plaza in Moscow. It is the location of various popular tourist attractions, such as the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum, State Historical Museum, GUM shopping mall and the Kazan Cathedral.

If you watch a lot of Hollywood movies, you would've noticed the Red Square many times. It is a massive city plaza, often considered as the centre of Moscow since a majority of Moscow's major streets originate here. It was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Kremlin building, due to their major role in Russian history. The Red Square is the most popular area in Moscow due to the fact that it houses Moscow's most popular attractions. The St. Basil's Cathedral is a fantastic 16th century cathedral, which today serves as a museum. The Kremlin, which is the house of the President of Russia, along with it's cathedrals, palaces and towers stands west of the Square. Just in front of it is Lenin's Mausoleum. The State Historical Museum stands at the opposite end from the St. Basil's Cathedral to complete the most famous attractions around the Square. So as you can see, a trip to the Square cannot be avoided under any circumstances!

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